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Chris Brown Investigated

For Alleged Assault

2/8/2009 7:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alleged AssaultLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ Chris Brown is being investigated by the LAPD in an alleged assault on a female.

According to police, Brown and a woman whom cops refuse to identify were arguing inside a vehicle around 12:30 this morning when suddenly things allegedly turned violent.

Cops say they received a 911 call, and when they arrived they noticed the woman had visible injuries. We're told she then identified Brown as her attacker. Cops say Brown had left the scene by the time police arrived.

Cops say they are looking to speak with Brown and may arrest him when they find him.

When we called reps for Brown's girlfriend, Rihanna, for a statement, her people told us, "Rihanna is well. Thank you for your concern and support."

: Grammy officials have just announced that Rihanna will neither perform on the show tonight -- as scheduled -- nor walk the red carpet for the event. The same announcement has been made about Chris.

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This whole thing is ridiculos. I mean come on seriously no one will stop looking at them as celebrities!!! If you see some dude from the streets smack a broad down and you know it's wrong but cuz this dude is famous it's okay for him to hit a female?? Would this story have even made the print if it hadn't been rhianna he hit?? He has no excuse no reason to feel sorry for him. It doesn't matter if he is to young to be tied down or if she was driving him crazy with her "insercurities" he had no excuse. You never know what is in somebody's head. It doesn't matter what she did HE was in the wrong and that's it!!!

2049 days ago

Cheryl Salim    

What is wrong with you people? chris Brown assaulted Rihanna and should be punished, just like anyone else would be. He should not be treated any differently. He did the crime, he should pays the time. Get a life loser Brown.

2074 days ago


ok this is sad. no matter who each person is or WHERE THEY COME FROM as some people like tp point out from their comments, that gives no one the right to lay their hands on someone else. so ashamed for chris brown.and they both have talent so whoever sad otherwise needs to wake up. its people like that that make this world a dirty place. shame on you to the poster of those comments. best of luck to both sides with recovery and help for the situation they put themselves in.

2073 days ago


With all due respect, everyone makes this seemas if she is the ONLY female in the world to get beat up like this .It is unfortunate that he was allowed to get out on bail after beating up a female, BUT right now AT THIS VERY MOMENT, there are many women and girls being beat, raped, and even worse killed or something BY THEIR boyfriend's or husband's. And nothing is ever said about them!! And if it had been MY daughter that boy would be digging a hole to hide in, instead of saying in public... I'm sorry!!! Men that beat on a female NO MATTER WHO SHE IS... are pathetic COWARD's

2073 days ago


look,,everyone is entitled to have their own opinion but not to judge one knows the truth one knows what happened and the reason behind the beatings..but i still believe that no one will hurt anyone without any reason or if no one provoked someone..i pity rihanna but my heart still goes out to chris b/c a lot of people already judged least give him the benefit of the doubt..everyones innocent unless proven guilty..

2072 days ago


Your know the only difference is they are entertainers. That is the new thing now boys hitting on they girlfriends and the girls still continue to be in the relationship. the only difference is they got caught. I m sorry but Chris brown is not a role model nor Rhinna, C hildren who grow up in abusive relationship are usually abusive they really have not remorse pretty young girls like rhinna usually have very low self esteem. she is going to drop charges that the domestic violence circle she will not realize until she gets in her 30 that its serious.

2071 days ago


Its a crime, he must be arrested!!!

2069 days ago


I really hate that for Rhianna and i dont believe in men hitting on females. Being a female i know that we can cause some of the drama and issues with our partner but i dont believe in hitting females.

2067 days ago


Confirmed Information:

It was indeed Rihanna, and the violence began when Chris recieved a text message indicating he had cheated on Rihanna and had ______ relations with the sender. Rihanna saw and confronted him, and, still in the car, Chris was infuriated at her "looking at his business", and he bet her with his fist. Rihanna was left on the sidewalk and a pedestrian saw her. The unidentified person took action and called the police. After Rihanna recovered to speaking conditions, she reported it was Chris that commited the act.

After Rihanna recovered, Chris called her on her 21st birthday and apoligized. It was quite mutual, and they eventually decided to get back together. I personally think Rihanna should get out of the abusive relationship before things get out of hand, even more serious than this, and someone could end up in a situation far worse than this. Rihanna deserves to be cared for by a respectable person, not someone who beats her every time that she finds out that he had a ______ relation with another person. Everyond who has a relationship should stay away until things get back to a smooth, steady level. Yet sometimes, even friendship should be heeded with caution.

Abuse is something vile. You should not be making jokes if someone is hurt. As many before have said, if one of your close relatives were endangered this way, you would not be one to make moronic jokes, and I shun you with a great deal of passion and respect for those who have been abused. The manner you treat these people's lives is lower than anything: you are laughing at a searing pain in which one is damaged and possibly scarred both emotionally and physically.

For those who have called Rihanna childish, immature things, you deserve to be called the same. Nobody deserves this, especially if it was the other person who did the thing that triggered it. You need to learn manners, respect, and passion for people who suffer. I once had a friend who was abused. Would you be laughing if the same happened to you?

Thanks for your time, and I hope that Rihanna chooses to leave before another misfortunate event occurs,

2065 days ago


I don't even like Chris, and I do not know what Rihanna sees in that destructive, supopsedly good, singer.

2065 days ago


K first of all NO woman should be beaten no matter what the case.... for those of u women that thinks its ok just because he is famous or cuz hes cute, r just plain out stupid..... what if u had a sister or a mother or a daughter or a woman in ur life that u cared very much about and she got beaten like that?? then would it be ok?? i dont think u would like it very much. ya she might have provoked him but it still doesnt make it ok.... There r a lot of women that die because of guys that decide to put their hands on them... as for rihanna if u dont like her then thats ur problem but it still doesnt call for a beating by a guy that she is with... What she should do is press charges against him so he can feel what she felt..... regular people that arent famous get hard time with out parole and he only gets a slap on the wrist?? i hope he does do hard time... ya i liked him but after that happened i dont think i do anymore ......

2063 days ago


Really? Wow.

2085 days ago


eww he gross

2085 days ago

Now what now?    

I hope this isn't true no matter the nature of the assault. That would be very bad for his wholesome image and make Rihanna guilty by association. Please say it ain't so.

2085 days ago


Well he can assault ME if we want, I wouldn't mind at all!!

2085 days ago
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