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Dallas: We Don't Want Avery's Sloppy Seconds

12/14/2008 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In hockey, you can get a five-minute penalty for fighting, two minutes for high-sticking -- and thrown off your team for making lewd comments about Elisha Cuthbert.
Sean Avery & Elisha Cuthbert
The Dallas Stars say Sean Avery will not be rejoining the team after serving a six-game suspension, saying: "All parties said there is a clear understanding that a return to the Stars is not in the best interest of either the hockey club or Avery."

Avery was originally suspended for his "sloppy seconds" comment about his ex girlfriend, Elisha, that he made to the media during practice.

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I could see if he had called them c#nts, but this is just ridiculous.

2117 days ago


i agree w/a previous post, that Elisha person must be related to a NHL official. Given her history, isn't she "sloppy seconds" x's a million?? to include Paris Hilton? i mean come on, it's not as if she was a class act we're talking about here. The Stars should have thrown out Avery for another reason, not this......

2117 days ago


Please! Why doesn't that ho keep her tainted snatch away from the league. Can't she find a date or benefactor in another sport. Politicians do worse things and do not lose their jobs or get impeached. Since when was the NHL the champion of gracious behavior. Please, you would think they were tennis officials!

2117 days ago


#14 - Dumb Cherry a hockey god and most powerful man in Canada? Really? Sez who? He's nothing but a loudmouth xenophobe with nothing interesting to say! hockey night in toronta should of gotten rid of him and his brainless sycophant sidekick ron mcclean instead of losing the rights to their theme music. Way to go cbc for keeping dumb and dumber and dumping the iconic piece of music. Btw the new one sounds like the theme from the 80's show "Dallas"! Keep up the crappy work! As far as sean avery is concerned, eventually some owner is going to be stupid enough to think they're going to be in need of the services and sign him and regret it. Hey, Bertuzzi's still playing and he did something alot worse.

2117 days ago


What people need to understand is that they aren't throwing him off the team just for this. He's gotten into sticky situations like this in the past...hes a ticking time bomb and the stars know it. They're smart for getting rid of him before he can bring more shame to the team.

2117 days ago


is this story true? did he really get punished for saying "sloppy seconds"...? WOW, I am so glad we live in a country where there is freedom of speech....or....

2117 days ago


Is this hockey or hollywood? Did he check the chick or high stick her? HIs comments allowthough not so kind were between the two of them, not the hocky commision or anyone else.His personal life has nothing to do with the hockey game .I would have told the board to stick it pun intended!!!!!

2117 days ago


he's an ass....deserve what he gets

2117 days ago


The only reason he was on the team in the 1st place was because he was friends with Brett Hull one of the owners for non hockey people. His punishment was so steep because his was told not to talk to the media regarding the game that was to take place and went ahead and did it. The NHL had been looking for a reason to suspend him and he gave them one. He deserves it when the NHL has to make a rule because of you and your actions on the ice you deserve what you get.

2117 days ago


I always knew Avery was a big fat ZERO, and now this story just confirms it (ROFLMAO!!!) The worthless piece of sh*t got what he deserved!!!


2116 days ago


He might be a jerk.
Hey, what happened to FREE SPEECH.
Where is there a ACLU.

2116 days ago


Hes an ignorant pig.
>Nuff said.

2116 days ago


Lots of jobs and professions have codes of ethics and conducts in their contracts and that is not a bad thing. I am a former teacher and we had one. Sure we have freedom of speech but just because you can say it doesn't always mean you should. I fully believe in freedom of speech but you have to understand there is always consequences for things you say. He has been warned time and time again.

2116 days ago


What happened to free speech?? Are you serious?? If you are told by your employer to shut it, you shut it. If you can't, then you are sent packing. I don't hear a lot (none actually) of Dallas fans crying that he's gone.

2116 days ago


i cant even bother to read all these comments but it needs to be said again (thankfully there are people on here who got it right) IF YOU FOLLOW HOCKEY THEN YOU KNOW THIS IS NOT A ONE INCIDENT THING. IT WAS A PATTERN OF BEHAVOIR GOING BACK MANY MANY MANY YEARS. THIS WAS THE LAST STRAW PEOPLE GOOGLE HIM LEARN A THING OR TWO. damn

2116 days ago
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