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Kid Rock Tells Judge to Suck It!

1/8/2009 10:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just like in his song "Cowboy," Kid Rock's only words of wisdom to the judge who sentenced him -- "Suck my d..." We're talking about the judge who told him performing for the troops in Iraq was not valid community service.

Kid Rock: Click to watch
The American Badass already posted the judge's name, work number and address on his website to get his fans to complain -- and now he's got a challenge for the dude: How 'bout you go to Iraq for a while if you're such a badass.

Kid has to complete 80 hours of community service by this February as part of his sentencing for that Waffle House beatdown in '07.


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Rocco and David    

Show a little respect, Kid Kock. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. What a nice example he is.....NOT

2114 days ago


rock on dude....expose that jerk!!!

2114 days ago


Used to like him but have begun to realize what a tool he is. And watching him on that peoples choice award with
the dark shades on INSIDE, AT NIGHT, just confirmed it.

2114 days ago


I agree with the judge on this one. He performed these concerts because he wanted to, not because he told he had to. If he didn't want to go to Iraq, then he shouldn't have gone. These celebrities just dont get it? They don't get to choose what kind of services they need to be punished for.

I'm sure the troops were glad to see him, but Kid Rock needs to grow up and take his punishment like a man and not a spoiled celebrity.

2114 days ago


Kid Rock has done more for our troops then most politicians or citizens. If this guy wants to boost morral, then woohoo! for him AND us. Our men and women in uniform deserve some entertainment now and again, don't you think?? But this judge has a different view of our troops. Let them go without, thats his mentality. Give Kid some credit for doing this. And the idiot at the Waffle House , maybe they need some community service too. Judge , theres a bigger picture here, you need to realize this is not about YOU!

2114 days ago


Let them go without, thats his mentality.

No it's not you fool. His mentality is that of a judge and handing out punishments. Kid did the crime, he should do the time, and not something that's convenient for him because he already did it.

2114 days ago


I am on the fence on this one. He is wonderful to entertain our men and women (thus our community), yet I am not sure if the community hours were supposed to be either in the state he was sentenced in or not. Like him or not (i am the later), he does stand up for his principles.

2114 days ago


He should have to do more community service for playing his horrible music for the troops. He's just trash.

2114 days ago

Jeter fan    

I say, good for you Kid Rock. I think it is wonderful for him to support the troops and perform for them. I don't like the judge's comment. It was ignorant. Keep up the great work you do, Kid.

2114 days ago


not a jackass... rock on, Rock...

2114 days ago


love you, kid! rock on you american badass! ;-)

2114 days ago


He must be taking BITCH PILLS because he seems to be on the RAG all the time.

2114 days ago

Good for Her    

Go Kid! U have a very valid point! Caught your show last April- most fun show ever! Can't wait till you bring it back around!

2114 days ago

DingDong DingDong    

To hell with this community service crap for these celebrities.

Put the bastards in jail with the populous and they will see how badass they really are.

It's sickening how the courts treat these people.

2114 days ago

Kic Shlock    

Kid Rock is a whiney punk bitch! Do your 80hrs and shut the f up!

2114 days ago
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