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Phelps Pot Shot -- It Was a "Bad Mistake"

2/5/2009 4:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Phelps fired off a mea culpa for that damning bong photo -- telling paps on his way into a Baltimore training center that he used "bad judgment." But there's more....

Michael Phelps: Click to watch
When Phelps was asked if he had stopped all drugs, he cracked a smile and responded, "I don't take drugs ... and I get drug tested all the time ... you can look at the records and you can see."

Our records only contain one photo...

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where are you toofastforyou?

2086 days ago

Rip It Up    

So I guess this pap has appointed himself judge and jury? This is a joke. Leave the guy alone.

2086 days ago



2086 days ago


If he had been a average joe shmo and not some money making, celebrity he'd have been thrown in jail. When are we going to stop treating celebidiots differently and hold them up to the same laws and standards as the rest of us? And to the parents out there - really? You WANT your children to look up to someone who only apologizes for drug use AFTER they get caught and only because they got caught?

The double standard is beyond out of control and it has to stop somewhere. Let's stop going ga-ga over celebs who think they are above the law and start doing stories on those that are working hard and helping others with no thought or want of attention, money or celeb status.

2086 days ago


He should be ashamed!!!

2086 days ago


Leave the guy alone. He smoked pot so what!

2086 days ago


So what if he took a hit? He obviously takes care of himself and is not some pothead wasting his life away and becoming a burden on society. Does it matter if he used to smoke or if he still does on occasion?

2086 days ago

northern gypsy    

for christ sake...let it go people...
from everything i've seen he's a normal guy...
btw...i'm kool with the bong...till it's legal...just be alittle more discreet the next time...

2086 days ago


Leave him alone already ! I don't know too many people that haven't smoked sometime in their life.

2086 days ago

Rocco and David    

He wasn't sorry until he got caught. Pitiful.

2086 days ago


He is suppose to be a ROLE Model...I wouldnt want my children to learn that kind of behavior...none the less...had an average Joe done the same he'd been in jail...wheres the justice and equality? He was wrong...his merrits should be taken away.

2086 days ago


Suspend him! The law applies to everyone. Plus, he is paid tons of money to show a very good example to the younger generation! Crying like a 23 year old baby just don't cut it. He is not only stupid but misrepresents and misled the community, the young girls and boys that looks up to him and the faith we had in him. You should pay for your stupid mistakes!!! Period!

2086 days ago


This stuff makes me sick. Legal alchol is so much worse for your body than pot and this guy has been filmed from one end of Vegas to the other drinking and partying, but heavan forbid he take a hit off a bong. The world is insane!

2086 days ago

lesbians rock    

Anyone who says Phelps or any other "celebrity" is a role model, probably isn't a good parent or guardian. Parents and family should be role models, not someone else. Athlete's aren't supposed to be role models, I knew this long before Charles Barkley finally came out and said so. If you or your kids idolize celebrities and hold them as your role models, then your life needs more help than you are willing to admit. Seriously, give it a rest, it's a photo of him with a bong, so what? He said it's a mistake, let him move on. He's still got more gold medals from the Olympics than many other people who are putting him down.

2086 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

He will be in rehab soon enough. It's PR crap right now. Just wait, next month he will be arrested for drugs. Human behavior doesn't change that fast esp. drug reconditioning. Just sayin..

2086 days ago
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