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Is Rihanna

A Flawed Covergirl?

3/14/2009 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0312_rihanna_covergirl_ex-1Revlon has secretly hired a huge polling company to find out if Rihanna is hurting its competitor, Covergirl.

An online survey is circulating by the folks over at Harris Interactive. The survey -- which we've learned was commissioned by Revlon -- features a Covergirl commercial for mascara. It then questions people if they are aware of the person in the commercial (without saying Rihanna's name), if they've heard about her in the news lately, if they have an opinion about the person and if they feel the person is "an appropriate spokesperson" for the product.

The obvious implication here -- are women pissed off that Rihanna got back with Chris Brown and therefore would be less likely to buy Covergirl products? That's what we're thinking.

We confirmed with Harris Interactive that the poll is a "proprietary study by Revlon" -- translation: no one was supposed to know Revlon was doing recon on its competitor.

We spoke with someone at Revlon who said she'd get back to us. We're still waiting.


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hate her    

Trix, you at least got one of those scenarios right. Rihanna has been very violent toward Chris and he finally got enough.. I keep asking on every sight, how is she a victim when she punched first and she took his keys out of the ignition and sat on them after he allegedly punched her repeatedly? She won't testify because she's not being honest.

2050 days ago


I don't care who started it. If she was getting in his face, he should have been the bigger man and walked away, not beat the crap out of her like a little bitch. If she's such a problem he should have called the cops, or found a way to get away from her, not keep fighting. After all, he's not the one that ended up with the picture at the police station, she was. And biting? Who does that!? He is sick.

They both need help, but she should not be someone that young girls are looking up to right now. Girls look at her and say "if she puts up with it, and she's so pretty and has so much going for her, then so should I." That's not the message Covergirl should be sending.

Covergirl should definately dump her!!! Why would they want someone to represent their business, when that person is associated with supporting domestic violence? I think she is a terrible role model! I would not buy anything with her face on it. If Covergirl keeps her, they are condoning domestic violence as well.

2050 days ago


justice for chris,

i'm not sure i worded my comment correctly. i definitely believe rihanna is a victim, even if she has been violent towards chris brown. he's much stronger than her and it seems obvious by the injuries she sustained, he was clearly in control, NOT her. he could have restrained her without striking her or simply gotten out of the car. a man NEVER has to resort to that level of physical abuse.

you said she punched him first, were you in the car with them? as far as i've read, they were alone in the car that night and neither has made a statement other than the police report she gave and i don't remember reading that she hit him first. where did you get that information? not that it condones his attack even if it were true but i'm just curious.

people keep making up lies and there is so much innuendo out there. rihanna might very well have been deceitful but the point is, no one knows that except chris brown and he hasn't spoken yet. furthermore, even if she has lied, she STILL doesn't deserve what happened to her.

my comment stating that i think covergirl should dump her is specifically because of her choice not to leave her abuser and the fact that she is a horrible role model. as i said previously, it sends a terrible message to young, impressionable girls who look up to her and now think it's ok to be beaten up, or that there is some justification for abuse.

you sound to be in that category yourself... just based on the name "justice for chris."

the only justice for chris is a lengthy prison stay ~ which any non-celebrity would receive. and to lose his record label and any endorsements he still has left... just as any common, nonfamous citizen would lose their job if they beat the sh*t out of their partner and it became public in their community.

it's truly appalling how many people are either staying silent over this or making justifications for his violent attack. i grew up learning once is too much... a man lays a finger on you, he's gone. and good luck to the man that ever does hit me. he better just go ahead and kill me because once my brothers find out, he'd be dead by the end of the day anyway. :) lol

2050 days ago


Let's see... she's gone back to the man who beats her up. She is trying to get out of testifying against him. She herself is physically abusive.

2050 days ago


kal, you're right. as soon as she leaves chris brown and stops going out partying every night until 4:30 am, i will offer my complete support and put out all the positivity i can. right now, it's a little difficult.

i think her parents need to take a little more control and stop being so passive. to blindly support her decision for her to return to her abuser makes absolutely NO sense. that passivity probably has something to do with this situation rihanna finds herself in today.

it's all sad as hell and my little goddaughters, nieces and nephews love rihanna and have all heard what happened and it's very difficult to explain this insanity when she is doing the exact opposite of everything they have been taught. the act itself corrupted a lot of innocent children and her reaction to it (or lack thereof) has caused further corruption and confusion.

they're both idiots, IMO, but the bottom line is, there is NO JUSTIFICATION FOR ABUSE.


2050 days ago

hate her    

To you Trix,-Her statement does read that she pretended to call her assistant and left a message which stated that she was on the way home and to have the police waiting there. Now what terrified woman would do that? According to the statement, he had already been punching her with his right hand and driving with his left so why in the hell would she say something about calling the police? That doesn't make sense. A TRUE BATTERED WOMAN WOULD NEVER DO THAT!!!! They would do whatever it took to pacify the attacker until they could get to a safe place. I know, because I've been there and that's something that any frightened person alone in a car with their attacker would do. Secondly, if he was punching her so bad, then how was she able to get the phone and pretend to call her assistant? Why didn't he just knock the phone out of her hand? That makes no sense. And finally, after all of this, she takes the keys out of the ignition and sits on them. These are all reports that she made. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE A VICTIM TO ANY OF YOU? If you look at the picture, and take away the bruises on top of her forehead where she just as easily could have hit her head while actively fighting a man in a car, then the extent of her injuries include a busted lip. There is nothing about her face that looks like she was punched over and over. If she had been her face would not even be recognizable. If you people would just pay attention to the details of the picture and HER STATEMENT, you would see that this mes does not add up.

2049 days ago

shelly stitt    

I don't understand why anyone thinks it's ok to take away anything that rhihanna has worked so hard to get all because the man that she relied on to protect her turned out to be the one person she should have been protected from. Do you think she wanted this to happen to her?

2049 days ago


The only way Rhianna should have her contract with Revlon honored is if Revlon is try to sell a product to "hide from those placed their by your abuser." I don't think Revlon would like the project that image. Any woman who allows her boyfriend or husband to abuse her and then runs back to him, should NEVER be paid to be a model or role model. If Revlon 'takes her back,' or honors the contract, then they are just as incompetent as Rhianna in making an educated decision. I have no respect for a woman in Rhianna's position. It is not like she is broke and has no where to go. She must realize that this will not be the last time Chris will beat her. I just hope Rhianna and her baby survive the next assault.

2049 days ago


First of all, people need to cut out that whole "Rihanna is a victim" crap, cuz that's not the case. She's as violent (if not more) than Chris, and she started something with the WRONG one, and Chris finished it. There are REAL victims out there of domestic abuse, and trust me, "RiRi" ain't one of them, and she knows it. She just ran up on the one who would not tolerate her crap.

Secondly, Revlon was a fool to pay money to commission this survey. All they had to do was LEAK out the fact that they were CONSIDERING doing a survey, and let TMZ get wind of it, so they can do exactly what they've a poll. It doesn't matter that TMZ's poll isn't 'scientific' and blah-blah-blah; all they were seeking to do was check the pulse of the public as Revlon clearly wants to do. They could've gotten their answer for FREE, as they should be able to see from this poll and subsequent comments. I bet they are paying attention, too.

At any rate, CoverGirl should drop her ass, with the quickness. Otherwise, they won't be able to escape the stigma of being the makeup to cover bruises, etc. Plus, as I said before, she's no victim, and she's certainly no role model.

2049 days ago


I was a big FAN of RiRi's, NOT ANYMORE! COVERGIRL needs to dump her!!!! She is sending the wrong message to young, middle aged and older women!!!! So beautiful yet soooo DUMB!!!!!

2049 days ago


how in the hell is it anyone's business but her personal friends & family if she goes back to him?
none of you know what exactly went on, if there was past abuse by either side, so who in the hell are you to judge?
it's her life, it's her grave.
who actually pays attention to the sponsers anyway? either the make up is good, or it's not. doesn't matter who puts it on for tv.

2049 days ago


Like it or not, she took a stand for, not against domestic violence. That is what she will be remembered for. (which is why she's bad for business). She knew the consequences and that everyone would know, when things went public and the photo was leaked, and she went back to him anyway. I'm sure there are tons of people, such as managers that warned her that she could hurt her image and her carrer. She chose to take that risk, obviously she doesn't care much about her endorsement deals...

As a celebrity she is someone girls look up to and idolize. Her decisions don't just effect her. When you're famous you take the good with the bad. Sorry there is not much of a private life, but she knew that when she signed up for it! That's the price you pay for being a rich celebrity, it's not all parties and fun. You have an obligation, when you know people are looking up to you....or atleast you should.

She can do whatever she wants, but she should have consequences for it. If she wants to get beat, that's her business, as long as businesses don't support it, and drop her.

2049 days ago


I saw the commercial and I thought to myself--I don't want to judge her but I don't think I can look at the commercial without thinking of the shocking picture of her looking so ugly with the bumps on her forehead, the bite on her cheek, the bruises and the bloody lips. It was a disgusting picture to see and apparently I can't get it out of my head. I like men who are gentle and knd and decent and not a cheat. I don't want to have to think about these two when there are so many ugly things happening right now in the world. I want to keep positive thoughts in my head. Our society moved up a notch by electing a black President. Rihanna and Chris and P. Diddy brought it down two notches in one night. I think we should listen more to Jay-Z and Beyonce. He seems to be a gentleman and she seems to be a lady. They seem to be in love with each other. Of course, no one knows what happens behind closed doors but this is how they seem. Chris and Rihanna on the other hand, left nothing to the imagination. And "Puffy" is another one I never want to look at again. It was bad enough with him in that cllub shoot-out with JLO. Now, he's palsy-walsy with Chris, seen grinning like a dope on a jet ski. Remember the little girl on American Idol crying over Sanjay. This is what a young teen girl looks like a lot of the time. And these are the ones we must protect. Sure, we parents try to be role models but the world of music steals our kids away from us and we can't always get them back. People who say YOU SHOULD BE THE ROLE MODEL AS A PARENT obviously never had kids or else they keep theirs under lock and key. I did have a long talk with my daughter about women and men and respect and together we agreed to smash up all of her Chris Brown and Rihanna CD's. We both love Jay-Z and Beyonce doing that song "Me and My Boyfriend/Girlfriend" whatever it's called, I like that one and they look decent. My daughter played it for me and I thought it was good. I do not think these other two are decent and P. Diddy--also not decent.

2048 days ago


I can understand the frustration with Rihanna for taking Chris back. But damn guys, why do wish negative her career. We have all make mistakes. Most of us have put up with alot of crap from the opposite sex expecially women and have accepted them back into our lives. Should we lose our jobs for bad judgment? I don't think so. Because if we did, no one would have a job.

I get it, she is a role model. But she is a person first. She has to live her life the way she wants. She is the VICTIM!!!!!! Chris on the other hand, he should pay for what he did. He is the Preditor!!!! So many women go back to men that beat them. They need help, not ridicule. She is very young and she probably believes that the beating was her fault which is probably why she took him back.

She doesn't deserve to lose her career. She need help!!!!! She thinks that it's ok for love to hurt. She will learn in her own time just give her a chance.

2048 days ago

CB Supprter    

Cover girl SHOULD drop Rhianna because she will hender them from making money! She gets beat, defends and stay with Chris, woman who don't agree with the fact that she's staying with a woman beater will want nothing to do with her let alone a company who has her as a representative for their products! So therefore less people will not buy cover girls product and they will loose money! So weather Rhianna was wrong or not, the situation itself has caused her to lose out. It actually makes since to drop her! And if cover girl picks her back up I will no longer buy their products!

2048 days ago
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