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Text Message Ignites Rihanna/Brown Violence

2/11/2009 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown & RihannaLaw enforcement sources confirm to TMZ Chris Brown received a text message from a woman while he was driving with Rihanna and that's what started the confrontation that left Rihanna battered and bruised.

We're told the text message was from a woman who wrote about hooking up with Brown later.

We've also learned there is a reference in the police report to an argument over a rapper, but we've learned this is NOT what triggered the argument. The woman who text messaged Brown is not a rapper. The NY Daily News first reported the text message.

As for Rihanna's injuries, we continue to learn more. Cops took multiple pictures at the scene. Chris Brown allegedly hit Rihanna so hard with his fists, she could barely open her eyes for the photos -- they were almost completely swollen shut. She had a fat lip, her mouth was swollen, her nose was badly bloodied, and she had contusions on her forehead and both sides of her face.

Chris brown: Click to watchAnd check this contrast out (video on right) -- Chris Brown singing a song about reading street signs with Elmo on "Sesame Street."


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It sounds like she got exactly what she deserved. Too bad we live in a society where Chris Brown now faces repercussions for doing exactly what needed to be done.

2070 days ago


Why was there more outrage/media coverage over Michael Vick abusing dogs than over Chris Brown abusing another
human being? Maybe there's a contest to see who can be the next Ike Turner. If thats the case he gets my vote for Music Industries douche bag of the year.

2070 days ago


Takes two to tango, and the music is still playing. What dis she do to set him off... In the day of Equal Rights, women want their cake and want to eat it too... If you dance to the Music, you have to pay the piper at some point... A Real Smak Down... Someone layeth the Smacketh Down on her....

2070 days ago


Why has Chris Brown not been arrested for this yet? He is an A*#hole. I heard on a radio station in NY that the text message was from Paris Hilton texting Chris a Booty Call. I don't know, something TMZ should check out?! I wouldnt be surprised if it was true, Paris is always starting trouble.

2070 days ago


Now you c that, the media (TMZ) prints something & most everyone ran the whole 9 yards w/ it. NEVER BELIEVE WHAT U READ IN THE MEDIA, especially gossip media. THeir purpose is to sell gossip & news and it's obvious that is exactly what their trying to do w/ this story by the way the article is written spread hype & fuel the flame. Rihanna becomes a victim also, you don't think the more they put on it the more embarrassing it is to her? Rihanna's eyes is not so swollen she couldn't open them. She has a few lil knots on her head, not freaking horns growing out. Being a victim of abuse myself when I was her age w/ a hot temper (far worse than hers) what I see is a woman who doesn't want to take photos & now I understand why her pops , CB & her spokeman said some of the things they did. She's just a little bruised up, she will be okay, her pops said. He didn't say she's ****ed up & will need plastic surgery. Matter fact, he didn't sound like an angry dad to me. And I'm sure she left CB w/ a few battle wounds herself. She's a fool if she didnt but by something else her dad said, I know she did. Out of Jay Z's own mouth he said she's young, very young and many of us have to take that into consideration. Now if some of you aren't logical enough to read thru the line, than I don't know what to tell you.

2070 days ago


You guys jump to conclusion to fast. I'm sure Chris did just get so called got caught since both of them have said they’re not together several times. Secondly from the story that's missing here is that she supposedly slapped him first, that was the first act of violence. I don’t; understand why women think they can just hit a man and get away with it without any recourse. Not being there i could say that Chris probably went too far but in the heat of the moment and just being assaulted first he was not able to control himself. I’m not making any excuses for him but just as easy as just found out about the text message she could have asked for him to stop the car and get out and end there so called relationship but that's not what she did. I've always been told whether MAN or a WOMAN did not put your hands on anyone unless you want them to put their hands on you. Just because she a women does not give her a free pass at assaulting him first whether is a slap, a punch or even try to scratch him up. The shame of this is no matter what happens is she started the whole altercation Chris going to be known as a women beater, even though it should of been about two human beings that had an altercation since women want equal rights you can't have it both ways.

2070 days ago

Big Matt    

Chris Brown... what a P***y. Try me on for size buddy... I hit back. I'd kick your A** hard and give you a motor city BEATing like you read about. Little punk MF'r. Beating a woman because she catches YOU cheating? WTF?? You non-man, low rent, pussified weasel. You seriously need your ass kicked HARD and I volunteer to do it. No body guards (I'd HATE to have to stomp them too), no guns (THAT would REALLY piss me off), no knives... just you, me and a parking lot, sidewalk, bar, club... ANYWHERE. You are the kind of guy that gives people a bad name. PUNK!

2070 days ago

CB Fan    

She deserved that stuff. Just another crazy azz woman trying to run a man's life. She threw the first punch...if she didn't want to get hit back, she should have never touched him. If he get's charged, she should get assult charges too. She got what she deserved...PERIOD!

2070 days ago


Wow, after looking at the picture. Whoever still feels like they should give Chris Brown a break or like they need to defend him, are just as ignorant. There is no excuse for beating that girl up like that. I bet he won't beat up a man will he??

2070 days ago


I think that Rihanna should not get back with Chris. If this is not the first time they have been engaged in domestic violance I am absolutely postive it will not be the last. She should not let herself endure such pain, such disrespt over someone that obviosly does not cherish her and respect her enough to treat her kindly and be faithful, loving, and honest.
I do not agree on booty calls, or domestic violence. No one should put their hands on anyone!!! I do not care if you are pist off because you have just been disrespected by your significant other, because once you put your hands on someone else its a battle of the sexes and most of the time the man is going to hurt the woman more unless the woman is super strong or starts grabbing objects. Why would someone keep themselves in a position like that? I am sure their answer will be love, and I am speaking from experience, but we have to learn that love starts from with in ourselves, that person who hurts me does not love me, I learned that It was the company whether good or bad that I was used to. BUT i am sure glad that I was able to pull myself through and find my way with out this abuser in my life, the arguments were stupid and ridiculous.

I wish her the best, I also hope Chris seeks anger management if it is true that he saw his mother get abused as a child than that may have left a great impression in his mind and through suppressing his feelings, when ever he feels there is tension or an argument errupts that suppression turns into agression which causes him to act violently, He also must learn self control. I am aware that he is what like 21 years old. Come'on you know what is right from wrong . Its obvious!!!

If his endorsement choose to cancel the contracts they are entitled to but i do not think that his entire career should be ended, i mean damn he is a taleneted individual.

And last time I checked would if your boss kicked his wifes butt would you want us to say oh my god i hope they close his business!!!! hell no!! you will be like dont worry you will get through this etc etc..

what about the many other women or men that gert abused why arent they televised, or have people wish their careers are ended, or have those photos posted.

2070 days ago

CB Fan    

She's a slut anyways. She gave him std's and all kinds of stuff. I know this for a fact because I have sources in CB's camp and I'll tell you this, that woman is crazy!

2070 days ago


We still don't know the whole truth granted nobody deserves to be hit man or woman. There are still two sides to this story.

2070 days ago


I saw an interview with Chris' stepfather right after this happened, arguing that he is not responsible for Chris' behavior. This guy was creepy. Crazy, sociopath creepy. He sat there with no remorse talking about an early morning he came home to Chris' mom after being out all night with another woman. He kept making excuses for his behavior and arguing that there was no violence in the home even though Chris has come out and said that his stepfather was abusive to his mother. This is always the case in these situations. Chris experienced abuse in the home growing up. I believe he is a good person at heart that has issues from childhood trauma. There is no excuse for his behavior with Rihanna. I am just saying that this is a result of many factors that stem back to his childhood.

2070 days ago


I truely am upset that this happened. With that being said, keep your hands off of other peoples phones nosey bitch. And keep your hands to yourself, if you dont plan on fightin.


2070 days ago

MISS C    

Typical for a victim to suffer at the hands of her abuser. Many times when they are not honest people when they are caught they become so enraged that someone ends up being hurt & it is usually the one that hasn't done anything to deservce a beating. I hope Browns get the book thrown at him simply becuase he boasted about how his mother was beaten & he could never hit a women. Well the little punk has let his fame go to his head & he thinks he can't be touched. Wrong area of the country to do this & get caught.....does Nicole Simpson mean anything to you Chrisy? You will pay for what you've done & maybe you will learn you lesson & be true to your word.

2070 days ago
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