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The Crow Flies But the Comments Don't

2/25/2009 1:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sheryl Crow was in no mood to talk about her now-famous performance for the pampered peeps at Northern Trust as she landed in Washington D.C. yesterday.

Sheryl Crow: Click to watch
Seemed like a fair subject -- Congress is in a rage after seeing our story about the millions of bucks Northern Trust blew last week on partying and golf. And speaking of rage, get a load of Sheryl's assistant.


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Museum Guy    

No one knows the whole story behind the whole thing, including TMZ. Sensationalism seems more important than fact checking, which would most likely reveal that Northern Trust entered agreement to sponsor a gold tournament and host events for its clients prior to the economic crisis. Also, business have obligations to clients after entering into agreements and partnerships. While the events that did take place may appear lavish, I would venture to guess that what had been originally planned was much, much more lavish than what acutally took place and that cuts had been made. Shame on TMZ for perpetuating a story before all the facts are in and shame on everybody else for jumping on the bandwagon and instantly believing what they read, including Barney Frank and other members of congress.

2069 days ago


She should use that money to buy a boyfriend. She doesn't have much luck going the freebie route.

2069 days ago


this is a big PR mistake for sheryl crowe who markets herself as holier than thou. it doesnt matter whether she knew it was a bailout bank. it is inexcusable to make money out off a bailed out bank. it's wrong. she should come clean.

2069 days ago


Shame on Sheryl for kicking Lance to the curb. Now the poor guy's got to start riding his bicycle again.

2069 days ago


I hope you all file charges against her publisist!

2068 days ago


Did you hear her arse-wiper say "That's TMZ, LOSERS!" If that's the kind of attitude in people she surrounds herself with, no wonder she's reduced to playing for corporate hypocrites. Not enough toilet paper to wipe her image clean now.

2068 days ago

Ms. X    

iiiiiiiiiii.....wanna soak up the sunnnn.....wanna tell everyone to get poorer while iiiiiiii get richer (off our backs of course).

2068 days ago


TMZ, why don't you and your videographer press charges against people like Crow's posse? They are trying to destroy his camera and hurt him physically. There are other celebrities and celeb staff who have done the same, and you seem to never press any type of charges. Why? They can't treat people that way, especially when your camera man was pretty far from Crow and the tag along woman and man walked over 30 feet, it seems, to man-handle him and his camera! Crow's never nice it seems unless she's being filmed or is talking to a celebrity. She was mean to me. She was mean to my classmates and friends- all at different times too.

2068 days ago


It's the " I don't care where the money comes from and I have no ethics and don't give a s*^t as long as you pay me syndrome"

2068 days ago

I Smell Michael Burning in Hell - AHHHHH! AAAAAH!    

Incredibly ignorant comments here.
Everything was paid for 1 year ago, no bailout money used.
Paps need to be beaten senseless, if I was there his camera would be shoved up his ass about 18 inches.

2068 days ago


I am from Kennett Missouri, the "hometown of sheryl crow" and believe it or not she has signed a guitar which was donated by some else to be auctioned off for the Delta Children's Home. She couldn't even give a guitar of her own. All she does is sign her name. She has swimming pool in Kennett called the Sheryl Crow Aquatic Center which kids have to PAY to swim in. Doesn't seem like she does much does it?

2068 days ago


She's an over-rated HACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2068 days ago


NICE HATE SITE HERE too. Its no wonder so many other countries of the world view our american society as an over-the-top, spoiled bunch of gossip- seeking, finger-pointing, blame-spewing, gimmee-gimmee, classless people who act like they were brought up in a trailer park with nothing to educate them but National Enquirer and daytime conflict reality shows. I don't think it is any american citizen's responsibility to pre-screen the financial morals and spending boundaries of any other american company to whom they are offering legit business products or services to for a fee...including a controversial public figure artist like this lady who is being blamed as a conspirator or hypocrite. what is with you people? HATE is out of style, haven't you heard? it's just wrong. you all need to take a slow boat to china or learn to demonstrate class and intelligence.

2068 days ago


Who's the stupid bitch with her? Like she has any f**kin right to push him or anyone else around. I would have really lit into her, in a very loud and overpowering way. I commend the pap's patience.

2068 days ago


Crow should return all of that taxpayer money or at least give it all to charity. Especially since last year she self-righteously lectured all of us peasants about how guilty we should feel if we use more than one square of toilet paper for a dump. I guess in Oueen Sheryl's world it's OK to lecture to the poor masses about how guilty they should feel but she thinks that she is above it all.

2068 days ago
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