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"Bachelor" Jason Sucks Face for Attention

3/9/2009 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We tried asking "Bachelor" Jason Mesnick why he pulled that total A-hole move on national TV -- kicking his new fiancee Melissa to the curb for a shot with Molly -- but his mouth was otherwise preoccupied ...

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After seeing Melissa "healing her broken heart" by joining Dancing with the Stars, it's pretty hard to feel sorry for her. She's just as bad as he is.

2053 days ago


The other girl got lucky.

2053 days ago

Lord Xenu    

This guy is a SUCK-U-BUS. The skanks are just as bad.

Seriously, does anyone believe they will find true love by making a spectacle out of themselves on national TV?

2053 days ago


She is so ugly and he is almost bald, they deserve each other...They probably are the new Heidy and Beavis, i mean Spencer...

2053 days ago



2053 days ago


I accepted the story that it was not preplanned, that it was not scripted, that he felt he had to do it on TV for some reason. I accepted he picked the wrong woman (thought so at the time), but I am darn sick of watching him slobber all over Molly on every television program and at every photo op. Now I'm just sick of all of them.

2053 days ago


I am soooo glad it ended the way it did........................who the hell would want to be with someone so fickled?

Melissa has joined "Dancing with the Stars" only due to the fact that Nancy Odell had to drop out on Friday and they were squirrning to find somone o take her place. She was in LA to appear on the Ellen show last week.

2053 days ago


No, he not feel like he had to do it on TV, he was under Contract, he even said this on one of his interviewes, he choice to do it behind the scenes but he was under contract with the TV show that if he was to change any part of thier relationship it had to be done on TV. he and Melissa already broke up before the TV show, it was no surprise to Melissa, they just had to come and TV it on TV per the contract, this is why she did not wear her right out there.

2053 days ago


His eyes are open and he is looking toward the camera. This guy wants his 15 minutes of fame extended and that's it.

2053 days ago



2053 days ago


There all stupid fame whores and anybody who is upset by what happened on some dumb tv show needs to get a life.

2053 days ago


Indecisive Man-Whore - but he's still HOT. Makes you wonder WHY he's single... I'd like to get information from his exes and what they think about this. Seems he's not spending as much time with the kid lately either.

2053 days ago


I am glad he did what he many months later I hear how the Bachelor's have ditched their picks or the women have ditched their picks..finally one that I know what was going on..he made a mistake and he corrected it. There is nothing wrong with what he did and maybe the girl who was dropped will benefit just as Jason benefitted when he was dropped.
He manned up and it was awkward but these two look happy together and I think it's real. Now the other girl is going to be on dancing with the stars so she is recovering and will get more airtime then she did on the Bachelor. It's a win win.

2053 days ago


To POST # 9. No, he not feel like he had to do it on TV, he was under Contract, he even said this on one of his interviewes, he choice to do it behind the scenes but he was under contract with the TV show that if he was to change any part of thier relationship it had to be done on TV
Posted at 10:46AM on Mar 9th 2009 by K"
What Bcause he said so? R you kidding me .... he is such a liar! He didn't have to do anything on tv like break up with Mel OR stick it to Mel by saing it was Molly he was in love with .....becasue

The producers and Chris H said during interviews (every single interview they did) that he was NOT under any contract to say or do anything like that on air ..... he could have chose to do it all behind the scenes and just go out on air and talk about it all by himself ..... he also didn't HAVE to ask Mel to marry him if he was in love with someone else or both women (which he was)

He should have had some INTEGRITY and not have proposed to Mel when he still had feelings for #2

He is a snake, a cad, a creep and a big bald loser..... he and his ugly #2 girl can have each other!

2053 days ago

Nope, Try again    

#9: You are incorrect. Jason was not under contract to break up with Melissa on television. He says that the producers strongly suggested it, but that it was his choice alone, and that he takes full responsibility.

Here's the deal. He DID sign a lengthy contract. And I am sure it had all sorts of things in there about what he could and couldn't do. Whom he could and couldn't talk to (other girls from the show), and whom he could and could not see during the waiting period between the time production wrapped and the time the finale aired. He spoke with Molly once right after they left New Zealand--and had to get network permission to do so, which he admitted on one of the talk shows. The fact that he had to get permission to talk to her, means that his contact with her was regulated by contractual agreements.

Here is my theory:
Fast forward 6 weeks after the finale was filmed. He and Melissa are already broken up, but he is still not allowed to have contact with Molly or he could be sued for breach of contract. He knows that she is being considered for the Bachelorette. Problem is, he can't talk to her until his finale airs and they film the After the Final Rose Special--at which point, he knows it will be too late. So what does he do? He tells ABC that he and Melissa are done, and that he wants a second shot at Molly. They tell him that they can set up a meeting between him and Molly, but that it will have to be on camera. They offer to move up the After the Final Rose special taping, so that he can do this. They suggest to him that, just as the proposal was before a national audience, he owes it to everyone (fans, and of course the network who is setting up the meeting with Molly) to have the break-up on television, too. He is still not able to talk to Molly on the phone, and must wait to see her at the taping. He doesn't tell Melissa that he wants a second shot with Molly because either producers tell him not to, or because he is afraid she won't show up for the taping if he does. So instead, he talks around it to Melissa: she knows that they will likely discuss their break-up on the show--but when she asks him if Molly is part of his motivation, he tells her "no."---Instead, she goes out on stage and he basically tells her "I still have feelings for Molly".

He did it the way he did because he wanted Molly and thought the only way he would have a shot was if he told Melissa in front of the cameras. He compromised his integrity, showed what a selfish spineless guy he is capable of being, and basically irreparably damaged his "brand" as "everyone's single dad with the heart of gold". A brand that he was intending to parlay into a new career in the public eye. Good luck with that.

2053 days ago
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