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Suge -- I Beat Up My Girlfriend

2/18/2009 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Suge KnightTwo days after Suge Knight's face was smashed in a hotel brawl, he pled guilty to a completely different beatdown ... the one where he allegedly punched and kicked his girlfriend in the head.

As part of a deal in Las Vegas Justice Court, Suge pled guilty to misdemeanor domestic battery -- but had two felony drug possession charges and one felony coercion charge dismissed.

The felony charges were dropped because cops can't find Melissa -- who was the prosecution's main witness -- according to the Las Vegas Sun.

Suge was fined a whopping $340, has to complete 48 hours of community service and has to attend domestic violence counseling.


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Machiavelli is coming to get you suge....

2081 days ago


12. oh god is this beat your girlfriend month guys whats the problem wat are you going through

Posted at 4:16PM on Feb 18th 2009 by Sexy Lady

Yes it is ,"Beat your wife or girlfriend Month"
You really need to keep up on the Obama stuff..He inacted that bill passage right after his took oath..
I got my beating this morning again...Boy i am sure glad feb. onlys has 28 days

2081 days ago

Dr. Adams    

???They can't find her?????......If "they" can't find a "six foot two muslim"...what makes us think that "they" can find anyone...LMAO!!!!!!

2081 days ago


california court system sux.... celebs get off on everything.

2081 days ago


LMAO I love your exaggeration "a whopping $340.00" thats too funny, Domestic Abuse however is NOT! These judges need to be ashamed of themselves. No person should ever be allowed to put their hands forcefully on someone else...especially when that someone else is less than half you size! pick a fight with a MAN you p.o.s......I am certain you will get beat down again!

2081 days ago


This is the attraction so many have to islam when they are in jail. The right to beat up defenseless women. It's a freudian "hate your mother" thing.

2081 days ago


i love it...he gets his ass beat a few times buy some guy so in order to show how tough he is, he beats a girl....way to be a man

2081 days ago


What a piece of crap.....and with this slap on the wrist, he'll just continue on his merry road of myhem.

2081 days ago


LOL...big man shug...beating up on your girl...but then getting LAID THE F*CK OUT ON THE SIDEWALK. pathetic loser...LOL.

and WTF do they mean "they can't find her" maybe that should worry someone...given this thug's history. she's probably dancing in 2Pac and Biggie's music videos somewhere.

2081 days ago


What is the big deal about this fatass? He makes me sick. I agree..he probably did kill her, or threatened her so she wouldn't sing like a bird. He must like jail, cause he stays in trouble. Why do we waste our time on idiots like this??

2081 days ago


Very pathetic that he can easily throw down with a female, an the sorry piece cant even handle his own ass kicking... an get knocked th F@%$ OUT!!!! An then wants to be in the jails in protective custody status.... What a coward!!! He deserves to get his ass kicked every now an then... not the first or the last.. lol

2081 days ago


Going to be in Vegas for awhile? A fat slob like you ought to be easy to spot.

2081 days ago

Tri Fex    

Well at least Suge can beat a girl up! Everytime he fights a guy, Big Bad Suge gets his ass kicked! No wonder he needs a big posse, if he goes out alone someone will drop him. Who is gonna drop Suge next, Screetch from Saved by the bell?

2081 days ago


Is the LAPD going to put 2 and 2 together?
Missing GF...

2080 days ago


figures we would beat up his girlfriend since he gets his ass whooped

2068 days ago
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