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Chris Brown Arrested

Caught On Tape

2/9/2009 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown has officially been booked into the custody of the Los Angeles Police Department. He was driven to the station by high-powered attorney Mark Geragos.

Brown has been charged with one count felony criminal threats. His bail has been set at $50,000. He is still being investigated for a possible battery.

Geragos' past clients include Michael Jackson, Winona Ryder and Scott Peterson.

UPDATE 11:42 PM EST: TMZ has learned Chris paid his bail and was released.


Chris Brown Arrested

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This is a very bad thing that happen. No msn should hit a women and if it get to the point that you feel like you have to then you need to move on . Chris Brown made a mistake and everybody learn from there mistakes but who are we to judge what he has done. He feels bad for what he did I am still a fan of his and Ms. Rihanna. Just hope at this point he we not do this kind of thing and more. I am praying for Chris and Rihanna at this time and may GOD do what he see fit with the both of them.

2069 days ago


no womyn should ever have to go through that,he is a coward for doing her like that and i hope he get everything he deserves, punk hit a man

2069 days ago

Red Rose    

I guess they didn't see that large ring he had on his right hand from the gas station video, Apparently he took it off after the beatdown. They need to look at the video again!! THAT RING DONE SOME DAMAGE!!

2069 days ago


I find it dispicable that people are saying good on ya chris she deserved it.

sorry but how can you say that what chris brown isn't big, isn't brave, isn't clever and most certainly not funny


Chris grow up and become a man and learn how to control your temper what you did was disgusting, theres already enough violence in this world with waste of spaces like you in it making it worse.

2069 days ago


i like chris brown and rihanna and they're a cute couple and all, but this would never happened if they went out. Im not sticking up for him because he did wrong and everthing, and she should have left him if he ever hit her before. I feel bad for her because no girl should ever look like that.

2069 days ago


two sarcastic words. you're nice(!).

2069 days ago


Never an excuse to batter a woman. Women should leave abusive relationships immediately. And stop provoking a man for attention when u know hes going to go up side your head!

2069 days ago


Some of you people get on my nerves saying "I love you Chris Brown", do you know how f***ing stupid you sound! If hes innocent then why did he run!!! Yeah try to explain that and don't try to say he was scared there ain't nothing to be scared about if your innocent!

2069 days ago


Damn this was a really messed up situation. I for one am a woman first before anything and can't believe what I saw ad read. The only thing that I can say is that there are two sides to every story. I do believe that no matter who you are that if you so dumb sh-- you have to suffer the consequences. I hope that for Chriss' sak that all of the allegations are not real it could really hurt him. Not smart Chris! All the women love you! WE are your fan base!

2069 days ago


Chris brown is a W U S S Y. (watered down version of his new, true name) Any man who lays hands on and beats a woman is a W U S S Y. He ought to be ashamed and disgusted with himself. NO, I don't feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for the young boy Chris Brown was when he witnessed the abuse of his mother and had to grow up with that. I don't feel sorry for him now because he is a grown man and grown men know the difference between right and wrong. Grown men are responsible for their own actions, period. I hope this jerks with his life for the rest of his life. When we do shameful things we need to be reminded of them often, lest we forget and get too fat for our britches! Sadly, Chris Brown is wearing some EXPENSIVE britches...but I have a funny feeling it wont be for much longer! LOL, LOL, LOL, ROFL!!! W U S S Y.

2069 days ago


What floors me is that people are calling into the radio stations begging to hear Cris Brown music. I hope they burn in hell.

2069 days ago


Chris hasn't been looking very happy lately..SO u shuld have left her now look at what this is doing to ur career..Don't think about getting back with her becasue things never change..If she pushed u ones to that point she will again..

2069 days ago

Spiritual Gal    

He is an abusive person, a womanizer, an immature, egotistical idiot who happens to be sort of famous (I don't listen to his stuff, he isn't "great" as far as I'm concerned); Hope he gets his just desserts for beating up Rhianna and I hope she gets some serious therapy so she can learn not to hook up with so-called "bad boys" who are nothing but a sack full of trouble. If she wants to play psychiatrist to mentally ill men, then she should get a degree and set up practice. Look at what happened to Whitney Houston with that loser she married. Ladies, a word of advice: Do not stick by abusive men, they could very easily kill you. There is absolutely no reason to have a miserable life with someone who is incapable of monogamy, they're just looking for the next shag. Better to be without a mate than to be with someone who is with you for personal convenience. Anyone who is involved with an abusive partner does not love her/him self. Rhianna will recover from her physical injuries, but the emotional baggage will have to be dealt with with a trained professional. As for that a-hole Chris, he is heading for rock bottom, and he won't stop until he gets there. Beating Rhianna up and then blaming her for it is typical of abusers like him. Hope Mr. Chris a-hole bumps into another man, a real one, that will return the favor,and give him a taste of fists so he can feel what Rhianna is feeling now.

2069 days ago

Congo Seven    

If i had a girl like Rehana, ill b carryin her ton my back to work and even bathing her like a baby. with that said, beating her is out of the question. Anything she says, Ill say yes no matter what... Chris brown, the dummest dude I know.

2068 days ago

mighty whitey    

Typical chimp behavior. The police should have gunned him down like that simian back east.

2068 days ago
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