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Loses Sobriety Battle


1/27/2009 11:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

AJ McLean is a recovering alcoholic -- so it was heartbreaking to see the Backstreet Boy stumbling out of the Key Club last night, appearing to be wasted out of his mind.

AJ McLean: Click to watch
As McLean nearly falls into the street, one of his friends calls him out -- right out in the middle of Hollywood -- emotionally confronting the guy who went to rehab for alcohol and cocaine abuse in 2001... and again in 2002.

Witnesses inside the Key Club say they saw McLean taking shots and drinking beers during the show. After the confrontation, McLean's friends forced him into a cab and sent him home.

McLean was reportedly six years sober in 2008. Calls to McLean's rep have not yet been returned.


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KimL.A.~West (kimasabe)    

YES #2 poster.... he just needs to get back on his AA program. He has been following hard-core for years, with much sponsor contact, but..... as they say, each day there's a new battle. And #20 poster? L.A. has been a healthier place for him to live the past years (since 2002) than Orlando.... alcohol can find you anywhere. For all the non-Backstreet Fans here.... BSB have been globally touring heavy duty since 2006 & will journey down to South America & Mexico starting in February. Guessing he was blowing off steam and he will bounce back. His real friends will help him with this, and his millions of supporters globally will be here for him always, hoping for his health & happiness. Through thick and thin.

1993 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

I want that fat chick covered with tattoos. She is the finest hanger-on I've ever seen. A true vision of beauty. Oh, yeah - I'd hit any holes and folds she's got. He is definitely surrounded by the finest tail now.

1993 days ago


may i ask why the stupid GF would go on TMZ and call him out on it... what a stupid b*tch- i wanna hit her !!!!!

1993 days ago


that was so hard to watch...anyone who is a bsb/was a bsb fan, knows what he's gone through and to see his sobriety just tossed down the drain sucks...i just really feel bad for him...and like everyone has said, why would his friends let him drink?!?!? i know only aj has control over what he does with his life, but come on..... maybe they tried to stop him who knows...either way its still sad and i hope that this is just a one time slip up and that he gets the help he needs. Good luck A.J!

1993 days ago


alcoholism is a destructive force. it ruins not only the drunks life, but those close to them. my father died from abusing it (liver cancer) and my sister is killing herself, as i speak with it.
i sat at my fathers death bed, caring for him, cleaning him/his diapers, trying to keep him comfortable in his tormented state and administering his pain shots. a once dynamic, intelligent business man, shruken to a skeleton and an emotionally damaged shell of what was. sadly, i may be doing this for my big sister down the road.

i have had to sever any ties with her, i couldn't take the insanity anymore. still today, some of her actions have a direct effect on my life, even though we do not speak. it trickles down through other family members, i.e. her children, when they come to me with their problems. our entire family has been torn apart over it. it is truly heartbreaking.

i hope this poor fellow gets help and gets back on track. so many are being hurt by his actions, along with his destruction of his own soul and self.

1993 days ago


ditch the skanks....

1993 days ago


his "friends" seem like they are more interested in getting their 30 seconds on camera than getting him home safe. what a bunch of losers. where are his backstreet brothers when he needs them?

1993 days ago


I'm soo upset. I've been a BSB fan since 1997 when I was just 4 years old. I grew up with this guys. It's soo heartbreaking. I love A.J. He's a sweetheart! I met him a year ago in Lancaster Pennsylvania and told him how proud of him I was. He said, "Me too!" I just can't believe it. IT's soo true he needs to be around people who truly care about him. And for Nick at his party, yes he should of watched him, but maybe since it was his party he didn't. IDk. We just have to continue to pray for a.j. becuase who knows what might happen with the tour, his cd, the cd, or the future for them. Love ya Alex!

1993 days ago


I have been a BSB fan for 12 years. I love them to death and this video was extremely hard to watch. AJ is a wonderful, strong man. I know he can get through this. Clearly, he has messed up, but he will get past it. What he needs right now is some support from loved ones and fans. I'm sure he' s not much happier about his condition than anyone else.

Get better AJ!

1993 days ago


like this is news?
He was drunk so many times during the european tour last year... Already during the promo tour in 2007 he was drinking beer... so sorry tmz this is no news for us, the reall groupies *lol*

1993 days ago


I've been a BSB fan from the beginning and it really breaks my heart to see this, I hope he can come back from this; and I hope he finds better people to surround himself with because his so called "friends" aren't good for him and if they were truly friends they wouldn't have allowed this to even happen.

1993 days ago

Anna J.    

I have to agree with poster #36 (a.k.a. omgomgomg). He already has learned a lot in those years of recovery, so I don't think it'd all go to complete waste as long as he has support to pick himself back up again. But from time to time he has a possibility of relapsing and falling off the wagon. He needs to call some support, pick himself up again, and get back on the distinguished road of recovery. Getting support, and picking ones self out of relapse is very important here. I can say right now, I'm definitely not going to lie: especially as a BSB fan of 12 years, it hurts deeply to see him like this in the video. Because I care. I care that he can function, that he is happy with his life, has his health, and as for being a fan, I also care that his singing sounds as good as it did when I saw them in concert post-rehab back in '01. I really do care, wish him the best, and I'm pullin' for him. I really am.

1993 days ago

It's Me    

I love the comments about why was he there, why did his friends let him go, why did Nick let him drink. AJ is a grown man. He knows he's an alcoholic and drug addict, because recovery or no, once an addict/alcoholic, always an addict/alcoholic. It was his friend's birthday. Someone who's known AJ for more than half of Nick's life. If AJ wasn't feeling like he could handle going to the club, Nick would have understood, I'm sure. It sure would have been better for everyone involved, and Nick would have known that.

Bottom line, it's AJ's responsibility to say, "No, I can't do this", not Nick's, not HOwie's, not those girls he was with. AJ's.

1993 days ago


Whille it's obvious that he had to much to drink and some of the people he was with are questionable. He's a grown man that makes his own choices weather its the people around him, what he drinks ( or who he takes home) at least some one had the sense to put him in a cab vs him driving home Telling everyone that's your boyfriend of a month and he admitted to being an alcoholic (we knew that) and he buys you stuff and he's cool to you that's a one side relationship and next time (if there is one) get in the cab with him and be a girlfriend instead of a tell-all ex

1993 days ago


This is not new news. I was out with him in a city in Canada and he was definitely drinking then. We had a really good talk, his head is on his shoulders he's just falling off track a bit...

1993 days ago
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