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Won't Throw Phelps

Back in Water

2/7/2009 2:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael PhelpsEveryone knows the first rule of marketing is to know your audience -- the kind of audience that orders two foot longs and a bag of chips a little past 4:20 each day.

Either way, Subway has decided not to ditch Michael Phelps following his incident with the device that's generally sold "for tobacco use only."

Subway says "Like most Americans, and like Michael Phelps himself, we were disappointed in his behavior. Also like most Americans, we accept his apology. Moving forward, he remains in our plans."

At least Michael knows where he can get his next meal, even if it isn't a bowl of Kellogg's cereal.

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Hey when the President of the USA has no moral values why should anyone else? And I am not just talking about Obama. How can we as a country ever expect our young people to do whats right when no one else does. But I believe it really falls on the parents who raise them. Not the Government or just the mother or just the father. It takes 2 period. The Government wants to raise them in their socialist system and make them all dependent on the Government for everything. What to eat thats good for them because they don't know any better. What temp to keep their house because they don't understand what they are doing to the planet, what to teach their children because they don't understand life. Just ask Al Gore. Wake up or live in a land of no FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2083 days ago


I e-mailed subway and kelloggs about my opinions on this matter, Subway e-amiled me back, kellogg's could not be bothered to reply I guess.
Thank you Subway for not acting like idiots like the fools at Kelloggs and keeping Michael Phelps!

2083 days ago


I don't care if Mikey shoots up several times a day. The point is that what he did was in private. Invasion of privacy is a far worse crime than smoking some weed. It's no different then the perverts who go around taking pictures up girls skirts. Who's the real criminal here?

2083 days ago


It is really fujnny it is assumed people who smoke pot are losers on food stamps, I think you would be surprised how many profesionals in your very own communities smoke pot.I wouldn't be surprised if you very own docter smoked a little weed everynow and then, because i have smoked with, docters, lawyers, dentist, nurses, I have never smoked with a homeless person on foodstamps or with anyone that lives in their mommy's basement. So silly
It is also obvious all the anit pot people have no idea what pot is or doe, much milder than booze, much less addictive than ciggs.

2083 days ago

stupid women & the religious right    

Not even going to get into the whole legality issue, or the fact that he is some kind of role model for our poor impressionable American children (you know, the ones who will be raiding your medicine cabinets in a matter of a couple years!!).. I believe that, as a whole, this country is slowly taking steps toward decriminalizing (if not eventually legalizing) marijuana anyway. Subway made the right move, and despite the idiots that walk around with their heads up their own butts thinking they are above the HUGE cross-section of our society that partake in this pasttime, Subway will be rewarded for making the right choice here. Now if only their subs didn't taste like Subway...

2083 days ago

just some dude    

Show some poor guy loseing his home and familiy because of a war in media, and you will forget it after few days. But when a celebrity smokeing pot, you will see it prolly even in 10 years at some "review show"

crazy world o_O

However, i will Boykot Kellogs

2083 days ago


I'm shocked that Kelloggs saw fit to not renew his contract. It's not like he was smoking crack, shooting heroin, snorting cocaine, or robbing pharmacies for oxycodone. He took a hit off a bong, for crying out loud! It's a "youthful indiscretion." GET OVER IT! I'd bet more than half of Kellogg's employees have done the same, or worse. Michael Phelps isn't hitting women, being cruel to animals, abusing children or running dogfighting rings. Give this guy a break!

Kellogg's could've turned this into a great publicity event but instead they drop him?? I'm done with Kellogg's. Will never buy their cereal products again. Subway, on the other hand, is to be commended for sticking with him. I'll have lunch there today.

2083 days ago


Too bad Kellogg's cancelled him., I'd love to here the commercial where someone says, "Michael, don't forget to eat your Weedies." .

2083 days ago


Callofthezombie...........not an accurate statement. The Slaves of the Egyptians, built the pyramids.The Pharoah enlisted an Architect , no doubt highly intelligent. You cannot make the assumption that he smoked pot.

2083 days ago


This happened months ago. Why is it an issue?? Because some moron made some easy money selling it to the tabloids that's why! I'm glad Subway isn't fueling this fire ..it's not as if he smoked crack cocaine. Also, like the other poster said there is no way he could have achieved his goals by smoking pot on a regular basis. LEAVE PHELPS THE HELL ALONE!! HE'S YOUNG AND GOT HIS WHOLE LIFE/CAREER TO GO. BUZZ OFF. No pun intended. lol

2083 days ago


damn, i had no idea things could get so heated over one picture. seriously people, it was a picture of him hitting a bong. there's a lot of overreacting going on here. good for subway.

2083 days ago



2082 days ago


I think that no matter what happens here on out, Michael Phelps will always now have that stigma attached in him having done pot!

Drugs, are a very cowardly way out of dealing with REALITY!! Dont' get me wrong, to EACH their OWN, but points for respect are lost from me in those that take "pleasure drugs"! There is nothing to be gained, but a BUZZ. A momentary high.. and for what- you're certainly NOT doing your health any favors!?? There's boneheads out there that think pot is "good for you".. that it's "healthy" and in some way "beneficial"! If you haven't noticed "medical marijuana" is for those at the END of life,.. apparently helping to ease the pain and suffering. Not that PILLS can't also have the same effect!! But for anyone to attempt to convince me that INHALING SMOKE into your body is somehow benificial, healthy, and the right thing to do? Is completely bonkers. Bottom line.. people do it for the HIGH! You get "buzzed".... You check out of reality for a bit. Wake-Up call? When you come out of your haziness, those problems you had before are not only STILL gonna be there, but perhaps those problems will now be MAGNIFIED! You're not just hurting yourself, and damaging braincells (which again is your-own choice) but you're likey hurting someone else around you too. Including FAMILY members!

Then as you get older,.. have more difficulty thinking, or even develop lung cancer of sorts.. it'll be the "tobacco industries" fault.. or even SOMEONE ELSES fault. Because we know how americans have come to the point of not taking responsibility for themselves.. it's always someone elses fault. More tax dollars for your health care---from choices YOU have made, passed on to tax payers like myself. I don't claim to be "better" than anyone else simply because I am "anti-drug"? But I can claim the differences between us. And please don't think for a moment I am "judging" you... because (in turn) that would also mean you are judging me as a non-drug user. In short- I like you, I like you... I don't I don't. It's a personality thing.. not the choices you've made with your own life....

2082 days ago


Well Sydney--------You must be smoking -up. You can barely manage your words. I hope that you are not planning upon driving in the next little while. Good luck "mange-ing" your "bussiness". This is a pothead on Pot. Drunk.

2082 days ago


It's way too funny how some believe that it's "no big deal" it was just "pot" not "cocaine"...?? Are you seriously even listening to yourselves making excuse after excuse to continue a BAD habit?? It's like comparing cigarettes to pot? THEY are both SMOKE.. and they are BOTH UNHEALTHY to your BODY!! Drugs are DRUGS!!! Drugs for PLEASURE, are still, and will always be, just plain STUPID!! It's a waste of money, brain-matter, time, and energy to take the time out to do drugs simply to "get high"? Take a run, ride a bike, watch a good movie,.. SPEND QUALITY TIME with your CHILDREN!! There are so many other "natural" options that are MUCH HEALTHIER to do to take out the stresses of life. Inhaling smoke into your body--- isn't in any way, shape, nor form HEALTHY for you!! It's a CHOICE you make!! Please stop drumming up excuses to do it... it's an addictive, disgusting, and unnecessary HABIT... If you DO NOT respect your own BODY, why should those around you respect what you're doing to it?

2081 days ago
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