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Osbourne Attacks

Crying and Stains Ensue

1/5/2009 4:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some of the good stuff was definitely left on the cutting room floor -- but last night VH1 aired the fight between Sharon Osbourne and "Charm School" chick Megan Hauserman, and it got nasty.

Sharon Osbourne: Click to watch
Osbourne went ballistic when Megan dissed Ozzy, but what they didn't show was Sharon ripping at Hauserman's hair extensions or the bikini-clad girl's trip to the hospital the next day, where she filed a police report with the LAPD.

One thing is clear -- trash Sharon all you want, just leave Ozzy out of it.


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Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Sharon and Ozzy Osborne, and their spawn, are all Brit-Trash. I say confine the whole stinking lot to their crummy little island.

2084 days ago


I'd stand in line for days, brave snow, sleet, hail, or whatever, go without food & water, and give my last thin dime, just to shake Sharon Osbourne's hand. A beatdown of that dirty b*%ch Megan has been a long time coming! Bravo Sharon!!

2084 days ago



That was simple on sharon's part. She was showing " simple tendencies". So what. I like megan ! FROM WAYYYYYY BACK.

From I LOVE MONEY she was a schemer and she admitted it. What she said about sharon osborne, while was classless and raunchy, just might be true. What has she done other than hold onto a man who admittedly cheated on her every chance he put the mic down on tour? Well she did hold on ! If i'm not mistaken the WHOLE family, including pets, have been through rehab. SO what? DID SHE LIE? NOPE ! She was being her normal rauchy self and she don't apoligize for it. That what i like about megan. AND SHE"S TOOO FUNNY. come on. goofy chick rolling around in a bikini all day with a lil' dog? Pure entertainment fun! I will be watching her show

I hope she doe sue her. Sharon was up on the stage with the "rodeo" ( don't eve.....) chick and was letting her talk fly and then she is going to co-sign on what the manly looking chick said? Sharon shouldn't have said anything if she didn't ant her to say anything back.

It's retarded and ignorant to think you can talk to comeone any way nd not expect them to say anything back to you. ME? She would have needed her kids AND mad groupies to pull me off her. AARP is sending a letter of shame this very moment.

2084 days ago

Too funny in TC    

You go Sharon! Megan is NASTY, and I hear she is getting her own reality show, I hope she gets a taste of her own medicine soon, very soon. Nobody should ever diss family. Hmmm, I wonder what Megans family thinks about her?

2084 days ago


There is no way that was staged! Megan is way too into herself to agree to get her ass beat on National TV. Only a moron would feel sorry for her. She's ugly, trashy, and needs to go to rehab already!!

2084 days ago



2084 days ago


Love Sharon, you have to give her credit for doing that... Like she said you can **** with me , but not my family.

2084 days ago


To the likes of STEPH and others on here that feel Sharon is now a star, TRUST she is soooooo sorry about her lack of better judgment today. You sound like a 20 something who still thinks anything goes, well kids, at 50 something we have learned that not everything goes.

Her PEERS are laughing at her. That is the group she is truly needing to be concerned with. Not the kiddies on this site. To be in her age group and behave this way makes her low class fool. To read the posts on here and NOT hide her head in a hole makes her 14 years old like a lot of you it seems.

You are a grown up with adult kids, ACT LIKE IT! Be a example for once. Remember, you are to teach your kids not to put their hands on other people, let alone a cat fight when you are a granny. Wow. Oh and STEPH, I'M SUPPOSE TO BE THE IDIOT??!!

What, were ya'll raised by Jerry Springer? Class real class. Fighting it out with a youngster. Takes all kinds. I'll stick by my post thanks.

2084 days ago


I am soooo upset i missed it i have to watch it tonight I wanted to see megan get her a*s kicked so bad I do not like her she is a terrible person I hate to judge but the only thing nice she has ever done is to her DOG and she is a mess

2084 days ago


What meagan said was rude, however Sharon has a lot of nerve always talking about woman being hoes and sluts. Ozzie was married when Sharon hooked up with him and was his "mistress" for a minute before his wife finally got tired of him cheating. They were broke because sharon's dad was pissed at her for that and cut her off. So granted she is a savvy business woman, but she is still rude, disrepectful and use to be like those girls so she should lay off a bit.

2084 days ago


I loved every minute of it. i actually liked megan on beauty and the geek because she really seemed liked she changed. After seeing her on rock of love and I love money i realized some poeple never change. Ive been waiting for her to get a beat down since her antics on ILM. Bravo Sharon...finally. I dont see her new show having many viewers.

2084 days ago


fake, Fake, FAKE, F A K E

2084 days ago


Megan's hair was already a mess on her right side , before she even sat down on stage. Obviously, it was rehearsed.

2084 days ago


Sharon, honey, get prepared to pay that blond chick some money, because you are TOTALLY screwed! Breaking out your can of female whoop-ass on somebody is one thing. But in front of a camera that's recording it for anybody (i.e. the police) to watch? Stupid move, girl. You should've gotten VH-1 to erase that sutff.

That bitch, in any case, deserved what she got, so I guess it was worth it.

2084 days ago


Megan deserved it! I am sure she has had her ass kicked before.. she is a total slut and she is PURE TRASH just like Brandi C, they are both idiots! GO SHARON!

2084 days ago
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