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Barkley Catches Huge Break -- Jail Time Reduced!

3/6/2009 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charles BarkleyTMZ has learned Charles Barkley will only have to serve three days in an Arizona jail -- not the five he was expected to serve.

The Scottsdale City court tells TMZ the City Prosecutor recommended the reduction in punishment for his December 31st DUI bust, but it's unclear why the change was made.

Barkley was originally sentenced to 10 days in jail -- but he had the option of only doing five days if he completed an alcohol education program.

He will begin his sentence at Tent City Jail -- where they make the inmates wear pink -- on March 21.

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Serving only 60% of the sentence is fairly common, even for violent offenders if they keep their noses clean while in the clink. So no reason to get all up in arms over it.

Also, to clarify, they don't wear pink outerwear, they wear pink underwear. So they are not walking around in pink jumpsuits or anything.

And Charles isn't going to the part of tent city where they wear that anyway. He is going to be wearing his own clothes.

Seriously, this is just not really that big a deal.

2026 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

To number 14 No Big Deal- Do you work at tent city, or did you do time there? You seem to know so much more than the rest of us. I wish we were all as smart as you. I guess drinking and driving is no big deal. Let's all do it.

2026 days ago


A DUI is a non violent offense. Non violent criminals deserve as many breaks as possible so there will always be a cell for violent criminals and crowding can not be a ticket back on to the street. The public humiliation by making them pick up trash on the side of the road is a far better punishment than jail for the non violent. So is chain gang grass cutting. The schedule of location should be in the local newspaper and the names of the persons doing the owrk in those orang vests should be published. Coupled with fines which must be paid immediately, and the revocation of their license until the hours of "service" are completed. It is well within the power of the court to take their passport and to restrict their movement to a few miles of their home. A curfew is also possible. All of these are just as effective as jail and a hell of a lot cheaper to us non criminal citizens.

2026 days ago


I just do not understand why the rich and wealthy constantly get caught for drinking and driving. Many celebrities get booked for drinking under the influence. They not only harm the rest of the community that are law abiding citizens but they usually harm themselves. Numerous times they have injured themselves in accidents, killed innocent bystanders or ruined their reputation. I do not understand individuals that have so most money and can afford a limo or taxi but choose to drive their vehicle intoxicated. Alcohol is not only the problem, but many celebrities’s drive under the influence of drugs. Many celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Lindsay Lohan, Shea Obef and now Charles Barkely all have been arrested. That is obviously not all of them, there are so many it would require numerous pages to list all of them. Many get off with a slap on the wrist, paying fines, which they obviously can of afford but many now a days, are being put in jail. The jail sentence in always very minimal and they usually get out on good behavior.
I think celebrities are out of control. They feel they can do want they want, when they want at all hours of the day. It is scary as I myself live in Los Angeles and drive in Hollywood late at night sometimes. I find myself wondering I maybe I will encounter one of these individuals driving home from a club or an outing, and will be involved in tragic accident. These celebrities feel as if they are above the law and it up to us regular people to make a stand and put a stop to this crazy irresponsible behavior.
The laws need to be stricter with their sentencing as these celebrities think it is a joke when they get arrested. Fines mean nothing to them as money is abundant to them. I am a responsible driving and when I drink I do not drive and I accept the same from everyone.

2026 days ago


3 days in jail for 2 dui misdemeanors I am glad he didnt kill anyone he would have gotten 4 days and no one would be able to deal with him gone that long. Thanks for portecting and serving!

2025 days ago

doug from nj    

sir charles is a thug.....he will be another oj......never forgot how he spit on the white girl in phila. i hope one of the inmates loves you a lot charles.....thats what you deserve

2022 days ago

Jesus Saves With Geico    

Does he still have to wear the pink undies?

2027 days ago


This guy has been getting a pass and breaks since junior high---the pampered athlete, the guy who is above all the rest of his peers, ever since junior high. Dont even think for one second this guy wont be in trouble again with women or booze---he has been quite public about how he is not going to quit drinking but just "get it under control"...ok big guy, you've met your match when it comes to alcoholism----as a disease it doesnt distinguish between a good sports star and a street bum in taking its toll.

Keep getting the breaks, keep flapping the jaws, keep fooling yourself that you got this thing "licked" because you had to stay inside and hide for a month...With the addicitons you have in gambling, sex and drinking, one of the three will get you.

This guy will be dead in 5 years or put in jail or the nuthouse, if he doesnt get serious long term treatment for why he was driving around drunk looking for bj's. Wonder what story he told his wife and daugther about the bj part?

So sorry once again the junior high basketball star gets a break after screwing up. He's nothing more than a 7th grade bully with a racist mouth who never had to pay the dues that non sports starts had to growing up. No wonder he wants to beat up people smaller than himself.

2027 days ago


That'll teach him!

2027 days ago


Help Yourself Now, you are supposed to post comments here, not essays. Also Barkely is not spoiled, papmpered, or catching a big break. He is still going to jail. They only knocked off two days.

2026 days ago

Fonzworth V. Brightly    

Azz-Wipe should have served the entire 10 days...WTF...celeb's get all the F---en breaks imaginable,

2026 days ago



2026 days ago


..."but it's unclear why the change was made."

An under-the-table handshake?

2026 days ago


wow, another celeb that gets a reduced sentence for dui. I think the judicial system should make an example of celebs and give them the maximum penalty possible.

2026 days ago


"This guy will be dead in 5 years or put in jail or the nuthouse, if he doesnt get serious long term treatment for why he was driving around drunk looking for bj's."

Huh? I am not sure what planet you are from. This is normal behavior for guys on planet earth.

2026 days ago
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