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"Idol" Judges Lack Southern Hospitality

1/22/2009 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The judges on "American Idol" need to learn a little sumthin' about their southern slang -- before they crush another innocent gent.

A contestant on last night's episode was given a quick "no" from all four judges and on his way out told them, "Take care and be careful ... in whatever you do."

All the judges took the remark as a threat -- but in actuality, odd as it may be, "be careful" is a common parting expression in some areas of the south.

After Paula's ordeal with a stalker, it's easy to see how the judges might be a little overly defensive.


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Trey h    

1st. What a bunch of jerks. They have no Idea we live actual lives. We are just a bunch of hicks to these judges

2097 days ago

d to the izzle    

That show is a joke.

2097 days ago


i am a southern gal and i tell people that all the time... "ya'll be careful"

2097 days ago


They were being so dumb! I felt bad for that guy. He was being very sincere and seemed confused by their concern. I say "be safe" all the time to be people. Is that a threat, too? Geez....

2097 days ago


I'm southern and I always tell my loved ones and friends to be careful. I thought the judges were way off base with this one.

2097 days ago


I thought the same thing. Here in the south, people say "y'all be careful" all the time. The contestant seemed quite sweet actually, and he looked stunned to me when they said that was a threat. He didn't sing that badly, just picked a bad yodelly song. I feel for the guy.

2097 days ago


If it was me I would have thought the same thing they did, he looked sweet and innocent.... until they told him no way. I'm not from the south, and at least 3 of the other judges aren't (apparently Randy Jackson has forgotten his southern roots) so to me it sounds like a threat as well. Maybe they wouldn't have to worry about "being careful" if Simon wasn't such a pompous ass to everyone.

2097 days ago

southern girl    

Those judges were RUDE to that poor guy. I am from Texas and on a daily basis I tell people to "be careful". I think the judges should apologize to him.

2097 days ago


Y'all be careful is a SOUTHERN term of endearment! More than anything it just shows how "out of touch" they are! Paula probably more than the rest! ; )

2097 days ago


First thing...PAULA is an idiot.......and Simon is following right behind her if he thinks that comment was meant to be a threat.

It's typical of southern people to say "be careful". I used to like this show. Not so much anymore. It pisses me off that Paula made such a big deal about it all...anything for ratings I suppose.

Note to Randy...being from Louisiana YOU should have came to that young man's defense.

2097 days ago


It's unfortunate the way the stalker situation ended up with Paula, however that doesn't give her the right to be a total bitch to people. She was 100% out of line for the way she treated this guy because he honestly had no idea he had said anything "wrong." Paula's recent behavior is obviously to impress Kara. She should get her Rx refill and go back to la-la land.

2097 days ago


It was extremely rude! I felt horrible for him. Paula’s a bitch!

2097 days ago


Poor guy.
The thing is that Paula didn't know about the stalker ODing outside of her house until Hollywood week. At this point she's just being way nervous.
It's southern hospitality, I felt bad for the kid.

2097 days ago


Here in the south, the roads are very hilly and you can't see over the next hill or around the next curve. Add to that the deer and dogs that run loose, the slow moving hay trucks, farm equipment and tobacco trucks. Saying, "Be careful." is a genuine parting expression most people here use. If a country boy was threatening someone, there would be no question about his intentions. I also agree with the comment that if Simon wasn't such an ass, he wouldn't need to worry about threats.

2097 days ago


We just moved to a southern state last year. A lot of the locals will say "You be careful" instead of "Goodbye" or "see you later" It is just a form of concern but also a way of saying farewell. I didn't see the IDOL audition (funny, I've lost interest in the thing) but I expect there was a huge misunderstanding and overreaction to a well-meaning vernacular expression.

I just hope their collective tighty whities are no longer in a big bunch...

2097 days ago
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