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Chris Kattan's Ex

Cashes in on Short Marriage

9/25/2008 6:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Kattan and Sunshine Tutt were only married for 59 days -- but that doesn't mean she isn't going home with a nice consolation prize.

Sources tell TMZ there was prenup that would've given Tutt less than 10 grand -- but a renegotiation just upped the ante to a low six-figure sum.

Tutt's lawyer, Ronald Richards, told us: "My client is very relieved that she can leave this two month marriage with some resources that will allow her to rebuild her life."

Sounds like Kattan is the best mistake Tutt's ever made.


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my guess, she saw too much on the wedding night - secret hermaphrodite.

2221 days ago

Stan Marsh    

She must have something on him, (blackmail). There's no way anyone would agree to that settlement.

2221 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

Only in Hollywood, slutty wife = a big time trip to the ATM! The Ho gets Mo'!

2221 days ago


Was this with a California court case? The law favors the woman by ten fold. She is a worthless piece of #$%#. Here is a actor who was thinking with his other head and look what happened.

2220 days ago


The only reason he negotiated after the pre-nup is she must have some kind of dirt on him. That must be in the gold digger manual 101.

2220 days ago


I knew Sunshine many years ago and I don't think she's a gold digger. When I knew her, she was a very nice and quite conservative girl. Not the gold-digging type. Besides, there are MUCH deeper pockets in LA then Kattan if that's what she wanted. People can change.... but that's my two cents.

2220 days ago


Her first purchase? A case of mouthwash to get the taste of Kattan out of her mouth. His first housecleaning chore? Disinfect all the toilet seats to fix that nasty crabs problem. His first act as a single man? Get Gay Aiken's phone number.

2220 days ago


must have been a shock to her when she woke up and realized that she wasn't married to an A Lister!

what do you want to bet that she keeps his last name-it's her slim connection to fame!

if she actually married him for the right reasons, she will return to her maiden name and her previous life and career-assuming she had some kind of a job, and her life will go on with a little bit of a financial cushion in the bank

if we see her hyphenating her last name and talking on Inside Edition or some such tabloid form-then we know what she is really like and what she was in it for

God help me , I'm an optimist and hope she quietly goes off the radar and has a great anonymous life

2220 days ago


OMFG numbers. 3.5.and 15 you are so dang funny!!!
I love you Frances Louise Vaughn!!

2220 days ago


The only reason she married him was so she could cash in before she checked out. Poor guy. Or should that be poorer guy?

2220 days ago


This is ridiculous. Seriously, he earned his money and just because she slept with him doesn't mean that she deserves any part of it. She's a f-ing loser. Hope that 100K gets you somewhere ... gold digging bitch.

2220 days ago

lil l    

so what is the point of a prenup???? seems like they NEVER work and these gold digging women ALWAYS get more than their prenup (that they signed and agreed to) never hold thru.

2220 days ago


who renegoiates a pre nup? is this guy the stupidist person in the f'in world?

Gold diggers should just be shot, they are really the worst people in the world

2220 days ago


That is pure B* S*

2220 days ago

Christine Lytle    

What a whore!!! Why does she get money from him? If she doesn't want to be married to him them she shouldn't get any of HIS money!!! If she needs money tell her skanky assss to get a job like everyone else!!!

2220 days ago
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