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Locklear and Wagner -- Dairy Queens for a Day

10/20/2008 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This photo of Heather Locklear at a San Jacinto, Cal. Dairy Queen is much better than the last pics we had of her -- considering she was being arrested by the California Highway Patrol at the time.
heather locklear
We're told Heather ordered a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard while her boyfriend, Jack Wagner, chowed down on a chicken sandwich.


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Wagner looks like a doffus in this pic. Whats with the stupid hat? Heather looks like she's gained a few pounds in the face.

2202 days ago


I hope they get married. They make a nice couple... I don't think Heather looks like she gained some weight. Some people..

2202 days ago


I could throw Jack Wagner down on a bed and, just, mmm, have my way with him.

He's really something.

Even if he is a pig. ;)

2202 days ago

My two cents    

I think both of them look great...AND happy, even tho some here would just like to find a way to rip them apart verbally. While it might be easy to condemn Heather for her recent run in with the law, no one has walked in her shoes here and no one knows what pains she may have or had been in. If the media blew all of our problems in magazines and online, you wouldn't have time to read it all...EVER. She is only human and makes the same mistakes the rest of us do, so lighten up on her already.

2202 days ago


Does she ever spend time with her daughter?

2201 days ago


Oooooh...I had one of those pumpkin pie blizzards. The are so good, but Locklear sucks. And yes, her face is fat and full of injections. I hope one day this ignorance comes back to bite these nitwits in the azz. The crap they put in their faces turns out to be some kind of deadly poison that kills them.

2201 days ago

Justin is Calling    

What happened to Jack Wagner's hair? Is he channeling a circa 1982 malibu surf bum, or did all that campaigning for John McCain turn his hair white?

2201 days ago


Heather and Jack look great, and it was nice of them to get a picture with the little D-cutie in the middle. As for her daughter, #5, children go to school, visit their friends, do hobbies, have time with their fathers ..... they aren't always chained to their mothers.

2201 days ago


Heather Locklear's hair has always been strawlike and limpy, really bad during Melrose days. Amazing she was ever tapped by Loreal for hair product commercials. Anyway, this pic is a tough call because the blondies have really bad hair..

2201 days ago


I think Heather looks good, especially since she is 47! Plus, go around LA and hardly anyone has anything bad to say about her. Very friendly and professional. Also, pretty decent of them to pose with an employee at DQ, considering some celebs don't even sign autographs.

2201 days ago


If it turns out that Heather Locklear was indeed guilty of driving under the influence, then any respect I may have had for her is gone. I do not judge others by the personal decisions they make. If Heather takes drugs, be it legally prescribed pills by her Dr, or street drugs/alcohol, I really don't care or judge her for that but if she's getting behind the wheel of a car in an altered state then I have a big problem with her behavior. All you bleeding heart Heather and Jack lovers would sing a different tune if she were to crash into a family member or loved one of yours while under the influence. My fear is that, like many celebrities before her who can afford to hire pitpulls like Blair Berk, she will walk scott-free for an offense that she should be punished for. My Two Cents wrote "she is only human and makes mistakes like the rest of us so lighten up" but that couldn't be more wrong. She is not like the rest of us. She has privilege, money and opportunity that most of us will never know and sadly, those same things make many celebs believe they are above the law. Indeed, many celebs and people of position in society are treated like they are above the law by the court systems and police so why should they behave any different?

2201 days ago

Carrys F.    

Her peeps are probably running in circles trying to get her good publicity and the Dairy Queen was the best they could do? Hmmmm . . .

2201 days ago


na---I have always said that! Her hair is so thin and looks fried. I always think it looks like moldy hay. Loreal is fading her out.

2201 days ago


#13 is so right.

(Also, someone should do a study comparing the quality of medical care celebs get to non-celebs. Doctors in L.A./NY give their best to celebs and treat non-celebs like garbage. )

2201 days ago


I like them both and wish them well. Melrose Place was a great trashy show!

2201 days ago
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