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Natasha -- Only a Matter of Time?

3/18/2009 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Natasha Richardson may be alive, but only in the most technical of medical terms, according to various reports.

Vanessa, Joely & Lynn: Click to watch
Family friends are telling a variety of news sources Richardson is in fact brain dead and it is just a matter of time. Richardson's family, including her aunt Lynn Redgrave, her mother Vanessa, sister Joely Richardson, and her children Michael and Daniel visited Natasha at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC last night.

Natasha suffered a critical brain injury after falling on a ski slope Monday.

Story developing ...


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To #35: why are you reading TMZ if you want the stars "left alone" I would think you would stay away since you feel so strongly and you know how they report on celebrities.

2009 days ago


How very sad for her family...All because she didn't wear a helmet...My thoughts and prayers are with them...I cannot express how important it is for everyone at any age to wear protective gear with any sport. I work in a Intensive care unit for children and sadly, we see this kind of traumatic brain injury all the time (if in fact that is what Natasha has) Not just with skiing but with snowboarding, motorcycles, ATV's, bycicle, name it...Another important message totally not related to this very tragic story is NEVER let your toddler ride on riding lawn mower...I have seen first hand the devistating injury it caused a 2 yr old who lost his ENTIRE genital area after falling off one and being run over by it ...There is zero hope of any re attachement. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE People spread the word....Accidents like this are totally avoidable!

2009 days ago



2009 days ago


Didn't these two have an affair while married to others? Karma. You can never find true happiness stomping on the backs of others.

2009 days ago


PLEASE, I beg of you TMZ, be respectful and careful with how you handle this story. This woman has family and children. Think of them in this difficult time.

2009 days ago


i'm so sorry to hear about this. her poor family's going through hell right now. my dad died 1 1/2 yrs ago from brain swelling, he didn't hit his head. he woke up w/ neck pain, went to the dr., and by night time was in a coma and never woke up. TMZ, don't you dare hound those kids anymore. they may lose their mother and don't need you chasing them asking dumbass questions that no child should have to answer.

2009 days ago


These photographers are way out of line. Pummeling them with the question - "How are you feeling"? How do you think they are feeling you morons?

Leave these people alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009 days ago


Would you want a camera shoved in your face at the worst time in your life? There is a way to report things and respect the family. There is really nothing to report right now anyway. Not until the family comes out and make a statement. Taking pictures of them is not news. Its exploitation and ghoulish. Let's get right up in their faces and see their pain. Nice.

2009 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Thats all that counts.Brain death should be the jump off point of medical ripp off`s.I`ve bleed many many times in my brain with a arrow lodged in there and two bullets and some major coma and skull/brain damages.But of course I had a brainwave even if not a strong one.EBS and DBS can bring some back...if your young and strong and can start over.Even if she came back it would take her ten years to have any kind of life.I don`t know why I came back so many times but I did so I go on.I bleed for over three hours in my left front lobe once but my left side does`nt have much brain left in there so I didn`t swell.Who knows why some heal and some don`t^^^

2009 days ago


Such a tragic situation.. Perhaps its would have been avoided if she were wearing a ski helmet, you may not look too cool on the Mountain but it can save your life..

2009 days ago


This story is fishy. You just don't die from a tumble on a bunny hill. Someone assaulted her at some point. The ski lodge needs to be investigated!

2009 days ago


Why the f*ck would you ask, "How are you doing?" So insensitive.

Natasha and her family are in my thoughts and prayers. Very tragic.

2009 days ago

Black Teef    

Never too late to fill out those organ donor cards.

2009 days ago


Wow- what riveting video- NOT. How the hell does your dumbass photograoher THINK these people are feeling right now? What a stupid frickin' question. Talk about harrassment. You've hit a new low TMZ and that's quite an accomplishment for you guys. Leave these people alone. Otherwise I hope Liam comes out and kicks your asses like a proper Irishman would.

2009 days ago


Don't you think that this is a little much. I don't understand why paps need to be hounding these people right now! We can all get reports on her in due time and when the family is ready to release them. There is no need to make people who are already having a rough time have to hide behind headdresses to say "goodbye" to their loved one!

2009 days ago
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