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Scores a House!!!

3/9/2009 9:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom don't need no publicist, because she's about to get a new home.


We've learned her dad is the purchaser of the 2,583 square-foot house for Octo. It's located in La Habra, near where OctoGrandma lives now. It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, a large master bedroom with a walk-in closet and a large backyard. It's listed for $564,900. The buyer paid near asking price.

It's listed by Mike Patel of Prudential Realty in Anaheim Hills in the O.C. We're told the deal was just inked and it will close on Friday. Sources also say the "substantial down payment" came from money that OctoMom has been scoring over the last few weeks. As one source put it, "the money has been coming from all over the place -- $15,000 here, $25,000 there." We're told the seller is financing the deal.

We're told Octo will either move in over the weekend or early next week.


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It doesn't pay to be honest and this proves it. I never stuck a hospital for a big bill, never lived on food stamps, disability or welfare, raised my family by myself and I can't afford to live in a home like that but that sow and her litter who have done nothing good, can. Is this justice? Just two weeks ago her father was on Oprah saying he only had $100.00 to his name, now he can buy a house? That's because the sow doesn't want to own anything so she can continue to live off the system. If her gravy train runs out, she can claim she is eligible for welfare because she doesn't own the home herself. I didn't wish her harm before but now I do. I'm sick of how much she is getting for doing nothing good.

2056 days ago


YOU PEOPLE ARE THE CRAZY ONES.......How can you speak about another human like this? And I bet you all go to church on Sunday! God Bless America!

2056 days ago


Does this mean she has paid off her prenatal care and the hospital bill for the continuing care of the additional babies she decided needed to be brought into the world?

How is it possible that she can receive compensation and still send the bill for the care of her family to the government?

I am sure A LOT of people would like to know how to do that.. The people who go to work, at jobs they hate, or just plain don't like are having money taken out of their checks to pay for this woman and her children. It is insanity.

Who is stupid? SHE or WE?

2056 days ago


This is a very nice house. Too nice for someone like her. I wonder what she is going to do when her 15mins of fame is up and she can no longer get paid to do interviews or take pictures. People if you think this house isn't big enough, they can easily covert the garage into living space. And refinish a basement or an attic as living space. It wouldn't be that tight once they remodled etc. It is a shame someone like her and her parents don't deserve what is basically to them a free home. While other Americans are in foreclosure losing their property.

2056 days ago


the house has too much white..carpeting, floors, furniture. hope the kids have a good time messing it all up with their artwork.

2056 days ago


I am so sick of her. Who effen cares.

2056 days ago


Welcome to Barack Obama's America!

Well said! Couldn't agree more.

These people are the epitome of welfare fraud. Don't think for one second that Octomom's parents weren't in on this scam from day one. Doesn't anyone find it odd that Octogranny stopped paying for her house right around the time Octomoron decided to have more IVF?? Have you all forgotten the early pictures of Octogrampy taking the older kids in and out of the house? He lives there for heaven sakes! It's all about cheating the system. These people have fine tuned it better than most.
And they are still at it. Octogrampy has the house in his name (wasn't he supposed to go back to where ever and work because he was broke?? Must be a great paying job over seas.) Yeah, right.

Octomoron's parents will be living there. You can count on it. And everyone keeps saying it's not enough room for the 3 adults and all 14 kids. Has anyone rememberd the Angels in Waiting "staff"?? Even tho most of them probably won't be living there, they will be IN the house, day and night. There has to be some sort of zoning against that many people in a single family dwelling.

The tax payers of CA should get together and file a lawsuit against this woman and her parents. Welfare needs reform NOW!! Or you can bet the newest Octomoron is already setting up her scam.

Posted at 12:09AM on Mar 10th 2009 by Ticked Off Taxpayer

I AGREE WITH TICKED OFF TAXPAYER!!! I think her parents and the Doctor were all in on this scam together. They all thought they were going to get RICH

2056 days ago


Makes me sick. He dad bought, with nadyas donations, this way the state cant take the house for repayment of the welfare.

2056 days ago

p girl    

4 bedrooms and 2500 square feet is still way to small for her and 14 kids! I have 2000 square feet, 2 kids and a husband and still feel like I cant get one room for myself

2056 days ago


well said ticked off taxpayer! and stupid Dr Phil right in helping her too. He would do anything for publicity

2056 days ago

Lord Xenu    

The state should put a lien on the house until she repays all the money she scammed from taxpayers and immediately cut her off from any further government funds. And she gets the 8 babies when pays off the medical bills in full.

2056 days ago


OMG, I bet the neighbors are just jumping for joy.

If I lived next door, I think I'd give the press free access to my back yard to film their every move, in hope they'd move along to another location!

Seriously, for what this house cost, they could have had a house with many more bedrooms, and enough acerage for privacy in another state.

2056 days ago


How can this caniving women take money from people when she said she will not be on welfare or charity.
This women is a liar and a cheat to the public and should not have these children as they will probably be raised to
be a burde to the public assistance programs. like their mother.
bill latimer

2056 days ago


I don't know what everyone is so upset about its not like shes the only one with kids on welfare in that state, the way cali houses illegals you would think that they would complain about them first, rather than a true american citizen second.

2056 days ago


u people are nuts to send this golddigger any type of money idiots!!!!

2056 days ago
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