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Nigel Lythgoe: No Longer "Idol" Wannabe

8/4/2008 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nigel LythgoeNigel Lythgoe is off "American Idol."

TMZ has learned Lythgoe, who has executive produced the show for seven seasons, has just taken himself off the program and will not return. No replacement has been named.

We're told Lythgoe felt it was time for someone else to step in. Sources say he's said privately he is "not passionate about it anymore." "A.I.'s" ratings slipped last season, and the show was getting a little boring.

We're also told Lythgoe is working on some kind of a joint venture with Simon Fuller, who created "Idol." Lythgoe wants to spend his time on "So You Think You Can Dance."


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Up the age limit and get some real artists in there !

2270 days ago


Nigel has always loved So You Think You Can Dance Better....I could just tell. He is passionate about dance and he really cares about the contestants. I do not blame him for leaving American Idol.

2270 days ago


Well, I can see how a person used to success can become a little bored with it, especially if it appears that the audience is also beginning to get a little tired of it.

2270 days ago


yes i think idol should be taken off,after idol two the show went down just get boring every year after idol two.

2270 days ago


I wonder if Nigel feels guilty by working with Simon Fuller and Simon Cowell and possibly changing the amount of votes that came in for David Archuleta and the ones who came in for David Cook. I mean afterall, ever since season 2, Simon Cowell has wanted an thought a rocker deserved to win!!! This last season, David Archuleta was cheated out of the title of American Idol because Nigel, Simon Fuller and Simon Cowell and the rest of the top brass at Idol season 7, punished little David Archuleta....the BEST CONTESTANT on the show and one who was NEVER in the bottom 3 or the bottom 2!!!! The other contestants were. DAVID COOK, by the way, DID NOT EVEN WANT TO TRY OUT FOR AI, and the PRODUCERS Talked to him and TOLD him, as DC was waiting with HIS BROTHER, that HE was NOW a Contestant! No wonder the ratings slipped! Shame on all of you! YOU punished a CHILD for the "rumored acts behind the scenes" of his father! AI SEASON 2 was fixed and so was season 7! I wonder if plans are underway to cheat the contestants on Season 8? Season 8....hahaha....a season that a LOT of DA fans WILL NOT be watching! Watch out....Season 1 winner was a Girl, Season 2 the winner was a guy....season 3 the winner was a girl; season 4 winner was a guy; season 5 winner was a girl; season 6 winner was a ? and season 7....winner was CHEATED! GROW UP SIMON! GROW UP PRODUCERS AND LET NIGUEL GO! HE ADDS NOTHING TO ANY SHOW! AND GET RID OF PAULA WHO JUDGED JASON CASTRO BEFORE HE EVER SANG!!!!! I, like MANY, are NO longer fans! GO ARCHIE!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! YOU NEVER NEEDED THE TITLE OF THIS CHEATING SHOW! YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL ON YOUR OWN! GOD BLESS YOU ARCHIE AND DAVID COOK! I don't blame you DC.....So thanks for your kindness! END OF IDOL? ONE CAN ONLY HOPE!

2270 days ago


Hey, if you can't think of anything intelligent to say, by all means critisize the man because he's not 25 years old, that should make you feel smarter. Sheesh, what is is with people?

Anyway, this is a smart man. Idol (in my opinion) is in it's way down. This may be the beginning of the end or possibly someone who will bring in some fresh ideas will replace Lythgoe and the show can be saved, who knows? Either way he's putting his time and money into a more successful and much more entertaining venture.
I followed two seasons of Idol enjoying it thoroughly, watched a season or two off and on and then when that kid who couldn't sing kept progressing as some really great vocalists left. Know who I mean? That kid who they put into the crazy hairdos to make up for the fact that listening to his sour notes was like listening to someone run their fingernails down a chalkboard.

2270 days ago

tired of belters    

I quit watching AI after Carrie Underwood won. Sooo tired of the only musical standard that matters is ones ability to belt out a high note. God forbid somebody like Bob Dylan trying to launch his career on AI trying to belt out an old Dolly Parton song!!! Same thing happened last night on Nashville Star. Zzzzzzzz!!!!!

2270 days ago

Lovit Ray    

I have watched AI since the beginning. I love seeing the young people show off their talents. If you don't like the show, don't watch it. The rest of us will go on enjoying the show.

2270 days ago


The producers and directors of AI made the mistake of spending too much time with the kids that did not make the cut, and not enough time with the ones that did. We got to the final twelve without having heard some of their auditions and very little of their story. The television audience has to be invested in the 'characters' to watch that intensive of a television schedule. AI screwed the pooch with too many of the train wrecks of the auditions and did not give people the incentive to stay around for the goodies. This, despite the fact that this past year was easily the deepest field of talent they have had ever - I expect we will have Cds out of the top six at least, if not more. I heard a lame excuse that AI couldn't get 'permission' to use the audition songs of some of the top twelve. If this is truly the case, they need to re-think the audition phase and force the would be contestants to sing from a posted list of pre-approved songs. In real auditions many times all the contestants sing the same song as a base of comparison - i. e. in the original auditions for "Annie" they had all the little girls sing "Happy Birthday". Think about it - what if the required song was "Unchained Melody"? Oh the consequences!

2270 days ago


I thought the show got a little but boring. i can understand anting to focus on one show. i will still loe American Idol no matter how boring it gets. I am kind of sad he is leaving but i want to see what the other producer will do with the show.

2270 days ago


i look forward to american idol every year - i swore never to watch again when chris was sent home, but thee i was again watching the next season - this year i'm still keeping my eye on any new songs done by david cook - i love t he show and would hate to see it go - it hasn't become boring - even if there were to judging or a prize to be won it is good entertainment once it is down to the last 10

2270 days ago


AI was very boring this year. There wasn't great competition this year either. I don't blame him for going off to SYTYCD. That show is awesome.

2270 days ago


I met Paula at a charity event, bought her a couple of drinks and had her air-tight by midnight. She ain't that bad dudes.

2270 days ago


Hopefully, AI will be the next to go!! The show has run its course and need to be remove!! The judging of talent by America is RIDICULOUS too many good singer are being passed over. Majority of America are judging on popularity then talent. I gave up on AI in 2005!!

2270 days ago


Hopefully, AI will be the next to go!! The show has run its course and need to be remove!! The judging of talent by America is RIDICULOUS too many good singer are being passed over. Majority of America are judging on popularity then talent. I gave up on AI in 2005!!

2270 days ago
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