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Shannon Elizabeth's

Murderous Pooch

10/16/2008 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shannon Elizabeth is harboring a killer! Well, not exactly. But her dog did kill a poor defenseless puppy.

Try to follow this one. Derek Hough's mom blogged that one of Shannon's four dogs killed her daughter Katherine's maltese teacup puppy. Shannon tried to make amends by giving Derek's sis a rescue "replacement" pup.

Turns out this is a big no-no in the animal activist world -- which Shannon should know, since she founded her own dog rescue org.

Now here's the kicker. Katherine Hough has 86'd the pup and given it to her "DWTS" sis Julianne. But Julianne can't keep the dog so she's looking for a new home on her own blog.

As they say ... screw the pooch.


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That dog in question better have been a pit bull for you to show the dog fighting picture. Pit bulls have a bad enough rap for you to bring them into something that doesn't involve them. She's also an idiot for letting grown dogs around a young puppy. Common sense people!

2147 days ago


She needs to have the dog go to a trainer or have it put down. One day it's a puppy - the next day it could be a kid if she's not careful.

2147 days ago

King Beef    

My aunt had a lab that killed our miniature dachshund and it became mean as hell. Once they get the taste of blood, they're never the same.

I say put that damn dog down.

2147 days ago


I hope also it was a pitbull, If not TMZ is just pushing the killer dog rap off on them again. I raised pits for many years and they were loving and completely non-violent. Its not the breed its the owners!!

2147 days ago


I'm lost - First, didn't Ellen have an issue with giving a rescue dog to a perfectly loving family and get in deep trouble for it?! Second, why am I not reading that Shannon has to put her dog down?? Isn't this mandatory if the dog attacks? Human or not it killed an innocent animal.

2147 days ago


There is absolutely no blog from Derek's mother. Nothing on google or his website. Julianne yes, his mother no. So how can we say this is true?

2147 days ago


There's no such thing as a "teacup" maltese - that's puppy mill hype.

2147 days ago


I volunteer at a shelter and if a dog kills another animal it's euthanized. Was this attack even investigated???

2147 days ago


People shouldn't back yard breed unhealthy dogs that a bird could eat, seriously I can bet my bank account the "big mean dog" was playing and the unhealthy 2LB "teacup" breed from underweight starved parents to keep them small died from simple dog play. Thats just stupid! It was probably wearing a sweater to tight, maybe the sweater did it. Poor dog but really, morons for letting a large dog play with a tiny little ankle biter.

2147 days ago


That Hough kid is gross! He looks like a 12 yr. old.
What the hell is wrong with Shannon??

2147 days ago


Those are not pitbulls in the pictures. There mutts! Jeez for people that own pitbulls you would think you would know what they look like!

2147 days ago


I think its an insult for Shannon to buy her a dog from a rescue shelter. I love dogs and think dogs should have rights,

but I know people deserve rights also. There is a lot of picking good from the bad in animal shelters. I am sure in

California there are better choices for dogs in shelters. Honestly though most dogs in shelters are there because there

is something wrong with them. I spent five years looking for the right dog from animal shelters. I went in with a very

positive attitude and after five years came out with a bad attitude. I was heart broken with each dog i got and had to

give back or lose from sickness.

The first dog was a beautiful mixed doberman/rot mix a female. She was slim and didn't have such a large head as you

would think. So lovable. We found out it had Parvo and it was in the near death stage it was untreatable.The boy that

worked at the shelter let the dog slip past the other workers cuz he loved it so much.The poor dog poo'd/pee'd all over

our walls and floors. I was so bummed because i thought she would be the one. It took gallons of bleach water and

scrubbing to make sure we got it all cleaned up for the next dog. The next dog was a wild dingo sort of dog didn't know

cuz she was just a puppy, spent money to have her fixed the shelter wouldn't do it.Found out a year and a half later

that we were unable to house train her. We had to give her back, rip out all our old carpets and replace them because

she was sneaky and would pee all over the house. Every Christmas she would lay a nice smelly present under the tree. We

could never catch her doing it. We would look under the tree before guests came over to make sure and not two minutes

later there was a fresh steaming pile. Had a male yorkie for three years was very old felt bad for him cuz the ppl that

had him before us didn't take care of him. He should have been put down and i couldn't do it. I just wanted him to have

a quiet last few years of his old life. Everyday i picked up black or green puke because he has suck bad digestion

problems. The last couple of years we actually almost straightened out his stomach but it wasn't really fixable.

So if people want to study up on breeds and there problems and buy one for quite a bit of money thats there choice and

no one elses its not against the law to do so. That doesn't mean they will or have bought from a puppy mill. Shannon is

responsible for her dog it is the law to have your dog under control. Shes just to cheap to return a new baby maltese

dog back to the owner.That woman/girl deserves the respect from an irresponsible pet owner.

Judge David from a courtroom tv show was wrong when a woman sued about her dog dying from another owner. The Judge told

her he would not give her all the money she spent into her dog that died even though the other owner was at fault. He

told her that she was going to buy a dog from a shelter with with a small amount from the verdict donate the money to

the shelter. My five years experience i know hes wrong. I spent so much more money on carpet, cleaners and spaying on

shelter dogs I couldn't keep. If i saved all the money i spent in replacing the stuff that was ruined and I bought a

nice dog from a breeder like i have in the last year it always out weighs adopting a dog in a shelter! I have a

wonderful Snorkie. Hes a yorkie/schnauzer. I've had him for a year and a half and haven't had no problems he was easy to

train very lovable, healthy well worth the money! Next the judges will tell us when a other person totals our car. That

it was too much money and bad for the environment so we will get less money in our judgments to buy a solar power french

fry oil burning car. What happen to our free will and choices in America?

2147 days ago


Derek Hough is majorly hot! Have you people seen him dance? Orgasmic! I love him even if he does have an overinvolved Mother that needs some PR lessons. I'm sure Derek's sister left her tiny dog unattended and Shannon's dog was playing. A very sad story but Derek's sisters fault,not Shannon and Derek's. They were not even home when it happened.

2147 days ago


Well, TMZ forgot to mention that the girl who's little dog got killed was babysitting Shannon's dogs. Shannon is out of town shooting a movie. I saw Hough's mother's original story, I'm wondering if somebody dumped her dog in with four other dogs she was supposed to be watching and then left them unnattended? hmmm Does anyone know which of the other dogs did the deed? Hmmm

2147 days ago


You mean the dog with blood all over its muzzle and hair between its teeth. Usually dogs like that show signs before serious attacks happen. It was still quite stupid out of anyone there to set a very small dog with the large dogs Shannon has. I've seen her dogs on tv they are very big dogs and she has tons of them.

2147 days ago
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