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Takes a Stab at a Mistrial

11/8/2008 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. SimpsonO.J. and co-defendant Clarence Stewart were denied any hope of a new trial on Friday, and they will continue to face multiple kidnapping and armed robbery convictions.

Defense lawyer Brent Bryson claimed the juror foreman, Paul Connelly, was guilty of misconduct after it was discovered that he was dismissed from a previous job for alleged racial slurs. Connelly also allegedly told reporters after the conviction he thought O.J. "should have gotten life in prison" for the murder of Nicole Simpson.

The judge made it clear that defense attorneys "were not under any illusions" about Connelly's beliefs prior to the trial as she denied the motion.

Simpson and Stewart currently face possible life sentences.


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ROFL........oh geez you made my day with the title
I was just pleased that the bastard was turned down.
Now, maybe we can all rest up from his rounds of golf and
the rest of his search for Nicole's real killer........

2172 days ago



2172 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Stay strong O.J.!! I am coming to bust you out of jail. I will be the one dressed as a prison guard.

2172 days ago

Las Vegas    

I live in the extreme NW of Las Vegas.....The prison he will be transferred to is only 15 miles up the road....The THUG will be way too close...We're thinking about moving now.....If he farts, we are down wind....

2172 days ago


The jury in 1997 found him not guilty. I can accept that. The jury in the 2008 trial found him guilty. I can accept that too!

2172 days ago


To #19 (Happy)

If you viewed the whole trial than you know that the evidence wasn't overwhelming. If the prosecution had so much evidence to link OJ to the crime than there would be no reason to plant evidence. Do not blame the jury of the murder trial of being incompetetent, blame the prosecution of being reckless. They destroyed, tampered, planted and lied to get a guilty verdict. The only evidence they did have was the ones planted. This punishment does not fit this crime and just as before their greediness is going to make him a free man. It may not be today, may not be tomorrow, but eventually some judge will have the sense to see that he was sentenced for murder while being trialed under different charges.

2172 days ago

arte help    

Burn in hell, you lowlife.

2172 days ago


well well it seems to me that this people that are making this comments about what he did and didn't do, what he got and didn't get are just the example of what not to be in America today,for all you people out there if you have any sense at all before you speak of what to do or not to do with this guy's life, firts you need to get your head examine,if I remember correctly it wasn't the dream team that got him free,it was the same people like you that got him free,yes the police wasn't able to prove anything because they were to eager to convict him that they forgot that we are in america and if the glove don't fit you know the rest,may be next time instead of running your mouth about his race and what he did or din't do you concentrate in the facts and get a conviction and not on how he got away and yes this time he does deserve a fair trial,if you are a member of a jury you must be just that a member of a jury and keep your stupid comments to yourself,you are here to serve a purpose not to show how you can go around making this comments about his race and his past and still be able to remain a member of the jury,so tell me one thing,who is the criminal here?he who makes this comments and clearly he is not jury material or he whom according to your criminal system was found not guilty,stop crying wolf and see things for what they are not for what you may want them to be.this is why our criminal system don't work becuase of people like you and there will be more OJ's that's for sure God Bless America................:(

2172 days ago


I've just finished reading a book by a famous prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi "Outrage : The five reasons why O.J.Simpson got away with murder". I was disgusted with American justice system the allowed this man to walk away free grinning and smirking after brutally killing two people.
It's amazing, but this man who thought he was above the law and invincible, is going to finally get what he deserves.
Although the crime for which he is going to rot in jail is not related directly to the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, I feel that there is JUSTICE in this world, and that the families of Nicole and Ron can finally have some kind of closure to their pain in knowing that the man who butchered Nicole and Ron is going to be locked in prison cell forever.

2172 days ago

To see or not to see    

After that first sentence that found O. J. Simpson not guilty, I remember seeing huge crowds rejoycing.
TV-news, photographs in the newspapers were showing them the world over. Also those fellows Americans were thinking that J-u-s-t-i-c-e had won and that the American justice system was the best in the world. Now are you telling me that that jury was wrong???

2172 days ago


To #40 orchidgirlFl, great post! I also read the book and the prosecution simply did not do their job. I watched the trial too and knew he would never be convicted just by the actions of Judge Ito, who was so damn star struck it was pathetic, a prosecution team who had no idea what they were doing and a defense team who played the lowest card of all in a court room, the race card. I disagreed 100% with the first trial in the Rodney King beating. That was sickening but it certainly did not cause me to run out and riot in the streets. The wheels of justice are not perfect. Simpson, #11 cookie, was found not guilty...he was not found innocent of the crime. And please tell us how he has spent his life since then searching for the murderers of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson? On golf courses and partying . Before you judge the Goldman family you need to think a little. Did you see the pictures of Ron Goldman, meaning his death photos? You tell us how in the hell you would deal with something like that if it were your son or brother. It is easy for you to say forgiveness, but think about it. Theur son was butchered fighting for his very life. And did you know that when the baliff read the verdict that Johnny Cochrane turned to Fred Goldman and his daughter Kim and said "gotcha". Simpson has been fool enough to think after getting away with cold blooded murder he could get away with anything....the wheels of justice may turn slowly but they do turn. #11 cookie, before you judge the Goldman's and any other family who has been victimized by brutal crimes such as murder you need to look at it from the victims families point of view and hoe to hell you are never called upon the see and identify the remains of a loved one like the Goldman and Brown families have had to do.

2172 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    


2172 days ago

pattie in cali    

omg this man needs to pay for what he has done, no more free passes, i feel really bad for his childern, but!!!!!! his time has come, when someone has something that belongs to you, YOU GO TO THE POLICE, and do it the right way,
you can't hold people against their will. oj grow the hell up. you are not the man you were, you think your the juice, but you are trash, you have done this all on your own, you haven't even thought of your kids, its all about you, YOU PAY YOU PAY, ITS TIME TO PAY UP, BLESSINGS TO ALL YOU HAVE HURT, you make me sick ,

2172 days ago





2171 days ago


#1 said it all.

2171 days ago
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