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"Bachelor" Jason Sucks Face for Attention

3/9/2009 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We tried asking "Bachelor" Jason Mesnick why he pulled that total A-hole move on national TV -- kicking his new fiancee Melissa to the curb for a shot with Molly -- but his mouth was otherwise preoccupied ...

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I think Molly was Jason's first choise until DeAnna talked to him about her mistake and told him not to make the same mistake. Clearly Jason was absolutely crazy about Molly from the first night he met her !!!!! But he should have been a better man and ended it privately instead of on the show. I wish them all the best.

1992 days ago


Hey I agree with post # 1.......Melissa should just go back to her life- goes for all of them.I cannot fel sorry for some chick WILLINGLY going on a dancing show. When she is booted- she will cry foul . I hope the best for Jason and Molly, more power to them.

1992 days ago


Jason is a CREEP and Melissa is better off with him gone. I was actually rooting for them but he turned out to be full of himself and now he is just creepy!

1992 days ago


i think if i had a boyfriend that walked with his arm constantly around my neck like that, i'd have to break it!

1992 days ago


Why hasn't anyone contacted Jason first wife it would be nice to see what see says, suppsdely he dumps a ;ot of poepl as he is fickled, guess so that 's what we all saw. Jason what goes around comes around sonner and later. You did not do tis for your son ty, you are a selfish person, you don't let Melissa have holidays with your son then yank her away and be KISSING ON MOLLY WITH IN 40 MINS. OF TELLING MELISSA GOOD BYE YOU ARE A FAKE AND THIS WAS YOUR, ONLY WAY TO MEET NICE WOMEN NOT GIRLS AS YOU CALLTHEM AND THEN YOU SREWED THEM OVER LIKE DEANNA DID TO YO U BUT WORSE, YOU ARE A BASTARD AND I AM JUST WONDERING HOW PROUD YOUR PARENTS COULD BE OF YOU RIGHT NOW. IF TY WERE OLDER HE WOULD BE EMBARRASED OF YOU. I HOPE YOU HAVE TO MOVE OUT OF YOUR CITY BECAUSE RIGHT NOW THE NAME OF YOUR CITY IS BASTARD TOWN AND YOU DID THAT TO IT ALL BY YOURSELF, MOLLY HOME TOWN IS NOW CALLED OPEN LEGS MOLLY WILL TAKE LEFTOVERS COME ON DOWN.

1991 days ago


Now that is mature...NOT.. does he think that is funny, it doesnt like she is as into it as he is :) he is very inmature and needy not to mention gross with his 14 year old, kissing game.... UGH! GROSS, the more he is in the spot light the worse he looks. This man has issues and if Molly doesnt see that she has bigger problems. He made Melissa look like a loser and now he is working on Molly.

1991 days ago


Molly's sooooooooo stupid!

1991 days ago


yes Jason is truly a bastard, and a lying, deceitful one too! molly folly is an idiot and skank. molly folly is the biggest phony. jason lied about having contact with molly folly prior to ATFR. that bitch molly made jason second guess himself by saying how he's making a big mistake and badmouthing Melissa. and the only thing jason was looking for was the physical. no person can seriously be completely in love with someone then after little time being with that person after getting engaged decided to dump that person and go to #2. jason said in interviews in january that he was engaged and happy. so how he changed his mind so quickly? why didn't he give his engagement to melissa a fair chance? he didn't even try. what a selifsh jerk. that skank molly folly definitely had a lot to do with that and tried to make him doubt himself.

And what's up wtih all these GROSS PDA?? Ugh no one wants to watch that. they're disgusting. whenever jason can't think of anything to say or can't make up a good answer he just kisses his bitch. he even does that on talk shows, like on Bonnie Hunt. that's just so rude and inappropriate. uh hello jason? you're not on the bachelor anymore! no one wants to watch these cold-hearted freaks exchange saliva. seriously, it's so annoying to watch him deliberately be all over that bitch and takes the PDA too far. And they wonder why they have offically become America's most hated couple.
They'll definitely won't last. sooner or later their mindless infatuation will wear off and they'll be both sick of each other. they deserve all the criticism and negative press they get because they are bad people. we don't owe them any sympathy. Melissa definitely dodged a bullet and when Bonnie said how Melissa moved on and is happily dating someone else the expression on jason's face was priceless!

now it's Melissa turn to shine! jason and molly folly are old news and no cares about them. the next time they'll make news is when inevitably they break up.

1990 days ago


16 . feel very good about Jason he did right thing. "He chose Molly" because I.was from beginng to end. I am see
the program.My feeing the girl Molly better then Melissa ;I am wish their Love each other endless until forever:
And Love the little good looking Boy more and more :

Posted 12.4 am on Mar i2 2oo9 Theresa

1990 days ago


Just got the word that Jason Mesnick went back to his ex-wife!
Can't find anything on it, so I came where I know the news breaks
first! Any truth to this? Anyone else heard the same?

1985 days ago


Molly should definitely keep him as a favor to all single girls out there. Keep the creepy dude out of circulation, please.

1984 days ago


I think Melissa never intended to win on Bachelor (she did this all for publicity) and when Jason picked her she had to find a way to get out quick. Thus the reason they say "things changed not long after the show" I didn't think that until I see her theatrics on Dancing with the Stars. Good for you Jason to have re-though spending your life with her.

1978 days ago


saying that melissa is just as bad as jason, makes no sense at all. She has said numerous times that she is fine and does not deny the fact that she is doing really good. Which is the best revenge. Jason is just a creepy ahole. Look at him slurping his sloppy kiss on her mouth just for the cameras. wow, what a gross sound. Whats his next act, pulling down his pants and farting in her face?

1975 days ago
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