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"Gossip Girl" Saved -- XOXO

1/23/2009 3:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A judge just ruled Kelly Rutherford can take her kid to NYC while she films "Gossip Girl."

Kelly Rutherford: Click to watch
The judge said Kelly can go on Sunday and her estranged hubby Daniel Giersch is free to travel there as well. He had argued he needed to stay in L.A. to do his business, but the judge begged to differ. Daniel told the court he will travel to New York.

Rutherford filed for divorce on December 30. She is also pregnant.

Giersch was awarded two overnight visits per week for the month of February and three per week for March. They all need to come back to L.A. for a minimum of four days, at least twice. During the L.A. stays, Hermes will alternate between the two parents.

The judge also ruled 2-year-old Hermes will bounce between NYC and L.A. for the next two months while the feuding couple tries to hash out a long-term custody arrangement. Good luck.


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This could not have been the woman hating judge Lefkowitz. She is an awful unprofessional judge.

2098 days ago


They named their child Hermes???!!! Amazing.

2098 days ago


I dont know about you....but Im sick of hearing about thiz broad!!!

2098 days ago


Hermes?? Enough with the idiotic baby names!

2098 days ago


Is the child she is pregnant with his?

2098 days ago


This is the first time I heard that she was preggers

2098 days ago


I heard that she says she is still nursing. My doctor told me that I had to stop nursing when I was expecting my third child. The infant was 5 months old at the time.

I think at two he should be weaned and that she is just trying to use that as an reason.....

2098 days ago


Gizmo you need help trying to stick your nose into other peoples business.. Since when is it your concern when mothers stop nursing? It's not. You aren't there doctor, and you aren't them or their child. It's between the child and mother and doctor. So stfu ok? You are no expert on the subject, most people aren't. It really is up to the child and mother. Some kids nurse till they are 4 and the only people that think that is wrong are people that are stuck in today's standards of wrong and right and can't form their own opinion because they are brainwashed. So, on that note, you are not worth wasting anymoore time on. Goodbye simple minded fool.

2098 days ago


GREAT decision judge! What an idiot! Once again who suffers? Not the idiot parents who cant get it together for their child! If her child was that important she would quit the show and move to LA to not uproot his life. Poor kid being shufled between parents and states. What selfish aholes these 2 are!

2098 days ago


WOW. Since when is this not a free country, I do not think it is ok to breast feed your child till they are four or five. I did breatt feed all three of my kids till they were two. Once they can ask for food its to long. And I never said I was a expert, but I did mention that my doctor ( who is an expert) said its not safe for the unborn child. So talk about sticking your nose in, get a life..........and learn to spell.....

2098 days ago


Unless you are not in good health or are having a difficult pregnancy you can nurse a child while pregnant. The milk might change and the child may not want it anymore, but if you and the fetus are healthy, no worries about health. There is also no need to stop breast-feeding until the child is ready to. Just because he can eat some food doesn't always mean you should wean. Usually the child decides when he's had enough.

The husband sounds like a lying wanker.

2098 days ago


"Concerned Citizen" is an idiot. Gizmo's right. There is NO reason to be breastfeeding a child old enough to eat regular foods. And although, some freaks do it until the child is 4 or 5 and beyond, they are just sick and doing it for their own, twisted reasons. And yes, breastfeeding while pregnant can cause a miscarriage. It's not terribly common, but it is a risk nonetheless. I like how these breastfeeding zealots who breastfeed older children like to blame their child (like Kelly does) "Oh, I'll do it until he's ready to stop.".... when it's so obvious that it's mommy who just can't let go. These are the same moms who you see wiping their 10 year old kid's nose at the playground. Maybe (and it's pretty obvious in Kelly's case) hubby isn't providing the "attention" she craves, so a woman will hang on to breastfeeding as long as possible just so she can feel needed...

2097 days ago

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