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Kid Rock Tells Judge to Suck It!

1/8/2009 10:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just like in his song "Cowboy," Kid Rock's only words of wisdom to the judge who sentenced him -- "Suck my d..." We're talking about the judge who told him performing for the troops in Iraq was not valid community service.

Kid Rock: Click to watch
The American Badass already posted the judge's name, work number and address on his website to get his fans to complain -- and now he's got a challenge for the dude: How 'bout you go to Iraq for a while if you're such a badass.

Kid has to complete 80 hours of community service by this February as part of his sentencing for that Waffle House beatdown in '07.


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i've seen men that run meth kitchens that look cleaner than him

2059 days ago


Didn't have time to read all the posts, but...

Am I the only one who thinks the biggest issue here is the fact that he posted the judge's contact information on his website? It's a long shot, but what if some nut job fan decided to "take revenge"? To anyone who thinks fans don't do crazy things, I've got a name for you...John Hinckley.

No problems with that? Post YOUR contact information.

2059 days ago


This is one kid who need his ass spanked.


Actually, if you know anything about him, he is a spoiled rich boy....not the 'street guy' he pretends to be.


2059 days ago

Rourke Hater    

Kid Rock is nothing more than a loudmouth jerk. AKA "professional sh*t disturber. Why can't this butthole just go do his freeway cleanup with Michelle Rodrigues? I gotta say, I really dislike fools like this guy. Everywhere he goes he has to try to stir up trouble. Give me 10 minutes alone with him and I am willing to be he changes his tune real fast... He didn't offer to go to Iraq for any other purpose than to get out of having to pick up trash. He shows no respect for our troop in his offer and should be whipped...

2059 days ago


I wonder how Kid Rock would feel if I posted his home address on TMZ for you all to have? He lives in my fiancee's parent's neighborhood in Clarkston, Michigan. I bet he wouldn't find it as humorous then would he?

2059 days ago


It was his choice to entertain the troups and he should do it out of the goodness of his heart not expect something out of it. Suck in the lip and do your time Kid, badass I don't think so, or he wouldn't whine so much about working for a few hours.

2059 days ago


# 45... I agree 100% with you, when he listed the Judges home addres and personal information he puts that judge and his family in danger of some crazy person with a grudge. I doubt the judge has his own personal securtiy team to keep away the crazy people. Kid Rock is a jerk and I hope the Judge uses the law to teach him a lesson. There has to be some kind of ramification for what hes done

2059 days ago


15. If kid rock thinks himself as such a bad ass why does he just not do the jail time and stop crying like a little bit**.

Posted at 10:13AM on Jan 8th 2009 by Just a Bill

I couldn't have said it any better, for sure. I agree 1000%! He thinks he is a tough guy, eh? He's delusional, and should take his Midol.

2059 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

If the judge receives any credible threats because of this and needs an enhanced security detail, Kid should be made to pay for it. We have laws against obstructing governmental administration and harassment.

He has done zero hours of his sentence, and February's almost here. Tick-tock, bozo.

2059 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Stop whinning already and do the douche-bag....I hope the judge comes to his senses and locks your azz up for a few days...Oh and by the way...if he does, dont one will try to make you grab your ankles...after dismounting from that skank....(Pam) whewwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

2059 days ago


I cannot stand this guy! He's ugly, ignorant and has that horrible greasy looking stringy hair. EEEwwwww God, where's the attraction? Not a big surprise he disrespected a Judge this way. He has no class and no manners. I don't believe
how any women find this ass_ _ _ _ attractive or cool. Talk about Fugly. Go away little spoiled, nasty mouth kid rock.
Still can't believe Pam Anderson dated this ick.

2059 days ago


Im glad the judge told him NO!! Kid Rock obviously doesnt hear NO enough and singing to the troops is not community service....that is PERFORMING for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He needs to do something to teach him a lesson or two in being humble and acting like a responsible adult. Doing what he not gong to do anything. I wish when the big mouth told the judge to "suck it" the judge would have thrown him in Jail for a long time and THEN told him when he gets out he can do double Community service than digging ditches,, rocking crack babies, cleaning toilets in a shelter, picking up trash somewhere...I could have thought of PLENTY of things for this MOUTH to do.

2059 days ago


The person who committed the crime doesn't decide what community service is, the judge does.
KR needs to grow up and act like a man, not a spoiled brat.

2059 days ago


You Go Kid We Love You.. That Judge was Being Ignorant.. I Really Appreciate what you do for our troops.. And You Have The Greatest Music out there. and I am sure the Troops Appreciate you too.
Love you Always Your #1 Fan Brenda:) Keep On Kid Rockin' In The free World
And For the Number..the jerk at the Waffle House Needs to do some time.

2059 days ago


What I Mean is Why Would Kid Rock Have any thing to do with nasty Ho Pam Anderson.. Especially After Tommy Lee And Hep C that is just Nasty!!!!

2059 days ago
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