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Octuplet Mom

She Asked For It

She Got It

2/13/2009 12:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So you wonder who's gonna pay for Octomom's bushel of kiddies? Well this pic may foretell the future.

Nadya Suleman got the Denver boot two years ago for not paying parking tickets. The pic was taken in the parking lot of the Cal State Fullerton Children's Center. The future Octomom was attending school there when she came out to her Toyota Sienna to find she got the boot. Two of her kids -- #2 and #3 -- were in the front seat.

We did some digging and at the time the minivan was booted she had 3 delinquent parking tickets -- all issued on campus at Cal State Fullerton.

Octuplet Mom

We're told the silhouette in the back seat is Nadya feeding another member of the soon-to-be-ever-growing brood.


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not a hater    

Come on, stop bashing these innocent kids for the mistakes of their mother. These kids are not to blame for being born! Who is the dad here? Please stop bashing the kids. Anyone could be born to losers for parents and unfortunately too many are. I am really glad to help any kid to have a brighter future. What kind of society would we be if we did not help them?

2071 days ago

Octo Mom Hater!!    

The octuplet mom should be put in jail, her children taken away and given up for adoption. Also any monies she acquires from talk shows, interviews etc should go to charity or government programs. Now the taxpayers and the government have to pay for her rug rats and she can't even support the kids she had.
The doctor that administered her on fertility should be stripped of his license and fined too.
Both of them are INSANE IDIOTS.
Welcome to the USA, just another screwed up scenario on the stupid problems in America!!

2071 days ago


What a disgrace!! She is not a mother, she is an attention whore!!!! She is just trying to launch a television show. You can totally tell she is trying to have "the Hollywood" image. Stop trying to look like Angelina Jole, your nothing like here. Unlike Angelina, the new "tot mom" doesn't make millions, have a bank roll to fall back on, OR have a boyfriend/father/husband for these babies. One of the major things kids talk about after they have grown up is weather or not they had both parental figures in their lives. She is making these innocent children pay for her selfish ways. It makes me sick inside to know that somebody out there would help her bring 8 more kids into this world. In my opinion she didn't even need ONE. And by the way, I am totally boy coting any show she comes out with. I pray that all of you do the same. Don't let her get paid of the U.S. people watching her mayhem of a life.

2070 days ago



2069 days ago

Shari, R.N.    

Comment on the woman who said, " Who are we judge? God allowed her to have all these children for a reason." If I go by that rule of not judging because God allowed it to happen, then we would have to excuse child abusers, murderers, rapists and theives, etc. also, because God allowed it to happen. IVF with 8 embreyos was not God's doing,

2068 days ago


That is a Toyota Sienna!

2077 days ago


Enough more publicity for this leech.........her family alone is sucking the life out of our financial aid system!!!

2077 days ago


I don't get it....I make six figures, have no kids, yet I can't afford a home or new car, but she can...what gives?

2077 days ago


She's gonna need a bigger van than that now!!!

2077 days ago


This woman is a freak. Women with one premature baby spend hours a day in the hospital nursery, but this witch artifically produces eight, then hits the talk-show circuit. She disgusts me.

2077 days ago


She is clearly insane. Let's hope child protective services does their job and removes all the children from her.

2077 days ago


ENOUGH! a;ready!!We get it about her. Please move on or your readers will. You guys tend to over due it to the point of insanity on some stories.

2077 days ago

She's Crazy!    

She left two of her very young children in the van by themselves! WHAT?!?! Do we need ANYMORE EVIDENCE that this woman is unfit! ALSO - go to CNN and watch the video regarding her and Angelina. She completely lied AGAIN. Angelina supposedly reports that she got creepy letters from this mentally unstable woman. CPS WHERE THE F ARE YOU?

2077 days ago


that's a toyota sienna, not a honda odyssey...

2077 days ago


Maybe she should have paid her tickets instead of obvious facial plastic surgery.

2077 days ago
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