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Ed McMahon in ICU -- Pneumonia, Cancer

2/27/2009 9:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ed mcmahon: exclusiveUPDATE: We've just learned Ed is in the ICU and his condition is "extremely serious." As one person close to him put it -- "It's not great, to say the least."

We're told Ed McMahon has been hospitalized for nearly a month with pneumonia, bone cancer and other medical problems.

McMahon's condition is "serious" which is pretty obvious given his age -- 85 -- and the fact he has pneumonia.

We contacted Ed's rep, Howard Bragman, who confirmed the hospitalization and added, "He's not at Cedars-Sinai" -- a dig on the hospital Ed is suing for alleged malpractice and elder abuse.


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You people are vicious. Hey when you get to be his age why not spend it or be taken advatage of knowingly by some woman or man. You don't live forever. Here's Johnny!

2071 days ago


This is bad news for anyone and here we are again people posting things like we the tax payers are going to foot the bill or wounder if he had Ins. Give me a Break the man is ill and may not make it . What about his family and friends and the people who love him and care about him. And the people he has touched and helped along the way I wish him the best

2071 days ago


Some of you folks who, not all, just some of you who post comments here just plain suck,

2071 days ago


I feel so bad for him because I know he must be so stressed lately about his home and everything. at his age, I'm sure it's just been too much for him. poor guy. I wish him well~

2071 days ago


Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Heaven

2071 days ago


Best wishes, Ed. I am praying that God will comfort you in this time of need.

2071 days ago


It doesn't matter how old or how rich you are, the hospital should take care of you to the best of their ability and if they don't, they should have conciquences.

2071 days ago


Maybe Donald Trump will bail him out again.

2071 days ago

Bettyfrom CA    

No one mentioned that Ed McMahon won a lawsuit in 2003 claiming mold in his house made he, his wife, and dog sick. Over 7 million dollars and he hurt the rest of Californians as the insurance companies would not assume insurance if you had the smallest your roof. I guess winning that large a settlement pleased him so much that he now has become addicted to suing. I agree with some above. He should be ashamed of himself!

2071 days ago


Ed McMahon was exposed to high levels of toxigenic fungi (MOLD) in his home and was treated by my physician.

His current condition of pneumonia is absolutely consistent with mold exposure, as are his ongoing immune-related symptoms.

People laughed and late night comedians made fun of Mr. McMahon when he claimed mold exposure, and again when his mansion would not sell do to mold.

America -- are you FINALLY ready to take the epidemic-level of mold-exposure in our country to task? Are you finally ready to clean up our schools where countless students are being exposed to the worst indoor air in HUMAN HISTORY?

Please insist that congress pass legislation to make our growing indoor mold crisis a matter of the highest health priority. Mold-related medical conditions (known or unknown) are a significant part of our nation's health costs and general state of malaise, obesity, cancer, diabetes, and countless other growing mystery illnesses.

Excessive and toxigenic Indoor Mold is no longer a subject we can allow insurance to suppress and lie about to control their expenses. It is a matter of national security, not a joke for late night descendants of Johnny and Ed.

2071 days ago

Barbara Hammill    

I use to work for a Malpractice Insurance office in Glendale, California, and I discovered that the doctors 'most likely' to be sued for malpractice were trained at (1) Cedar-Sinai; (2) MLK (Martin Luther King hospital); and (3) Kaiser hospitals.

You can, as a patient, ask the doctor for his malpractice information - ie: cases won/lost and the doctor is required to show it to you.

My mother broke her back bone when she lived in Tucson, Arizona, and she laid in the hospital for 4 days waiting for a surgeon to make the repairs to her never showed up so she was released to go home without surgery. She is 84 years old.

I guess Ed has 2 things against him in this suit - first he's over the age of 65 and second he went to Cedars-Sinai. The quality of care seems to be contingent on your age and where the doctor was trained.

I wish you much luck, Ed, and pray for your recovery.

2071 days ago

Peter RI    

"Given his age...not surprising." That comment smacks of ageism. Many 85-year-olds lead active and healthy lives. Judging from your TV show, most of your staff has just graduated from high school. Your program and your web site are vacuous, featuring tidbits about some unknown starlet photographed picking her nose.

2071 days ago

Tiger Tale    

Dang it! I am down to my last pop tart and I still haven't heard from Publisher's Clearinghouse.

2071 days ago


This man was under a lot of stress and he has family that is grieving, No one wants to loose their home and regardless of how rich or poor you are, regardless of how old you are, EVERYONE should be given the best care possible while in the hospital. They far too often let the elderly go just because they are elderly. Too much trouble to waste on someone old? Well, a life is a life and untill you are dead you should be given every possible opportunity to stay alive. My father was 87 and the Dr.s said let him go he had 5 things wrong with him including cancer mrs and sudamonus [not sure of the spelling] but we fought it and had 4 more glorious yrs with him.

2071 days ago

A.J. Clark    

I really can't understand why society today has become so uncaring and callous. Ed contributed to sooo many of our happy and humorous memories. Have you all forgotten or did any of you posters realize this? I find it to be a very serious problem (of yours) that you can never appreciate Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, Red Skelton Abbott & Costello et al. But then that is REALLY YOUR problem, not mine. The pity is that obviously you will never understand or appreciate real humor or the talent of real comedians. All I can say is "RIP today's generation, you've never taken the time to laugh at yourselves" !!!

2071 days ago
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