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The Duff's Dad

Sent to the Slammer

8/28/2008 12:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hilary Duff's dad will be spending up to ten days in jail -- all because of a fight over cash for Hilary's birthday party.

According to Houston Chronicle, mama Duff dragged her ex into court today -- and this is no joke -- to ask for $25,000 to throw a party for Hilary's 21st birthday -- because that's what they spent on Haylie's 21st bday two years ago.

After the judge told Bob he had to shell out $12,500 for the bash -- he decided to sentence Bob to 10 days in jail for contempt of court for selling assets without court approval to the tune of $367,537.

When Bob was cuffed, mama Duff supposedly mumbled "This isn't what I wanted." Apparently all she wanted was a whole lot of money -- something her kids have already made themselves.


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Todd da Man    

Why does a multimillionaire girl need her mommy and daddy to pay for her birthday party?? Hilary Duff is nothing but a loser and it is her fault that her dad got put in jail today. Hilary was the one who abandanded her father when she ran off to Hollywood, leaving her dad stuck in Houston trying to make a living and to support two households. She is a terrible daughter (whom I would not mind doing, and doing hard), and she deserves NOTHING for her birthday!

2250 days ago

David in Bangkok    

This show how hard it is to raise kids the the USA nowadays. To see the judicial system in the middle of the planning stage for a 21 year old's birthday party makes me proud to be an American.

2250 days ago

Cha Cha    

fat greedy bitch

2250 days ago

Me, myself and I    

He deserves to go to jail if he deliberately disobeyed a court order, by selling assets without court approval. In a divorce, it has to be determined what the net worth of each person is to settle things. I wonder if he was planning to hide the cash to lower his net worth. Mrs. Duff is still going to get half of what she wanted. She doesn't seem to understand that in a divorce, both parents are expected to equally contribute to the expenses or gifts of their children.

2250 days ago


first of all, NONE of you here know her! or her parents! so before you start JUDGING them, shut your trap!

A. Hilary didn't abandon her father! Hilary, her mom, and sister Haylie moved to L.A. to pursue there careers. and her dad CHOSE to stay in houston, because he owns a chain of convenience stores! duh!

B. Why would anyone pay for there OWN birthday party? how lame! we're in America, not a 3rd world country (no offense) so why would anyone pay for there own?

C. i think her father should of just payed the money, he obviously has money since he owns stores and all.

D. And it's only fair that both sisters get equal funding for parties. Shows hilary's mom doesn't have favorites.

E. none of you know anyone in the mentioned story, so don't call anyone a 'BAD DAUGHTER' unless you actually know them and have proof to back your comments up!

F. stop hating on hilary because she's more:

than you are!
don't hate who you can't be.


now go ahead,
and bash everything i said here
you low-lifes!

2250 days ago


her moms not just aksing for money for a party,
she's asking for money for a b-day present.

is the birthday girl supposed to pay for that on her own too?

2250 days ago


She's going to be 21! Why should her farther still be required to throw her a birthday party?
Grow up Hillary. Your not a baby anymore. It's time to pay for your own things.

2250 days ago

john wayne gacy    

as MOST marriages go, we can trust these

2 have been cuffed to the bedpost before;

2250 days ago

Trooper Tom    

If her mother wants to buy a present let her pay for it herself the cheap a**

2250 days ago


I'm not even believing this lame exchange! Her Mother is dragging the Dad into court to force him to pay for a b-day party for his wealthy daughter?!?! How ridiculous! What would you call it then Samm (if you don't call it abandonment) that the whole family said so long we're off to Hollywood.

2250 days ago

Special K    

I don't get it, Hillary is a legal adult??? The court should have nothing to say about this. Just sounds like a ploy to make her ex husband's life hell as ex wives love to do...

2250 days ago


Why don't the courts stay the hell out of other people business. If that isn't what Hilary's mom wanted, then why put him in jail? Power trip?

The courts destroy more families than they will ever admit.

2250 days ago

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

Hilary, no amount of money or rings or parties can ever compensate for a father who wasn't there.

The sooner you accept this fact, the sooner you choose to put him aside and get on with your life, the happier you will be.

P.S. Your mother should be ashamed for encouraging your delusions.

2250 days ago



And all I gave my daugther was a T-shirt to 25 dollars she so wanted.

I better stay out of the country so I would not be locked up for years.

2250 days ago


what a screwed up and selfish society we live in.....$25k for a birthday party....more than many folks make working their butts off for an entire year! No, I don't think it matters how much money you've got, or that you've 'earned' it. It's an event, a day, a one time thing, a birthday.
I would have so much more respect for the family if I had read that Hillary had asked her parents to establish a fund for uninsured families to pay for emergency dental care for their children, or they had donated it to a humane society in her honor. I was indifferent about the Huff girls / family before, but now I am disgusted!!! And by the way, at the age of 21...momma and daddy SHOULDN'T be paying for their birthday parties.

2250 days ago
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