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Palin to Simon Cowell -- Eat My Dust

9/6/2008 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin -- hotter than Carrie Underwood. Barack Obama -- bigger than Michael Phelps.

Each convention pulled in more viewers than an "American Idol" finale, the Academy Awards and the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics.

The GOP had 76 million eyeballs (we've rounded it out, accounting for the fact that not everyone has two eyeballs. Total viewership -- 38.9 mil). The Dems snagged 38.4 million viewers on the networks. When you add in PBS, both prez candidates had 42 million viewers watching their acceptance speeches.

It could be a dead heat. Under the new election rules, if there's a tie there will be a steel-cage match. Our money is on Palin.


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She the second coming of Jesus. She is the new messiah. She is a rock star. So now republicans its time to bend over and take it since you made fun of Obama. Where does Palin stand on the issues? She doesn't just changes it whenever a lobbyist tells her. Don't forget God told her not to read TMZ. By the way you do know that TMZ is owned and produced by republicans. #1 drive by media of the right facist group.

2239 days ago

Flander Anapolis    

Wait until they find out she has a CRAZY PASTOR TOO. When they speak in tongues, they pray that God will send enemies to destroy the sin in America. The media will not run this, because they love her. Palin is not worthy to tie Hillary's shoes. This woman has 3 investigations going on in Alaska , that Daddy Warbucks is trying to postpone until after the election.

2239 days ago

arte help    

Palin is Hillary, but with morals, character, class, a devoted husband and driven by love of country.

2239 days ago


That effin fat ass Oprah bitch is so scared of Sarah Palin she is snubbing her as she still kisses Obamas black antichrist ass. I have NEVER cared for Oprah but NOW.....nothing but hate!
I actually lived in Fairbanks, Alaska while working for Alaska Airlines in 2006 when Sarah Palin was elected Governor and the inaguration was held that December in Fairbanks but sadly I wasn't able to attend since I was flying but I have to tell you folks that know little about this woman.....learn! She fought the RUSSIAN powers that be over the fishing rights and WON! If they would put her in Pakistan she could hunt Bin Laden like a moose or caribou and skin his ass!

2239 days ago

mess-iah sara is nothing but a used TAMPON    

She is so discusting, how can any Woman who Value's anytype of human Right's Vote for This NimBot, She is nothing but A Repubicu8t. Just another Politician In A Skirt And , And I don't give a rat's ass what you Right Wing Nut's Think.

2239 days ago


For American to swoon over a woman they haven't even HEARD OF a week ago shows just how dumb our country has become. It also appears that the majority of America is even going to swallow the idea that she's qualified to be V.P. because of her "Executive Experience" running a town of 7,000 people and being Governor of a state that has just over 650 thousand people! And why not? Many believe Obama is an elitist, and that John McCain (the one with a beer baroness wife and 7 homes) is a common man!

It's almost unbelievable how stupid people are, and what kind of crap they will believe.
The "good-hearted small-town values" crowd elected Bush TWICE and now the country is falling apart. So how do we fix the problem? By electing another guy from the SAME PARTY.

Morons. I just hope there aren't enough of you idiots out there to screw things up this time.

2239 days ago

Mr. T    

Palin is just the same story in different packaging. Now I know TMZ is just another tool
of the right wing media hype. Everyone TMZ sucks! Idontlikeyouinthatway is way better than
this right wing rag piece of crap. Just like Mancow and all the other nazi inspired pseudotainers.

2238 days ago


People are curious about her because other than giving a speech written for her by the Bush Speech writers she hasn't spoken to ANYONE. I find this to be totally alarming!!! I saw a Republican party talking head on CNN say they only wanted her to speak in a 'controlled' environment for the time being. COME ON!! She is running for the second highest position in the WORLD and THEY WON'T LET HER SPEAK!!! PEOPLE PLEASE DON'T BE FOOLED BY THIS GIMMICK!!!
Haven't the Republican's done enough damage over the past EIGHT LONG YEARS!!??

2238 days ago


Sarah Palin officially grabbed my vote for the repub's!!!!!!!! THAT LADY IS FIERCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

2238 days ago


PALIN!!!!!!!!! LADY CAN KICK SOME ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIDEN WHO?

2238 days ago


I am from Fairbanks, Alaska and have met Mrs Palin and husband and their children and they are a fabulous family that we could all learn from! This woman is so incredibly amazing she can and will do it all! She has always been able to focus on both her state and family so why ask if she can focus on both the country and her family? That in and of itself is asanine! She can do it all! People have NEVER asked if a man can lead this country and his family so do not ask that of will only make an ass out of yourself.
McCAIN/PALIN 08!!!!!

2238 days ago


Wow!! You really CAN fool some of the people all of the time!!! Take a look, people. Palin's environmental policy (alaska) is whacked--hunters shooting wolves and bears from low-flying aircraft, Palin suing the Bush administration because the polar bear was placed on the endangered species list, she sleeps with the oil-and-gas industry, she DOES (contrary to her representations at the convention) pander to and profit from earmarks, she supports her daughter's "choice" to bear a bastard and submit to a shotgun wedding but would deny other women the right to control their own bodies, she--every week-listens and absorbs a whack-job minister ramblings that 9/11 is god's revenge and that, in 2004, those who voted for Kerry would go to hell . And, yes, she mouths those same beliefs in public!! Perhaps that's why the Repubes want to muzzle her now, allowing her to pontificate only to the Repube chosen, and mouthing the words drafted by Bush's own writers. Scary!!! Wake up, people!!! The antichrist has a skirt.

2238 days ago


Yeah, a nobody has become the "rock star". HOW ABOUT TALKING ABOUT THE ISSUES OF THIS COUNTRY you "rock star" Hillary wannabe?

I'm pretty sure this bitch will win, cause that's how ignorant America is now.

2238 days ago

Kansas Kerry    

This woman is so insane, she makes Bush look normal! In her grand "experience," she was a mayor of a town of 6000 people, which she promptly bankrupted. In her 18 month stint as governor, she presided over less than 600,000 residents. She fired anyone who disagreed with her, installed her own cronies, and raked in earmarks for her state. Not to mention her penchant for banning books and lying about the Bridge to Nowhere. She supported it, then changed her mind. That makes her a flip flopper. Not to mention, she kept the hundreds of millions of dollars earmarked for that project. She paints herself as a perfect, family oriented hockey mom. In reality, she's a bible thumping bitch on heels. I certainly hope Biden is merciless in ripping her a new one. Because she has a vagina, she'll claim sexism, and unfairness in the press. If these right wing nutjobs get elected, we will no longer be a first world country.

It's the Republican way. Dangle "morals and family values" issues in front of your far right base, wave the bloody shirt, talk about your war record (from 40 years ago) incessantly, your patriotism, and how you represent the common man. While voters are distracted, they fabricate reasons to invade sovereign foreign countries who pose no threat to us, introduce terrorism where it never existed before, erode our standing in the rest of the world, torture people illegally, leave our borders wide open and exploit the illegals so their big business friends can reap all the tax free benefits. You can kiss the Constitution goodbye.

2238 days ago


ChrisM70****You are a GENIUS***and the only person with a BRAIN (besides me of course) posting...these Americans who had no clue who the hell Palin was a week ago would now give their lives for her!!! Give me a BREAK!!!!!! It's these Americans who make this country look bad!!!

2238 days ago
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