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Natasha -- Only a Matter of Time?

3/18/2009 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Natasha Richardson may be alive, but only in the most technical of medical terms, according to various reports.

Vanessa, Joely & Lynn: Click to watch
Family friends are telling a variety of news sources Richardson is in fact brain dead and it is just a matter of time. Richardson's family, including her aunt Lynn Redgrave, her mother Vanessa, sister Joely Richardson, and her children Michael and Daniel visited Natasha at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC last night.

Natasha suffered a critical brain injury after falling on a ski slope Monday.

Story developing ...


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I can't wait until Harvey Levin is on life support, and his staff is outside his hospital harrassing his family. Maybe then he will realize what a TRASHY BUSINESS he is running......

Show some class......

2008 days ago


Shame on you.

2008 days ago


The person speaking on the video is repulsive. It is absolutely disgusting for your leech of a correspondent to shout out at her family as they arrive at the hospital. While I generally enjoy TMZ, this is no place for celebrity paparazzi. You disgust me.

2008 days ago

Spandex never looked better    

I can't believe that the TMZ reporter asked the sister "how do you feel about this?" How the hell do you think she's feeling? Taking pictures is bad enough, but to ask questions at a time like this is way out of line. Have some decency folks!!

2008 days ago


TMZ would not be taking photos and reporting on this if it weren't for folks like all of us who are clicking on it and watching it and therefor supporting the advertisers on this site. It's terribly sad, of course, but as an old time acting family, I think they would come to expect that this would be the scene in such a situation.

2008 days ago


If she had a subdural hematoma or an aneursym rupture and it started small she very well may not have had any symptoms at first. These things sneak up on people and then can go BAD really quickly. She I hate to tell you, but this family owes you nothing. This is a very PRIVATE time and it is really not your business. Of course fans of the family are concerned. You are a ghoul

2008 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

What a sad, sad tragedy. Kind of reminds me of the whole Steve Irwin accident. Instead of judging about helmets, affairs, publicity etc...we should all just be glad it wasn't us. This incident should remind us all of how valuable life is and how quickly it can be taken away.
Liam and Natasha were a class act. They weren't "Hollywood" people, they lived quietly and raised their kids. They were in the business of making movies, but they didn't chase fame.
My thoughts are with the Richardson/Neeson family, especially her two young boys.

2008 days ago


Are you serious when you ask the family how they are doing? How do you think that they are doing? Their mother, daughter, sister is dying and you are standing outside the hospital harassing them. Get a life.

2008 days ago


I think it is so sad when people are totally preoccupied with wanting to know if Natasha Richardson has died or not. This is a very difficult time for Natasha Richardson's family and all you busy bodies should respect that. My thoughts and prayers are with Natasha's family and friends.

2008 days ago


I'm saddened to see some people's comments...what horrible thing to say!!! Just because someone followed their dreams & acheived them means their entire life is open to scrutiny, judgement, & continued harrassment?!?!? As someone of an artistic persuasion, my agent or manager never once made me sign a waiver saying I had to give up all privacy if I become famous. What an incredibly heinous thing to say, let alone, assume! Politicians are one thing to be under scrutiny if we're trusting them to speak for "us, the people", but singers & actors are doing their job...entertaining & playing a role. This particular family has talent that speaks for itself & doesn't need the continuous press so many other subpar "celebrities" do to keep them in the spotlight.

This tragic incident just goes to show all of us how we're all mortal & we'll have to face our own mortality someday. It should also be a reminder of how precious each moment is & that we should be spending the time we have to love as much as we can rather than acting hatefully towards each other. My thoughts & prayers are will the Redgrave/Richardson/Neeson family...if all is true, I'll be praying for a miracle.

2008 days ago

Charlotte B.    

It's such a tragedy, hope she makes a recovery, however unlikely that might be.
Hard to believe reporters are hounding her poor family at a time like this, just goes to prove they haven't a shred of humanity or compassion.

2008 days ago


Poor lady, what an unfortunate thing to happen. I hope she pulls through by the grace of God.

2008 days ago


What a beautiful and talented lady. Praying for a miracle for her and her family...xo

2008 days ago


It is unfortunate that reporters have to push for their information, afterall they do have a job to do. Perhaps if a spokes person interacted with and updated the media on behalf of the family, then the family could get the peace and solitude they need to deal with this trajedy.

2008 days ago


Shame on TMZ's cameraperson for his insensitivity. Calling out questions to a grieving mother and grieving children is a new low, even for TMZ. That footage should immediately be taken down.

2008 days ago
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