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War Over Peter Falk

1/21/2009 4:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Peter Falk's wife and daughter now have squared off over who should be taking care of Columbo.

Falk's adopted daughter, Catherine Falk, filed legal papers last month claiming Falk has dementia and Alzheimer's and can't care for himself. She wants a court to appoint her conservator.

Now, in legal papers filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, Falk's wife, Shera, expressed shock at Catherine's audacity. She claims Catherine has had a bad relationship with Peter and even sued him in 1992. She says Peter has never even met Catherine's children nor did he attend her wedding.

Shera, who's been married to Peter for 31 years, claims she provides constant care for Peter and that he's "happy and healthy under the current conditions at home..." Shera does not want a conservatorship because she claims it creates a "stigma".

And Shera included a sworn declaration from the late Johnny Carson's wife. Joanna Carson says Shera always has been there for Peter, adding, "Shera always made it a point to cook for Peter. Italian was his favorite so she always made sure to have a meal ready for him when he got home." She adds Peter liked her Italian cooking so much he wanted her to make the meal for their wedding at the Bev Hills Hotel. She did not.


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PEPSI Generation    

MOBsterSS need defence from do gooders?.A millionare needs joe blow?.

2067 days ago


*WANDERING the streets* is what I meant.

2067 days ago


Peter Falk would feel SO loved and cared for if he was compos mentis enough to be aware of all the family feuding going on over his Estate. Money brings out the worst in a dysfunctional family.

He was marvelous in "Columbo".

2067 days ago

Old School    

talk about Old Dudes, it looks like whenever i tune into tmz on tv Harvey's hair seems to be receding more and more and MORE and pretty soon he's gonna be an Old Dude! How old is Harvey anyhow like 45, 50, 55? he's an old dude too!
Hey and could u use a worse Picture of peter falk ? At least on, Perez treats peter falk with dignity and uses a great picture of him while reporting this story instead of the trashy picture here so Tmz and Old Dude should use a little bit of Dignity with Peter and Old dude Harvey give us a break and get someone younger in to do the show.

2067 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Same as he has been his WHOLE life= mobsterSS only know how to mobhord.Same pattern as since when he started nothing really changes Glad they pooped his eye OUT before he could hurt anyone and glad they stopped his double.

2067 days ago


what a slime doggie the daughter is - Falk should be evaluated & if determined to be incapable, the wife should be named conservator NOT THE DAUGHTER.

2067 days ago


Same SOS

2067 days ago


Married 31 years and she is taking care of him in his time of need? Shera is his full and complete partner, and should make major decisions for her husband in his stead. I believe children have rights when it comes to their parents, but not the right to make decisions for them in the case of a parent who has had a loving, dependable, committed partner of over a quarter century.

2067 days ago


I ended up having round the clock caretakers for my mother who had Alzheimer's. In the end she didn't know anyone, but her routine was still there and that was all that mattered. She deserved to have her wishes met. When we had a doctor and staff come to the house to assess the situation, they told me that she had better care at home than most places. We had televisions in each toom, alarm system on each door, three shifts of people who came in every day and each one knew what to do. We were lucky. When my father ended up having Parkinson's, the people ended up staying with him too. We were very blessed. But, it's draining emotionally and financially, but in the end, their wishes were met.

2067 days ago


Is the daughter nutz? Why would she even suspect she'd be given say-so over her father's health/estate? She sounds like a gold digger to me...and how shameful that she's trying to dig daddy.

2067 days ago


regardless, where was the daughter before he got sick? when he could speak his mind? is there anything in writing stating he would ever want to be in her care? i highly doubt it.

2067 days ago


peter already has a conservator-she is called WIFE!!!!!!! inless something happens to shera,god forbid,daughter adopted or not has no say in any thing.

2067 days ago

Frieda Jane    

IMO the only thing that the daughter wants to havae charge of is the money. She does not want to care for him as hsi wife has been doing. Shame on her and I also hope that the courts do not buy her act.

2067 days ago


He has been married to his wife for 31yrs therefore the daughter has no right to seek conservatorship because his wife is alive and his spouse. It amazes me when a family remember remembers their loved one only when they see dollar signs.

2067 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

It`s all a hollywood PR crap-shoot.

2067 days ago
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