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Neighbor to Ashton -- Butch It Up

1/29/2009 2:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton KutcherThe man who is building the house that caused Ashton Kutcher to melt down says the actor is acting "silly."

Bruce Goldsmith, a screenwriter, says he's "startled" that Kutcher went crazy this morning at 7:30 AM, complaining of noise at Goldsmith's construction site.

Goldsmith was quick to point out the city of L.A. allows him to start construction at 7:00 AM, and that Ashton "just doesn't want to deal with reality." Goldsmith says Ashton, who called him a "dickweed," a "jackass" and "owl feces cougar placenta," is "out of line." As Goldsmith says, "they don't make hammers covered with rubber."

Goldsmith finds it somewhat ironic that the house Kutcher lives in was built over a ten year period and neighbors had to deal with the noise.

He adds Kutcher has been pleasant in the past but has complained, with Goldsmith telling him he "can't do anything about the noise." He's been building the house for six months.

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fo real    


2094 days ago

Lady G    

Another spoiled celebutante.... if Ashton were building I am sure it would be fine.... but God forbid anyone ever disrupt Ashton's schedule. Kid's a joke. Only good film he has ever done is Butterfly Effect- idiot. Get back in your skivvies and work the runway, Ashton, we like your mouth better SHUT.

2094 days ago


"they don't make hammers covered with rubber."

Actually they do it's called a mallet.

2094 days ago


I'm going to throw up yet. I have to stop reading this before I have a metal breakdown.

WHO do they think they are? The gall.

Before either of them says another word, they need to go back to school and learn some grammer and spelling!!!

2094 days ago


awwwwwwwwwwwwww.....I just crack'd another 40...I hope when I come,thiz post will be on page 2...........

2094 days ago


Honestly I am getting so tired of celebrities it is time to revolt and start reading books again! They are spoiled and arrogant and foolish to think that their fans consider them anything more than puppets to entertain us. They need to get out of our faces unles they can play pretend and be a pleasant distraction from real Americans day to day problems. They need to stay out of politics and world affairs and quit spitting out their opinions on what is best for the commom folk. They are plastic for crying out loud, totally out of touch with reality and they are warped from a false sense of superiority! Revolt boycott HOLLYWOOD!

2094 days ago


What's wrong with this neighbor? Who gave hime the aurhority to start waking up babies that early in the morning? Don't he know that Demi was probably sleeping and didn't want to breast feed him? From now on....let's let sleeping babies sleep.

2094 days ago


Mr. Goldsmith should see if he can get the construction crew to begin its work day at 7am instead of 7:30am just b/c Ashton's being such a little butt hurt celeb cry baby.

2094 days ago


nothing brings me more joy than to know spoiled rotten celebrities like ashton kutcher and his grandma, demi moore, are being annoyed by things that the rest of us just have to live with. he's SUCH a raging attention whore. i hope the noise continues for as long as possible.

2094 days ago


Ashton's an idiot....poor baby gets to sleep in late while everyone else in America actually gets up and works. The noise ordinance for LA states that construction can start at 7 a.m. during the week and 8 a.m. on Saturday. So this builder isn't breaking any laws.

2094 days ago


What a spoiled, silly little nimrod. He should be happy he has a house to live in, which someone had to live through the building of (over a 10 year period is ridiculous). I hope it takes a LONG time to finish this house and that it KILLS this wimp's view.

It's called LIFE, silly boy.... deal with it.

2094 days ago


Whoah Dude! have you gotten the message yet? You are toast out here in the real world. If I were you I would come on out with some mea culpa quick! You are really going down fast........a little schooling is in order for Hollyweird!

2094 days ago

Capt Jack    

Can you imagine the homeowner? He put up with this for 10 years and this kid who barely older than that, has the nerve to whine about his work. Tell him to stick it up his azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

2094 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

Neigbor: +1 Kutcher: LOSER

2094 days ago

Wanda W.    

Wah Wah Wah Wah! What a whiney,spoiled, infant that Ashton is ! One of the most over rated celebs there is ! What Demi sees in that brat is beyond me!!!!!

2094 days ago
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