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Bikini Girl -- You Got the Wrong Skank!

2/23/2009 11:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katrina Darrell taught us an important lesson last night: Just because some ho is dancing in a bikini, it doesn't mean it's her!

Katrina Darrell: Click to watch
According to Katrina, we misidentified the "American Idol" reject as a contestant in a racetrack swimsuit contest and she wasn't having it.

Katrina, our apologies to you and your "cuter stomach."


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2032 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

She'll be even more attractive once she gets some booze in her.

2032 days ago

Just wondering    

Wow--your really trash! What might be attractive on the outside is overshadowed by the lack of intelligence and need for attention. Your 15 min. are up!

2032 days ago

Triple Play    

Dear Ho Bag. You are done PLEASE GO AWAY

2032 days ago


Seriously... the only reason anyone gives her any attention is because she has a nice body... otherwise she is a really ugly, talentless, annoying wench! Someone should send her back to her trailer park...

2032 days ago



This girl is nothing special, because to be totally honest here in L.A. she is actually EXTREMELY average looking. Im sure douche bags give her attention but its because they want to hit it..But yeah she def blends in with the crowd and will get lost in the shuffle of this fast paced life out here. She is not "ugly". She just has average looks that is put together well..i.e..good makeup, good hair products etc.

Some advice girly. You are cute, but not beautiful or gorgeous. Yeah you might not believe me because guys and family tell you different but they are lying. And in hollywood you must be above average in some area, so i suggest you work on your singing, because if you try and bank on how you look you will fail. Harsh but very true.

2032 days ago


UGH! This girl needs to step down off her pedestal that she put herself on. She is NOT that cute, especially with such an ugly personality. She wasn't "given a fair chance"?!?!? BS!! She CHOSE not to practice with her group and then tried to talk to her group mates as if she was asking daddy for the car keys. "Teach me what I missed" with that stupid pouty look. She got all dolled up and THEN made her way downstairs, totally trying to play up like she wasn't feeling well, and that she was the ONLY one that got very little sleep that night. Good thing you didn't make it (God, I hope you read this, Katrina), because obviously if you couldn't handle two or three days of Hollywood Week, you weren't cut out for the music business! Oh, and if you plan to get into some sort of modeling career (or Playboy, if you are even that lucky), you might want to invest in some boobs, because yours are barely there. Cute body?!?! Nah! I've seen MUCH better!

2032 days ago


OK, I'll try this again, because my comment didn't post:

This girl makes me sick! "Wasn't given a fair chance"?!?! Katrina, I hope you read this, because you need to be knocked down off of that pedestal you put yourself on!! If you would have continued practicing with your group instead of leaving and being all diva-ish, you might have gotten SOME respect and I only say SOME because you couldn't get into Hollywood Week without your schtick. The only reason you got through was because you were somewhat controversial. Yeah, good for a water cooler conversation, but you were lacking in talent and that's why you left! And the whole pretending to be sick after you dolled yourself all up AND were late for the roll-call was unconvincing! I'm sure your group mates didn't like how you tried to pull the pouty, I'm asking Daddy for the car keys stunt: "Teach me what I missed" FU - you would know what to do if you didn't pretend like you were the only one that didn't get enough sleep that night. WAH! Good riddance. Oh, and if you think you're getting a modeling career out of this, you are sorely mistaken! First of all, you're not tall enough and then if you want Playboy, you'll have to invest in some boobs first, because yours are non-existent!

2032 days ago


like oh my god, like totally

was it greasy outside?

2031 days ago


Shut the F up you idiot.

2031 days ago

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