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Jags Lineman Collier Shot, Fighting for Life

9/2/2008 8:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jacksonville Jaguars tackle Richard Collier is fighting for his life after being shot several times early this morning.

Collier was waiting outside an apartment building when a gunman shot into the car he was in. A Sheriff's rep says the six-foot-seven, 300-plus-pound Collier was shot several times but it's not clear where he was injured. He was taken to a local hospital where his injuries have been described as "life-threatening."

The motive for the attack hasn't been determined, and an investigation is ongoing.

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Black on Black crime even happens to the wealthy feetballers. I thought this shizat only happens in Phily. I really don't want to sound racist but come on folks, the blacks are killing eachother, wheather they be poor and struggling or rich and famous. When will it stop?Now this big foot ball player is all shot up and dying.And to the black folks who say whites are racist, check out the statistics, whites are definately afraid of ALL of yall balcks.So if the blacks are killing eachoter and the whites mearly commenting about it what does that make the blacks? Killing machines that's what!! I am so assuming a black man shot up this poor fella and why not, they are doing it all around the country. Stop killing eachother, just because anykind of man has a gun it don't make you strong and brave, it makes you weak and cowardly, this guy would have kicked the crap out of someone the good ole fashioned fisticuffs way.Only a coward nomatter what color the skin could do this.

2210 days ago


What is up with this team??!!? Girlfriend beaters & "disorderly conduct" ending with being shot? Jesus. Good thing we idolize these people..... :(

2210 days ago


I live in Jacksonville, Fl where this happened. Shootings have been getting worse and worse. This is the third time in the past week, something has happened to one of the Jaguar players. First one was arrested for evidentally hiring his cousin to beat up his ex girlfriend, second Jaguar player was arrested in Miami, now this one has been shot multiple times.

Him and a former player met up with some girls and they went to Riverside so that all of them could get into one vehicle. While the girls were up in their apartment is whenever the shooting happened!

2210 days ago

Words can not express    

#1 Shut UP!! how do you know the person that did this was not white.. There is alot of White on white crime also. it's just not reported as often as the Black on Black crime.. You guys love to come one here and act like WHITES never comit crimes. Let's call it American on American crime. because that is what it is. AND everytime we get stupid responses from people like you that is what we are doing. American on Americans crime..

2210 days ago


Hey dirtbag..does the truth hurt? Whites and asians and hispanics commit crimes but not like what is happening now. I see it every minute of every day in the city of brotherly love and NOW, not all folks, mostly blacks, and in America I am aloud to opinionate right?So, whom do you think shot up this fella? Mr. McWhitey!? NOT! What will your self indulgent mouth say when it turns out to be a CLose member of his inner circle?I don't make messes, shooters running around splattering heads like watermellons make messes, did you ever have to clean up brain matter after a headshot? I don't think so.Thats messy, not my opinion.I really do like black people, what a darn shame black people don't love themselves, yall have come too far to keep killing eachother, and I do have african blood raging through my veins so I can have an opinion.So why the comment about Mr. Fred Taylor being arrested in the same story? Is there a link? HMMMMM.....And go ahead, call me a racist, don't matter to me this professional football player is dying and that is sad, and typical.Oh and your response sound so eloquent as well.Statistics speak louder then opinions and butthalez.Just an FYI, here in Philly in one night alone last night there were 8 people shot to death, ALL blacks on BLacks and only one white guy died of a self inflicted gunshot wound the the head!!! Statistics baby!!!

2210 days ago


Wow, only 5 comments about this guy and 3 of them are mine. Real important guy huh? Okay, time to go shopping here in Philly and dodge the bullets.And the rapists and the robbers and the crackheads, sorry I ama product of my environment of crime ridden streets. Have a nice day yall...

2210 days ago


Let black on black crime continue, they will eventually kill off their entire race :)

2210 days ago


"Stop the killing machines" - you're an idiot. I don't know what else to say.

2210 days ago


LOL, Killing Machine, if you're in NE Philly, don't forget to dodge all the K-Fed clones in their wife-beaters and run-down Toyotas with the extra-extra loud tricked-out mufflers.

Erin, thanks. I don't mind if the ignorant blacks kill each other off because a lot of us are tired of preaching to them as well (Maybe some of the ignorant racist whites can die with them and do ALL races a favor). As long as innocent don't get caught in the crossfire. The rest of us blacks are busy making plans for that Whitre House acceptance speech bay-bee!

2210 days ago


I can't wait until the acceptence speech as well, then PLOW PLOW Welcome Mr. President Biden!!!

2210 days ago


I really like Barak Obama especially his lighter side. This is so reminesent of the Kennedy's.I hope he wins so maybe black folks will see the lighter side of life and stop killing eachother.Obama for President. And ya know what else, Palin's daughter is soo sleazy, I was about to vote for MCCain but not now not ever! May God's love and mercy shine on Richard Collier and his family in this dark time.Noone deserves this he worked so hard to get to where he is in life and some dirtbag takes it all away!!!I hope he pulls through this honestly. Peace on the streets. Whodunit???

2210 days ago


The Jags are getting as bad as the Dallas Convicts (Cowboys).

2210 days ago

Words can not express    

that last comment should be reported to the Fed's that is a threat.. I am sending this on to be investigated.. How about that??

2210 days ago


Hmm, black football player shot down, not really surprising.

2210 days ago

Words can not express    

People, People, people..Ohh Please. i am sick of hearing the Black on Black crime. what about these Jerks that go out and kill up all the kids. take the kids and kill the mom, dad and brother. torture the sister and brother for three years, or the case were the little girl was killed and buried in the yard. or the case were the female sold, No killed her daughter because she did not want a baby and now the police are looking for her. or the case were the husband killed the pregnant wife two cases). or the case were the policeman killed two, no three wives.. on and on and on.. what kind of crimes are those? Their ALL white. so what kind of names should we give them for those crimes.. Come on. That black on Black crime is SOOOOOO out dated..

Blessings to this man and his family.. stick to the subject.. Killing machine, you need Jesus. you can tell you are lonely bored or probably a kid that skipped school today and is playing on Mommy and Daddy computer. Better not let Daddy catch you. read my above message. could be VERY dangerous.

2210 days ago
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