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Backstreet Booze

Band Requires

Beer at Shows

2/13/2009 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bad Idea: Contractually binding a concert venue to provide a band with booze, when half of said band's members have alcohol problems ... like the Backstreet Boys.

But alas, clear as day in the rider for the Backstreet Boys' current tour, is the demand for 24 bottles of beer and two bottles of "high quality Italian or French red wine." A votre sante!

What makes this particularly funny (or sad, depending on your point of view) is that we have gotten video of both AJ McLean and Nick Carter out drinking within the last month -- both of whom have claimed to be sober.


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there are a ton of other ppl on the tour that the rider applies too

2057 days ago


of course they would.

2057 days ago

cat b    

I guess they want all the booze there so no one will have the DT's on stage ...people who are really trying to stay sober are always instructed not to be about temptation so why have it in any requests???...after seeing a clip of nick downing what should be considered rocket fuel its obvious it isnt the first time ...sad sad sad these people who supposedly have so much still feel the need to self medicate because of troubled childhoods past flash your not a child anymore. not to many of us come from fully functional families...suck it up and grow up...

2057 days ago


I've been in tour catering for over a decade and I've worked with hundreds of riders. The booze is for the band dressing room, not that talent dressing room. Just because the talent's a lush doesn't mean the drummer is. TMZ, if you need help properly interpreting riders, give me a shout.

2057 days ago

Its for thier guests you tool bag!!!

2057 days ago



2057 days ago


I'm just shocked at the amount these people EAT.. good lord, it describes like four meals a day. As for the beer, a 24-pack of bottles sounds like terrifyingly few. Even if they split it 4 ways, 6 beers in one night is nothing for an alcoholic. There's no cause for alarm.

2057 days ago

Canadian Girl    

Backstreet Boys played at the local skating arena in a hick town in Alberta Canada. There is no way those kind of services would have been available!! The only dressing rooms would have reeked like the inside of a hockey bag. lame

2057 days ago


Yeah, but what the bloody heck is "fake bacon"???

2057 days ago

who cares    

Aw Man~ I thought that clock ticked away their last 15 min of fame... The backdoor boys should just give up and give our ears a rest. Go to rehab, jail or whatever and stop already....

2057 days ago


that's ridicolous!!number one : it's just the list of stuff for 52 ppl and more too for a tour of 3 months, do u know aren't just the boys on tour?24 bottles of wine and 4 of beer for 52 ppl and more in 3 or 4 months aren't a lot and y don't u see "24 bottles of spring water", "24 bottles of vitamin water" and "12 cans diet coke"? number 2:nickolas was diagnosed his heart condition on june so before he could drink and after he began to drink a lil less than u know suddenly it can't stop to drink? so on july and august she drank a lil less of before.

2057 days ago


Wow, sleeze knows no bounds. For those that lack common sense (including ALL of the TMZ staff) the rider isn't only made for the four guys in the BSB, it's for everyone on that tour. It's two bottles of wine and a 24 pack of beer, hardly scandalous, they've said as singers they don't drink milk either but that's still on there (Oooh, aaah). They probably had this same rider when Nick, Brian and AJ were underage, doesn't mean any of them drank it. I'm sorry but your "coverage" of this whole thing has been lame, your desperation to find dirt on recovering drinkers (no matter who they are) is sad, and it makes you all look more ridiculous than you do most of the time. Step off TMZ, it's not your business.

2057 days ago


This rider is not only for the Backstreet Boys. They have a crew of 52 people. I really wish people would stop with this whole BSB are alcoholics idea. Yes, AJ and Nick admitted that they had problems with alcohol and drugs. They are seeking help. and Yes, they may have fallen off the wagon recently, but why is that our business. Stop putting so much pressure on them, and let them get their act together. All this negative press is not going to help anyone, except the tabloids. Show them support, not negativity.

2057 days ago


This is a very very old rider guys and it's for a HUGE crew too... I hate to say it but it's not just for them...

Get over it...

2057 days ago


wow...TMZ must really be searching for a story. This is 1) an old rider, and 2) not just for the Boys, but for their whole crew. Yeah, it's probably not the best idea to have that much booze on tour with two recovering alcoholics (although, this is only right after Nick was diagnosed with his heart condition), but there are many other people on that tour who would want beer or wine.

And wow, that's a lot of food, lol. But again, everyone in the crew needs to eat too, and any huge artist is going to have an extensive rider for their venues.

2056 days ago
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