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Barkley Admits Stupidity -- 2 Months After Arrest

2/9/2009 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charles BarkleyCharles Barkley has finally admitted how "stupid" he was for drinking and driving -- and it only took him two months to publicly admit it.

For the first time since his Dec. 31st arrest, Barkley is finally addressing the subject, telling a Florida paper, "Clearly, I made a mistake drinking and driving. And I'm getting penalized for that, and rightfully so."

He added, "Drinking and driving is a very serious thing. It was stupid, and it was 100 percent my fault,''

Chuck also felt compelled to weigh in on Michael Phelps, saying, "I don't think he's the worst person in the world. Everybody's a hypocrite right now ...I guess they want us to take him out back and shoot him. He made a mistake and I wish him nothing but the best.''

Barkley's next court date is yet to be determined.

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I agree with Sumtingwong. Does anyone else find it wrong that he never apologized for embarrassing Mo and Christiana (his wife and daughter?)

2015 days ago


Who cares? Give us more juice on RiRi & CB!!! :)

2045 days ago


1st suckas suck eggs

2045 days ago


Can you spell H-A-S B-E-E-N ? Like has been said, the bling bling, me first, pleasure me, greed, women abusing phase of the culture is now officially over...Obama has been elected and it is no longer in vogue, fashionable, tolerable or practical to engage in the Barkley way of life any more. May he now be banished to the life he is deserving of---one of learning humility, forgiveness and a better understanding of women---particularly the one he's married to and also has fathered.

He has thus far been a shameful human being and done much to set his own Race back with his dumb down talking and acting and the public beat downs he has brought upon innocent people smaller than he and his absolute abuse in perverted sexual ways and treatment of women.

Please drop the undeserved title of "Sir" from your name Charles. There is not an ounce of Royalty nor manners in that extra large carcass of yours anywhere.

2045 days ago


Umm, it hasn't been two months..do the math tards!

2045 days ago


Charles made a mistake. He has now apologized. It's over. Let's move on. Charles has never wanted to be a role model.

Charles is very entertaining to watch and has a great knack for explaining basketball. He also has the guts to tell his audience what's really going on without kissing the butt of the players.

2045 days ago


im 2slow 4ye and i can spell i just use short txt,now i have 2 wait 4 my alien friend 2 take me back home 2 planet 2fast4me ,hope i made my human friends laugh,e.t fone home,elliot ur my friend.

2045 days ago


Would it be cool if he admits the times he did not get caught drunk and driving was stupid.

2045 days ago

honest t    

I have never thought much of Charles Barkley after what he did this to a man standing 5'2 weighing 110lbs, very small, even for a female.

This is a segment of what Charles Barkly was said to have said and done by an off-duty officer

-he spotted Lugo running toward the front with Barkley in pursuit. The officer grabbed Lugo, with Barkley tugging at Lugo's arm.

The officer said he told Barkley: "Charles, I will handle this. Let go. Charles, let me take care of this. "

Barkley responded: "I will not hurt him. I just want to talk to him." When the officer radioed for assistance, Barkley grabbed Lugo. "I looked up and saw the arrestee holding the victim up in the air by his arms, at which time the arrestee threw the victim into a plate-glass window," the officer wrote.

After Lugo went through the window, "I grabbed the arrestee and pulled him away from the victim, who had slumped to the ground and was bleeding from a laceration on his upper right arm, " the officer said.

Barkley taunted Lugo twice, police reported. The first time, Barkley told Lugo: "You got what you deserve. You don't respect me. I hope you're hurt. "

The report said officers pulled Barkley away, but he stepped back and said, "For all I care, you can lay there and die."

Barkley told reporters: "I'm always a target, but I'll never back down. The public does not have a right to do things to you.

" If you bother me, I'm going to whip your ass. The guy threw ice in my face, and I slammed his ass into the window. I'm not denying that. I defended myself. He got what he deserved. "

2045 days ago

Proud American    

He has partied one to many times with those eyes looking a racoon. He need to go somewhere and get some sleep

2045 days ago


If his wife had sex with a male prostitute and it was public knowledge, how fast do you thing "Sir Charles" would forgive and forget? His wife and family have to live with the embarressment and humiliation of his actions. The words "I'm sorry" just are not enough. She should kick his sorry ass to the curb and relieve him of whatever money he has left (he's only going to spend it on ho's anyway!)

2044 days ago


Stupidity yes, but what about UGLIDITY?

2044 days ago

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