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Kid Suggests Rock For Jessica Simpson

2/7/2009 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson may still have some fans out there, but Kid Rock is definitely not one of them.

When asked about Simpson's on-stage meltdown, Rock claimed he "wouldn't know her well enough to miss her if she was gone." Ouch. Kid's advice? Switch to Rock n' Roll where it's okay and expected for singers to forget the lyrics.


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Same 2 U, kid crap!

2054 days ago


I f***in love Kid Rock!!! He is the man!

2054 days ago


kid rock may be a jerk, but i've been told by people who have gone to his concerts that he is a real talent and can play everything on stage.

if he's givin free advice on the music biz, jess might be smart to listen and give him a call to set something up.

2054 days ago


Kid who? Oh wait, I know who he is now, he was married to Pam Anderson for like 30 seconds wasn't he? He's JUST the person to be giving career advice to other people.

2054 days ago


Kid is a good guy, a little spaz, but nice.

2054 days ago


When your history shows how accomplished you are; that is cool...Jessica reminds me of a stupid blow up doll...being marketed by her dad. She is white and pretty; but that is really doesn't help her voice, no not one bit./

2054 days ago

get your facts straight tmz    

Mr Z

You're truly pathetic.

2054 days ago


I truely love this site but I am seriously beginning to wonder the maturity and class of some of the people who comment here. I know it's easy to cowardly state whatever crap spews out of an uneducated brain when given the ability to hide behind the veil of a computer and keyboard. This is obviously why #6 (Mr. Z) can make such assinine comments. First of all, Detroit is a city within the state of Michigan, not the other way around. You "generalize" people and places as easily as people wipe their ass after taking a Sh*^! I'm guessing your under the age of 30 and have your television playing MTV all day pretending your life mimics the reality lives portrayed on that channel. Get a life. And as for Kid Rock. Love him or hate him he always tells it like it is. Entertainers and celebrities should be more like that. He does put on an awesome show. Well worth the money spent. And have you ever noticed the respect that some a-list singers show him. Look at some of the award shows on. He is always collaborating with some big names. He may not always be typical. But his is definately true.

2054 days ago

anne lynn    

kid rocks ROCKS! nothing wrong with him. he is HOT!!

2054 days ago


Lighten up people
he is the male version of simpson:
no talent.

At least she has her looks...
He is just skanky
he probably stinks too.

2054 days ago


yeah, and I know I am no catch either so dont even start

2054 days ago


your blinding me biatch

2054 days ago

Alex's Chica    

Finally this is why I love Kid you are the man Thanks for your honesty...

2054 days ago

Avenge, revenge, whatever    

What an ugly, no talented turd. Of all people to be judging and dissing someone else...this greasy tool? Yikes. Kid Rock is about as smart as a box of rocks and about as good looking as Ron Jeremy. Ugly inside and out. An absolute tool who does not realize that he is lucky to be known. He has no discernable talent. Much like he said about Porky Simpson, the wolrd would be unmoved by the loss of him. One can only hope...

Oh, and I like the fat retard next to him. Christ, is that another chin or another fat gut attached to his neck? Probably Robbie's boyfriend. Skank Anderson was just a beard, but Robbie is so ugly, repugnant and moronic that even that dumb skank wouldn't play along.

2054 days ago


Ripping off old old Rock songs is NOT`s kiddy rock pop`s

2054 days ago
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