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Dead MTV Star's Mom: Don't Cut My Daughter Out!

12/7/2008 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kandice hutchinsonThe mother of Kandice Hutchinson -- the "Double Shot at Love" star who died in a car accident -- is telling MTV thanks but no thanks for cutting her daughter's craziest moments from the show.

Valerie Campbell told us she's not happy MTV edited out scenes of Kandice's most outrageous moments -- something MTV did out of respect for the family -- because she says that's just how her daughter was, and that's how she wants to see her.

One thing Valerie is grateful to MTV for: The fruit basket they sent her.

Kandice died in a car accident in October -- after a driver rear-ended her, causing her to be ejected from her car.


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arte help    

Tragic that they die so young.

2146 days ago


I wonder if MTV will add the footage back in or if they will keep the version that was edited after she died?

2146 days ago


I think as a parent the last thing on mind would be MTV editing parts about my daughter. Even the greiving process is commercialized by some today..

2146 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

Her mom sounds as trashy as the daughter looks.. MTV is such a joke

2146 days ago


and to think... if this girl had only been wearing her seat belt... she's not have been ejected and would still be alive today!


2146 days ago


I would think this would be the last thing on a parents mind, she sounds as shallow as her slutty daughter.

2146 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

Too bad she didn't land on her chest, she would have just bounced back up to her feet :D

2146 days ago


5. and to think... if this girl had only been wearing her seat belt... she's not have been ejected and would still be alive today!


Posted at 11:05AM on Dec 7th 2008 by ferraripryncess
I agree that seat belts should always be worn, but she was s.o.l. anyway because the car burst into flames.

2146 days ago



2146 days ago

fire nina    


Where are you getting your story from? Because I'm pretty sure it was stated that SHE rear ended someone, they moved out of the way for her to PLOW through, and all she ended up doing was LOSING control and plowing into a median and ejecting to the other side.

So out of respect for the family, why don't you get your story straight. Or are you trying to make her look like less off a drunk who effed up and ended up dead.

You make it sound so tragic. She chose to drink and drive. Consequences for her actions just so happened to be death.


2146 days ago

Your name:    

Yeah, when is TMZ going to get this story straight?

2146 days ago


okay this IS sad and all but... who the f*ck are the ikki twins????!!!!

2146 days ago


The Ikki twins are icky. They a twins that are bi and are this season's Shot at Love herpes carriers. I don't care how hot they are. w#0ring yourself on television is never classy.

Oh well, nobody over 25 watches MTV anyway.

2146 days ago

Valerie Campbell    

First, I want to say thank you to everyone and anyone that has posted or said nice things about my daughter:) For those who have directed or said mean and ugly things about her I can only say may God Bless You and I pray for you, I honestly feel sorry for you. My daughter was a beautiful young woman inside and out. I know my daughter was not an angel but she was an honest, genuine, kind, and good person and she knew God. Appearances can be deceiving and you can't judge a book by its cover. She was not one to put on an act or be something that she was not. She was and still is one of my 3 beautiful girls that are the center of my world! The fact that I am not happy about Double Shot At Love editing out some of her more outrageous scenes is because MTV told TMZ that they had been in contact with my family and I and there has not been any contact. I told TMZ that MTV did send a basket of fruits and etc. with a very nice card and I thought that was nice of them. Bottom line is, I'm upset at the fact that they (MTV) said they have been in contact with my family and I and they haven't.
As for the number 3 ( No Mind ) comment. Nobody in my family is commercializing any grief. My family is my number one priority and even though Kandi is no longer here with us physically, she is still in our hearts and thoughts every day. This article was brought to my attention and I felt the need to address it. I don't want anything edited or taken out but if MTV chooses to do so then so be it. I say this because I know Kandi wouldn't want any of her clips or scenes edited and I am only doing what she would want.
Number 4 comment ( yepz ), You obviously have issues, maybe insecurities or jealousy? That is very unfortunate for you! God Bless You.
Number 5 comment ( ferraripryncess ) It has not been confirmed that she was not wearing her seatbelt. There is a very strong possibility that she was wearing it!
Number 6 comment ( Zelda ) Same thing as I said to number 3's comment. I don't care what you think or say about me and my daughter wouldn't either, but I see you as a very cowardice and cruel person to say what you did about my daughter, God Bless Your Poor Soul.
Number 9 comment ( Charliesmom ) You obviously didn't know my daughter nor do you know me!
Number 10 comment ( fire nina ) The accident is still being investigated and I can tell you for a fact, she did not rear end the other vehicle that was involved ( I have seen her car ). Another thing, my daughter was not a drunk!! She had an equivalent of 6 beers over a seven hour period and my daughter would not drive drunk. Thank you for the first sentence in paragraph 2, but maybe you need to get your information straight before you say she PLOWED through and LOST control of her car statement!! Don't believe everything you read. God Bless You.
I did not write this to start anything I just really wish that the people who did not know my daughter and regardless of what you think of her to stop saying mean and ugly things about her. If you can't say anything nice, don't say it at all. Treat people the way you want to be treated. A lot of times what you give is what you get back! May God Bless Everyone:)

Valerie Campbell

2146 days ago

a friend    

Have some respect!!! Her mom wants her remembered the way she really was. Kandi was a bit crazy at times but she was an amazing person. To us who knew her, we knew how she was and we loved her for it. Stop the jealous comments and they shouldn't cut anything out....if Kandi did it on the show then she wanted it to be shown. We miss you Kandi!

2146 days ago
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