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Chris Brown Arrested

Caught On Tape

2/9/2009 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown has officially been booked into the custody of the Los Angeles Police Department. He was driven to the station by high-powered attorney Mark Geragos.

Brown has been charged with one count felony criminal threats. His bail has been set at $50,000. He is still being investigated for a possible battery.

Geragos' past clients include Michael Jackson, Winona Ryder and Scott Peterson.

UPDATE 11:42 PM EST: TMZ has learned Chris paid his bail and was released.


Chris Brown Arrested

Story developing...


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Why would he release a statement saying he was sorry if he hadn't done anything? I can't believe the people saying Rihanna deserved it, it doesn't matter what she said to him. Fine if she hit him first he should have restrained her, not beaten her to a pulp. Imagine you were in Rihanna's position and someone who didn't like you was saying 'yeah, they deserved it'. It's ridiculous. Violence is never the solution whether you're a man or a woman.

2068 days ago


It CAN'T be Chris thats seen leaving the police station as the person in the picture has no tattoos on either hands but chris has some on his right hand!

2068 days ago


Couples fight everyday this is nothing new....The only reason there is so much uproar about the situation is because of the names involved...If this much attention were paid to ALL assaults maybe we could see some change but they are regular people just like you and me pray for em and let them be period If it was not CHRIS BROWN and RHIANNA what would be the difference we would never hear about this.......Take the money and the fame away and you have two regular humans that live and functiion like we do...So whats the BIG DEAL THEY HAD A FIGHT SO WHAT IT HAPPENS EVERYDAY...A LOT OF PEOPLE MIGHT NOT AGREE BUT FRANKLY I REALLY DONT CARE YOU SEE MY EMAIL ADDRESS GET AT ME.....BIG UPS TO TMZ...

2068 days ago


I would like to say to all you girlies STOP HATING!!! No one cares if you like Rihanna, she's a victim!! This really happens to people dont you understand!! You girls are just jealous Chris wouldnt touch you with a 90 foot pole!!! You girls will never be half the woman Rihanna is...

2068 days ago

chris i still luv u    

yea we all know that what Chris Brown did was wrong and yea we all know that he is a star wat i think we are forgetin is that he is a human jus like me and u and all the time we do thing before we thank bout them but like i said Chris Brown is a human and everyone makes mistakes and i know Chris Brown is not happy wit wat he did but come on dont down him because of thiz Chris Brown is a great singer and a great person and takin everything from him is not teachin him nothin so stop downin him and sayin " I CANT BELIEVE HE WOULD DO SUMTHING LIKE THIS" i can he human and i think we need to help him get though thiz and and to hope for tha best between him and Rihanna if she can forgive him than we should be able to I LOVE U CHRIS BROWN AND I UNDERSTAND

2068 days ago


When a woman acts like she did cause some ho text him while he is driving she deserves it.But if he came home from losing an award show or something and he beats her he's a a$#%&le.Why couldn't it be someone else that deserves it like paris hilton or somebody.

2068 days ago

my opinion    

This is so unfortunate and beyond comprehension. He did not just lash out in a moment of uncontrollable anger, which is
abbhorrent in itself, and hit her once, he has repeatedly beaten and bashed her over and over in order for her to sustain that number and types of injuries. Let this be the platform and forum to show him and anyone like him that we will not stand for this! It is a given that his career is over, let's follow it up with a lengthy prison term! There are no excuses Chris Brown, and if you're doing this at the age of 19, what in the name of hell will you be doing in 10 years time, when you are a nobody and the media aren't interested in you, and your lady punching bag at the time won't be getting the coverage Rihanna is currently getting. You are a sick individual.

2067 days ago


I really wish I was in the car when all this transpired. 1) Her music demonstrates to me that she is a liitle of kilter. 2) I think the MAJOR silence on their part is a clue to the fact that there is something more going on then what the media can find out. 3) Women can push a mans buttons until they snap. 4) As a woman, I think domestic violence goes both ways. Who started the altercation is not always the one to finish it. Unfortunately women will always be the obvious victim. 5) WHY is the charges so vague and only based on the PD & DA building the case??? HMMMM seems to me she would be presisng charges and pushing the issue. This case is too hush hush. My guess, she started it with the arguing, in his face, mushing his face, name calling and he finished it. For all we know they both have a temper and this has been going on for some time. He might have had enough. It's not right, but don't provoke a person. I'll save my verdict until the gavel comes down and a sentence is made.

2067 days ago

Big Man    

There is no reason that this boy should have done this. That's right I said it BOY .chris is just a punk with money What a total lack of control. Come on kid. You are beating on Rihanna. He needs some jail time to set him straight or start dating Rosie O'donnel she'll do the job. In closing you've been doing this all along and now you got caught. Even with all the money he's still a chump.

2067 days ago

Brutally Honest...    

I dont believe he did it... Its probably one of those Thin Line between Love and Hate type stuff... He might of smack her and she went over board.. Women do crazy things when they think their in "love"... Im a woman and I dont feel any remorse to this... If it happen before and she just now sayin anything then who faults is it anyways....

2067 days ago


It is sad...Now his career is at risk because of this one stupid move...He should have never let a female be the cause of it.....He should have never taken it that far...I think she was being violent first, but he never should have hit her...He should of kicked her out of the car and left her there!!! Even if she provoked him and started this fight, he will be seen now as the only one at fault...There's always 2 sides to a story...This should be a lesson learned for him. KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF

2067 days ago

Victoria Crawford    

When I heard this sh*t, I was shocked. I mean mainly because it's Chris Brown. CHRIS BROWN. An R&B songer. A knockout to teenagers. I would expect this from someone like Lil Wayne o 50 cent...but CHRIS BROWN!!! How could he do that to her? I have been a fan of Rihanna since day one. If he has to hit women to make himself feel superior, then he just a fake a$$ b*tch. I hope u get better Robin. =)

2066 days ago


i dont want 2 hear it..... there has 2 be a reason y chris brown did wat he did.....u cant believe all these things wat people are saying when chris brown has the chance the truth will come out

2066 days ago


Man chris;dont worry people make hit songs from prison and ppl still like u......

2066 days ago


Chris Whoa! Diasppointments come in life: U can Not REraise anyone that has been taught already.(BY putting your hands on them to hurt them) If U don't Like what Is Said:Turning the other chick Is hard but God: Say's that to protect Us from what U R going thru. I wish U the Best. an no that Power is in Prayer. I LOVE U MY BROTHER. An keep your head up no matter What's the Out Come o.k.

2066 days ago
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