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Chris Brown Arrested

Caught On Tape

2/9/2009 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown has officially been booked into the custody of the Los Angeles Police Department. He was driven to the station by high-powered attorney Mark Geragos.

Brown has been charged with one count felony criminal threats. His bail has been set at $50,000. He is still being investigated for a possible battery.

Geragos' past clients include Michael Jackson, Winona Ryder and Scott Peterson.

UPDATE 11:42 PM EST: TMZ has learned Chris paid his bail and was released.


Chris Brown Arrested

Story developing...


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Maybe now she will take the hint he doesn't like her..............Never did. It showed on his face everytime he was seen with her.

1991 days ago


I hope this was the last day that Rhianna ever sees Chris. EVER. No man should touch a woman in an angry way, ever. There is nothing Rhianna did or said that made Chris raise his hands. He made that decision all by himself and it was the wrong decision to make. Now, Chris has to live with this but Rhianna can carry on fine without him and move on to someone who makes other choices. Rhianna, I hope you dump him for good. There are lots of fine young men out there that will treasure you and never treat you this way.

1991 days ago

Phil Mickelson Fan    

This is messed up man, like DISTURBIA. Now that mofo gotta go to REHAB.

Maybe they need to get on that Tool Academy show.

But if poster #8, Mando, is correct and it really was donkey punching gone wrong, then nothing needs to be done...........................we just gotta get a video of that.

1991 days ago



1991 days ago


Chris must be feeling him self way to much ! Not so hot any more Chris !
Who do you think your are to loose your dam mind and hit Rihanna!

1991 days ago

Jay S.    

If it was Rhianna that was hit, I hope she doesn't go back to this douchebag! Lock him up; Chris is just another THUG!!!!

1991 days ago


I don't even know who chris brown is either. maybe he is pissed that she is more famous and they were at the party and everyone was giving her too much attention and so he couldn't handle it.

Posted at 1:13AM on Feb 9th 2009 by Germ Warfare

TRUST , Rihanna is NOT more famous that Chris Brown. Just because you do not know who he is doesnt mean anything. Rihanna lacks talent---cant dance, cant sing.But, thanks to good promotion and marketing, she is everywhere fooling people as she makes her money doing absolutely nothing but boring those that watch her halfass perform....Cant be mad at her! Nono, Chris Brown needs to prove himself innocent because he has the ability to be around till he dies or like that will disappear eventually.

1991 days ago


Chris Brown is a punk if he hit any woman. Rihanna, whether you like her or not, does not deserve to be beaten--or any woman for that matter.

There are so many out there that say that he couldn't have done that because he is "so fine". That is just unbelievably stupid! Because a man is attractive means that he is incapable of hitting a woman? Get real.

I hope he is punished to the fullest extent of the law, but since he is a celebrity, he will get a slap on the wrist. He will probably have to pay a fine. He will get out of this somehow--because he is SO special, and "so fine". All he has to do is smile and dance.

Then after all this he will get a pat on the back from his male peers, and add to he "cred". He will probably be even more popular. He will be a "bad boy", and of course, the women will not stop throwing themselves at him. There is no justifiable reason, EVER, for a man to hit a woman.

It is infuriating that these celebrities get by with committing crimes. And abusive relationships SUCK!

1991 days ago

Victoria Mary Stong / Community Activist    

It really hurts me when I hear about a man punching and/or hitting a woman. It only shows their ignorance, cowardices and insecurity. A good and intelligent gentleman would just walk away. Chris Brown needs to do some time in jail so he can learn that punching or otherwise hurting a woman is unacceptable. Rihanna is such a wonderful and talented person and can do much better than Chris Brown the woman beater anyway!

1991 days ago


Pretty typical, send them to school and they eat the books.

1991 days ago


Poor Thugs,.. always gettng a Bad Rap...... RAP... Get it?

Some gals need to be popped a few times for dissing their man.

Hopefully she does the right thing by denying the battery and claming it was all a big misunderstanding.... Even though she called 911 and it's all on tape with bruises on her face.

That was really from the car argument.. Umm I mean car accident they were involved in.
RiRi got knocked around from the accident she got knocked out and for some reason called 911 claming he hit her, but she was delusional from hitting her head. Yeah That's the ticket. LOL

Poor Chris might lose some decent fans... But become HOTTER to his Thug Fans.

Yeah Baby!!

1991 days ago

So Fine    

Humh, i knew it was her. She a kiss ass, she too clingy. They both got problems.

He got child burned in problems with his momma's boyfriend,
and she knew this and still got with him. I would have thought twice on that one, she is so stupid.
Well he did the crime, and the time. It's okay Chris, people don't think they have problems like he do until it gets pushed out of them, he will regret him being just like his momma's boyfriend, well here comes 5 years of lonlyness Chris.

1991 days ago


First it was reported she had visible injuries and other sites are saying she is denying he hit her but somehow received the injuries in a car wreck after he made his criminal threats against her? The police need to investigate this thoroughly too often the women lie for the men in domestic violence cases.

1991 days ago

Sandy Underpants    

When's the last time a woman was arrested for hitting a man? They act just as uncivily as men, and never face any consequences. Equality? Only when it's beneficial.

Chris Brown was probably just jealous that people recognize Rihanna more than him, 10 to 1 (or more). The only thing I know about Chris Brown is that he did a duet with Elmo (from sesame street) because I have a 3 year old. Rihanna is the ONLY star in the relationship. That hurts a boy's ego. Kid's just 19 years old, cut him some slack.

1991 days ago


Yeah, cut the poor guy some slack.
Not like he knocked her teeth out or broke her ribs.

Have to laugh if it weren't so sad and disgusting

Now it ill be all brushed under the rug as some Misunderstanding. It was really a car accident and that's why RiRi had visible injuries and he fled the scene.


1991 days ago
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