Shannon Elizabeth's Murderous Pooch

10/16/2008 12:37 PM PDT

Shannon Elizabeth's Murderous Pooch

Shannon Elizabeth is harboring a killer! Well, not exactly. But her dog did kill a poor defenseless puppy.

Try to follow this one. Derek Hough's mom blogged that one of Shannon's four dogs killed her daughter Katherine's maltese teacup puppy. Shannon tried to make amends by giving Derek's sis a rescue "replacement" pup.

Turns out this is a big no-no in the animal activist world -- which Shannon should know, since she founded her own dog rescue org.

Now here's the kicker. Katherine Hough has 86'd the pup and given it to her "DWTS" sis Julianne. But Julianne can't keep the dog so she's looking for a new home on her own blog.

As they say ... screw the pooch.