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Lakers Legend Claims Clippers Steered by Racist

2/12/2009 3:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elgin BaylorFormer legendary L.A. Laker Elgin Baylor has just filed a lawsuit against the L.A. Clippers and the NBA, claiming he's the victim of rampant racial discrimination.

In the lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Baylor -- who was unceremoniously dismissed as VP and General Manager last October -- claims the team has "egregious salary disparities" based on race. Baylor claims he was told to "induce African American players to join the Clippers, despite the Clippers' reputation of being unwilling to fairly treat and compensate African American players." Baylor says the owner, Donald Sterling, has a "pervasive and ongoing racist attitude."

Baylor cites the case of NBA player Danny Manning, where Sterling allegedly said, "I'm offering a lot of money for a poor Black kid." The suit claims Sterling repeatedly referred to the team as "poor Black kids" and "he wanted a White coach directing the Clippers." Sterling is being sued as well.

Baylor says he personally got stiffed, only being paid $350,000 a year since 2003, when a "Caucasian head coach was given a 4 year, 22 million dollar contract."

Here's the best part. The suit says, "At all relevant times mentioned here, Mr. Baylor was an African American male over the age of 40."

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baylor should get this money. the clippers are nothing but racist pigs from what im reading. if u get paid less because of your color and sex, u deserve to be paid equally and if thats not gonna happen with your boss, u should take it out in court.
racists are nothing but ignorant, selfish, pigs.

2078 days ago


"... u deserve to be paid equally and if thats not gonna happen with your boss, u should take it out in court." WRONG!

If a person doesn't get paid equally, then that person needs to find new employment where they earn what they feel they deserve.... of suck it up and STFU. The only thing they are entitled to is the amount they agree upon. You accept employment for $50K a year then that's what you get. What somebody else makes is irrelevent.

Where did you get this sense of entitlement?

2078 days ago


sue the old white b@stard!!! luckily he's old, so his ignorant backwoods racism will die soon with him!!

i'm an intelligence-ist!! i'm prejudice against ignorant dumb@$$e$ like sterling who keep polluting the gene pool!!

2078 days ago


"Where did you get this sense of entitlement?"

uhhh, mike, of course he's ENTITLED to get paid the same amount as someone else doing the SAME job. you know you'd be pissed if you found out the night assistant manager was making more than you, which she is!!

2078 days ago


Nope! Sorry Kim you are simply mistaken. I don't fault you for this though. When a person such as yourself has an earning capacity of minimum wage then EVERYBODY is entitled to that same amount. But in the real world that's not how it works.

YOU set the value of your time, not somebody else. If you are offered a job at a given salary it is up to you to elect to accept that offer, reject that offer, or negotiate a higher salary. If you accept it, it is no longer relevent what anybody else earns because you agreed to that amount.

To put it another way, two people doing the same job do not earn the same amount when one is new and the other has been doing it for 10 years. Even an old kook like you can understand this.

2078 days ago


Hey.......this is like a one way street but at least I am driving.

2077 days ago

Black Man    

TO # 38 I Don't exactly see YOUR name posted on this page! Look, I know ALOT more than I even care to discuss on here. As anyone, I'm merely speaking MY peace. That 8X10 photo crap that you're sayin sounds like pure BS. I manage property and that practice simply does NOT go down. Give up your ridiculous conspiracy theories. Someone would be fired for pulling that. Period. I've been in the property management business for many, many years now and I see a lot of delusional people with far fetched arguments that hold no weight. I encounter it EVERY DAY. For instance, a guy moved into one of the apartments and has the audacity to complain that the cabinets in the kitchen are "too low." But, before he even moved into the apartment we did a thorough walk through and he said the apartment was "ABSOLUTELY PERFECT and HE LOVES IT"... Now, all of the sudden after several months of living in the building already he is beginning to claim that the cabinets are too low and it is a "safety hazard?" WTF? They are the same size as ALL standard apartments all over Los Angeles. I get this crap ALL DAY. When people get word of Sterling they think it is an opportunity to sue sue sue. I'm sick of it.

I have even been employed by Black Employers and there was a case of that ole "Willie Lynch Syndrome" thing going down and I actually was paid far LESS than my value, so I quit when they didn't give me the raise I deserved and found new employment elsewhere. There is HATE in EVERY race, even amongst blacks.

Like someone already posted up on here, why did Elgin accept the offer then? He is his own man, he could have rejected the offer. I'm sick of people, not just blacks, pulling the race card for every little thing just to get some money. Gimmie a break! Pull your own weight people! If I don't like what I am being paid, I LEAVE! PERIOD. If there is racism, REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY. PERIOD.

Granted, racism is STILL very prevalent and I still continue to experience it. But, when it comes to employment practices, Elgin obviously had choices that he neglected to make. He is accountable for HIS own actions.

I've NEVER had any issues with Sterling. NEVER.

LOL@the notion of needing an 8X10. LOL! I was NEVER asked that. They did NOT even know my race when I was hired, nor did they even bother to ask. My resume was STELLAR and that speaks for itself.

2077 days ago


To Black Man

Well said!

2077 days ago


"Black Man"

I'm not surprised that Neanderthal Mike agrees with you. He's the guy that says it's perfectly all right for the employer to discriminate against employees (race, sex, disability) doing the same job, by paying different wages, etc. Well, I'll show you a sh!t load of cases where the judges said you can't. And any employer dumb enough to follow Mike's lead is not gonna be in business very long.

Say what you will... and think what you like, racial, sexual and other forms of discrimination DO EXIST. And it doesn't matter whether you had pleasant encounters with the alleged discriminator or not. It doesn't mean squat as to whether Mr. Baylor was subjected to illegal actions at the hands of Mr. Sterling. That's what lawsuits and trials are made for, and I don't think anyone appointed you to be the judge or jury in that case. At best, maybe they will call you as a character witness and you can tell the world how much you just love working for Sterling.

When you say that they never even knew you were a Black Man when they hired you, did you ever stop to think that that might be the only reason why you got the job?

2077 days ago


To Not4Nothin

Show me where I said it is okay for an employer to discriminate against employees on the bases of race, sex, disability, etc. Get the chip off your shoulder dude. All I said is that a prospective employee agrees to accept a position at the salary agreed upon....Period! Do your homework and find out what others in your field make before accepting a job. Stop not taking responsibility for your own choices and actions. Filing a lawsuit because you accepted less money than your counterpart is absurd! The only person you have to blame for making less money is you, because it is YOU that accepted that amount of money. What planet are you from?

"When you say that they never even knew you were a Black Man when they hired you, did you ever stop to think that that might be the only reason why you got the job?" What the hell is wrong with you? He got the job because he was qualified for it. People like you keep racism alive because you insist its everywhere when it's not. You're like those nuts that see the Virgin Mary in a grilled cheese sandwich, but instead of the Virgin Mary, you see racism. Dude! It's just a grilled cheese sandwich.

Agggrrrr!!! You're such an idiot you're giving me a headache, I can't deal with simple people like you..

2077 days ago
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