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Julianne Hough

Way More Than a

Stomach Ache

10/27/2008 3:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Julianne HoughTMZ has learned Julianne Hough will announce tomorrow the ailment that sent her to the emergency room last week was more than a stomach ache -- it's an ovarian cyst.

We're told she will have surgery to remove the cyst and that she'll have her appendix taken out at the same time (unrelated to the cyst).

No word on when the surgery will take place or if Julianne will remain on the show this season.

UPDATE: Julianne's official site now says: "Julianne Hough, Mercury Nashville recording artist and two time 'Dancing with the Stars' champion has been diagnosed with Endometriosis and will be undergoing minor surgery to remove her appendix. Hough experienced mild stomach pains last week and was taken to Cedars Sinai medical center. After consulting with her doctor, this course of treatment was recommended. Hough will address the surgery on Monday night's 'Dancing with the Stars' where she'll perform with celebrity partner Cody Linley.

Endometriosis is the development of uterine-lining tissue outside the uterus on the surfaces of organs in the pelvis or abdomen where they are not supposed to grow. It is a common medical condition found in 5-10% of women of reproductive age around the world."


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Dy (post #15) this is what happened to me. I know have no ovaries and no fallopian tubes (thankfully I still have my uterus). I would've rather had early surgery than to have been left to take hormones.

2154 days ago


So she has to have a press annoucement to remove an ovarian cyst and her appendix?

Oh please. I have never seen anybody as attentioned starved as this woman. She wants to be famous sooooo badly. It was readily apparent on DWTS, her guest apperances on Entertainment tonight, her music career etc.... So fake and so transparent. So sweet and squeeky clean.

'Oh is the camera on me? Better flash that fake smile. '

2154 days ago


#16 - know=now...oops!

2154 days ago


I really like Julianne and hope she will be okay. She is so young so hope this is just a benign cyst. It is a
good thing for her to get her appendix out at the same time to avoid possible problems later.

2154 days ago


To #18.....What's so wrong with wanting to be famous? She's been preparing for this her whole life apparently, and doing a mighty fine job. Seems most of their family has been in some type of dance, entertainment arena and now she finally made it and IS famous. You jealous? Get a life. Nothing wrong with wanting fame, she's worked hard for it and still is. Love ya Julian, you're a phenomenal dancer, my daughter and I always vote for you because you truly are one of the best dancers, and it seems, dance teachers. Get well!!!!!!!

2154 days ago


To LAM, it is that kind of support I got when I had an ovarian cyst. My doc said to suck it up and then you know what happened? I had to have surgery to remove a 15 pound tumor. It they would have taken care of the cyst, it wouldn't have got that big. You should never tell anyone to "just suck it up." I cannot have kids now because of that tumor, it caved my uterus in. She is to young to have that happen to her.

2154 days ago


I had a ruptured ovarian cyst & ended up in the ER. They HURT!!!! It's different than "monthly" cysts. I saw Julianne when I went to a taping of the Ellen Show a few weeks ago, & she's an amazing dancer, sweet & adorable. Let's just wish her the best recovery. If someone had told me to "suck it up" when my ovarian cyst ruptured, the offender may have been joining me in the ER!

2154 days ago

So much for being a virgin    

So much for being a virgin

2154 days ago


They are also taking out her appendix duh!!!

2154 days ago


I don't pretend to know the specific details of her condition, but it is reported that she has endometriosis. I have seen friends go through this and it was obvious that they were in a lot of pain. One would presume that her doctors know what they are doing. I am guessing the reason they are being aggressive in treating this is to prevent more complications, particularly because she is so young. So, if she needs the surgery, wish her a quick recovery and move on.

2154 days ago


Um she did not have a cyst you fools, she has endometirosis.. a condition where your uterine lining starts growing outside of the uterus and onto other organs. Endometreosis also prevents you from having children.

2154 days ago


See what jumping the gun does TMZ? Your spies were wrong and thus you posted inaccuate MEDICAL information about someone. How can we believe you now?

2154 days ago


I also have PCOS and have ovarian cysts (the last one was the size of an orange). My doctor has NEVER told me to deal with it. She puts me on birth control to help keep it under control and if that doesn't work then we do surgery. Ovarian cysts are very painful and deadly if they rupture. They can also be cancerous...everyone's case is different!

2154 days ago

something smells    

usually women who had multiple sex partners get endometriosis. she must get around like a record player.

2154 days ago

I don't think so    

I highly doubt that they were able to diagnose her with endometriosis that quickly. You need to have SURGERY just to diagnose it. You can not see the scars that it leaves with ultrasound, MRI's or CAT Scans. You actually have to have laprascopic surgery to get a diagnosis. And you don't just start suffering from it. You don't just drop one day from the pain. Someone apparently doesn't know all of the facts. I have suffered from it for 6 years now.

2154 days ago
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