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Actors Tased,

Pepper Sprayed

... 'N' Word Used

7/16/2008 9:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright, who were arrested this past weekend at a Shreveport, La. bar, were pepper sprayed and tased by cops. And, we're told, police went on a vulgar rant -- and portions were caught on cell phone video.

The incident occurred during a wrap party for Oliver Stone's movie "W" about the Prez. Local station KTBS reports and TMZ sources say Wright, who plays Colin Powell, was repeatedly tasered and pepper sprayed as he lay prone on his stomach in the street. We know witnesses heard the officers using extremely foul language, including the "N" word, directed at Wright.

Our sources say Brolin was observed by witnesses attempting to make peace and standing still as he was repeatedly sprayed in the eyes by cops.

The city attorney has not decided whether to file criminal charges against Brolin, Wright or the others for interfering with a police officer.


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sport girl    

What happened was wrong, but Shreveport is not a little run down little town 4 major casinos, shopping. In the last 5 years major movies have been shot here. This was just a case of a couple of bad cops. North, south doesn't matter happens everywhere... Get your facts straight before you judge. Those of you that are saying it's a southern thing are the pot calling the kettle black..

2268 days ago


Caught on Video? N-word? The press will surely take this and report it everywhere, unless of course the whole thing is totally exaggerated by this liberal site and we never hear about it again. I guess we'll know in a couple of days which is true

2268 days ago


The very same "n" word that Jesse Jackson used regarding Obama? The very same "n" word that every rapper uses in almost every song? It seems that we have forgotten that we should lead by example..which many are now following. Who should we blame? Ourselves.

2268 days ago

Don't stereotype    

As someone who lived in Shreveport for 25 years, I can say first hand that most of the comments on this board are completely ignorant and inaccurate. Shreveport is not a "small, rundown town". It's the third largest city in Louisiana, has two major casinos (with two more right across the river in Bossier City), a growing economy, and an emerging artistic scene. Tax benefits have increased the acquisition and development of formerly abandoned buildings downtown. The city has undergone a tremendous amount of growth over the past decade, so to even suggest it is on the decline is inaccurate. As far as racism goes, yes, there is racism in Shreveport. Does that mean everyone in Shreveport is racist, or that every police officer in Shreveport is racist? Of course not. In fact, two years ago Shreveport elected its first black mayor, Cedric Glover, who won due in large part to support from the white community (including myself). Unfortunately, this story could have just as easily happened in ANY city in the country. Because it just so happened in Shreveport doesn't mean that there's more racism there than anywhere else. I've been in Baton Rouge (south Louisiana) for a year now and have witnessed just as much if not more racism as I did in Shreveport. I'm sure this isn't going to stop people from making ignorant stereotypical comments about Shreveport or the south, but please give some thought to the things you say. Complaining about racism while simultaneously expressing hatred for people you don't know in a city or region that you haven't even lived in makes you sound incredibly hypocritical.

2268 days ago


The police union has just made a video with an implied threat of what Shreveport would be like without the police. They are lobbying for more money of course. Now they have stuck a knife in the nice little movie industry we have been enjoying. Way to go boys and girls in blue. Way to go new mayor and police chief.

2268 days ago


Ooh, what a shock. A conflict on an Oliver Stone film. I doubt anything I hear at this point as Hollywood is renowned for telling the only side of the story they want people to hear. They always think they can show up anywhere and the rest of us are supposed to be grateful. They should all stay in Hollywood where they belong. It's a likely story they are trying to feed everyone now. I'm not buying it. Just another way for them to try and get people to side with them. Pathetic.

2268 days ago


Now there's a way to promote your crappy film that no one is interested in!!!! Genius!!!! Imagine.....hollywood royalty not being treated like the princesses they are? Oh my! They should have stayed in California where you can do whatever you want and get away with it. Hollywood acts like they are doing us a big favor by coming to our "little redneck towns" and filming. Stay in California. We will not miss you.

2268 days ago


When will this country ever get around to making our police officer's accountable for their actions? There are some great cops out there, but there are some really bad, power driven, self-serving jerks that we allow to walk around carrying a gun.
Not only should these cops be fired, they should be crimally charged and sued in civil court. If we violate someone's human rights, we go to jail - so should police officer's.

2268 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

Narcissistic, smug, self=important actors caught the beatdown they had coming to them. Welcome to the South and the real America, y'all. Come on back for more, ya hear?

2268 days ago


Jesse Jackson uses the 'n' word with impunity; what up? Who's got the rule book on the word? 'Houston, we have a problem'.

2268 days ago


I live in Shreveport, LA. The cops here had to take "no holds barred" approach to crime. It got really bad here after Katrina when lots of criminals came here after their turf was wiped out. As far as the "N" word goes - it's pretty well known here that black cops call black criminals that when adrenaline is flowing and action is high. The Shreveport (Thieveport, as I call it), is trying hard to clean up the city. We are in the deep south and racism still flows freely here. This is crazy for me to hear the "N" word coming from the very diverse city of Miami. As far as these Hollywood Actors getting busted, we don't need outsiders coming here and causing problems we have enough of our own.

2268 days ago


This coming from someone born and raised in Shreveport, let me give you some information on the local police. They are known for their excessive force. Locals are scared what police will do to them if arrested rather than consequences of the actual charges. Recently a woman was beaten badly at the police station following a dui arrest. Go ahead SPD, ruin the citys name.

2268 days ago


WOW.... Hopefully these rednecks lose their badges and guns over this. I think the majority of people will agree the police force in Shreveport are the cause of probably 50% of the crime in the area...

2268 days ago


Is anyone else wondering what in the hell happened to Josh Brolin?????
That could be his father there instead! He looks 70 years old!!!!!!!!!!

2268 days ago


Why are people still surprised by racism? This generation is no different from the racist of the 60's. It's just no longer PC to say it outloud. OH, YES THEY DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other than civil action, and I PRAY these two young men file, nothing is going to happen to the PIGS who did this. They are blanketed by generations of bigots. May the south fall, AGAIN!

2268 days ago
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