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Real Housewife

Rebounds with

Real Douchebag

3/19/2009 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Orange County" gold digger Gretchen Rossi's fiance passed away in September from leukemia -- and now she's shacking up with former "RHOOC" non-wife Jo's douchey ex Slade Smiley. Say cheese!

The media whores sucked face while docked on a boat in Newport Harbor on Wednesday.

Bereavement is so overrated!


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It IS the same wacked out fanatic posting identical trash everywhere. Posting a million times just makes you look desperate! Anyone can visit realityscoop and see all your same rantings. Since February...really? You are the desperate pathetic one obviously, get it straight.

1995 days ago


Again the Gretchen fans are accusing everyone and anyone of being Tamra commenting, or someone repeating a comment when it is a negative remark against Gretchen? When are you fools gonna realize that there are many people that are not fans of Gretchen. Gretchen is a b^tch that deserves all of the hell she is getting. So if anyone needs to get it straight here____________________________________It's you, and anyone else that cant comprehend that Gretchen does not have many fans. Her horrible lies are being reveled, along with her vulgar and disgusting pictures at {The Dirty}

1995 days ago


I am so glad Gretchen is coming back to RHOC!! Thank god. They tried to bring you down.....FAIL haha TEAM GRETCHEN

1989 days ago


Can everyone say GOLD DIGGER

2044 days ago

Causation Chain    

This 'article' needs a 'she' in the first sentence. Currently, it sounds like her dead fiance' is 'shacked up'

2044 days ago


Shes the douchebag.... She only opens for the money and publicity. She is the worst reality actress... I would flip the channel when she was on.. she is so irritating like her fake nails on a chalk board.

2044 days ago


There have been recent news reports of Slade being sued and having judgements against him for not paying his bills. Watch out Gretchen, have a credit check run first before you take off your clothes!

2044 days ago


She is a flirt. I watch the show and Slade is a loser! She can do much better. She looks good why not use it!

2044 days ago


Cant beleive anyone would pick this Plain Jane white bread chick over Jo De La Rosa. She is one hot Cougar.

2044 days ago


Slade is a total low-life.....perfect for her!

2044 days ago


She has been messing with him for a while now apparently, even when her poor fiance was dying!! They are both trash

2044 days ago


Slade Smiley is perhaps the creepiest man, I've seen in a long while. As for Gretchen, after her true story was revealed (that she was seeing another guy the whole time she was taking care of the guy who passed away), I think she's a creep too. Therefore, they are perfect for each other. I also can't stand Jo. Bad skin. Bad Fashion. Bad voice -- both singing and talking! That nasally voice of her's is annoying as all get out.

2044 days ago


This looks so staged. Im sure we will see this episode next season.

2044 days ago


for her to be a gold-digger, that would imply that Slade has money... and he doesn't.

2044 days ago


Wow. Thanks a lot Gretchen. You just let a lot of people who defended down. Why him? Seriously. I still hate Tamra. She is also fake and broke. Her husband lost his job because of her. She doesn't sell real estate. Her house is on the market. Sounds like she will be added to the list of "foreclosed" housewives.

2044 days ago
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