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"Google Me, You Dumb F**k" Lawsuit

10/30/2008 7:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney SemelLet's take spoiled bitches for 500. Here's the answer: My dad used to run Yahoo, I'm a really mean chick and I now will beat the crap out of you. The question: Who is Courtenay Semel?

A security guard at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas is suing the daughter of former Yahoo honcho Terry Semel for allegedly pummeling him in a drunken stupor.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, Jaroslaw Jarczok claims he was working security last August at 4:00 AM at PURE Nightclub when Courtenay was "quite intoxicated due to alcohol and/or chemical or other substances." He claims she got all foul-mouthed on him.

One thing led to another and he eventually handcuffed Semel, the GF of Tila Tequila. That's when she allegedly struck Jarczok in the face and uttered these soon-to-be immortal words, which deserve a separate line in bold type:

"Do you even know who I am, f**king idiot?...Google me, you dumb f**k."

Jarczok says he's been humiliated and "anxious about receiving harassing comments by friends..." He wants unspecified damages. In case you missed what she said:

"Do you even know who I am, f**king idiot?...Google me, you dumb f**k."


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Wow, her dad used to run Yahoo yet she made a reference to Google...he really raised a smart one, didn't he?

Tacky and trashy.

2185 days ago


yahoo-search me, not google me :D

I suspect a pic of a horse comes up when using both searching machines.....

2185 days ago


All that money and she can't get a nose job? God really hit this one a double with the ugly stick. Ugly on the outside, ugly on the inside. Next, we'll be reading that this waste of space in rehab.

2185 days ago


All that money and she dates Tila? Yuck!

She can Google herself all day long as far as I care. She looks like a donkey and has the attitude of one.

2185 days ago


Is she that 50 year old that claimed to be LiLo's first girlfriend?

LMAO@ H so true!

2185 days ago


LMAO!! It just cracks me up that most people that use the "do you even know who I am" are always z-listers, has beens, wanna bes and never weres.

2185 days ago


Her eyebrows look atrocious. This b-tch looks like something outta Dr. Seuss.

2185 days ago


Courtney Semel (b 1979) is Lindsay Lohan’s gal pal. This Nov 11th would make Courtney 29 years of age. - Can't sue the parents for what the adult child did. - Also, Courtney will have to take 10 million dollars cashers check to Switzerland to hide her assets, just in case the security guard wants everything.

Bob Dylan "never trust anyone over 30." - Bob Dylan - formally know as: Bob Zimmerman. Bob wanted to hide his Jewish in order to sell more records, and music to his generation. By the time Courtney’s case is ready to go, she will not be able to trust herself anymore.

2185 days ago


This Nov 11th would make Courtney 29 years of age. - Can't sue the parents for what the adult child did

Posted at 7:22AM on Oct 30th 2008 by pie

He's not suing the parent. He's suing her.

2185 days ago


Her dad used to run Yahoo, not her. She needs to get over herself.

2185 days ago



Do you mean cashiers check? I don't care when her birthday is. She looks 50, in fact I'm being kind when I say 50.

2185 days ago


Why should anyone google her? I've never even heard of her until now. Also, love how she did free advertisement for google when her dad used to run yahoo. The stupidity of others amazes me.

2185 days ago


I know it's been said many times before but I need to say it again, With all that $$ she really should get her face fixed!!

2185 days ago


Aren't securtiy guards at nightclubs supposed to be tough? I doubt seriously that he was traumatized by this encounter. If he was, he needs to be fired immediately! What a suit- happy low life!

2185 days ago


Just another celebu-slut

2185 days ago
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