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Feud Between Akon and Suge Triggered Robbery

3/25/2009 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've now spoken with one of the victims of the home invasion robbery early this morning -- a man who works for Detail, Akon's producer -- and he says Suge Knight and money are behind the incident.

Christopher Walker tells us at about 3:00 AM five men broke into his home with guns and said they were there to collect a debt on behalf of Suge Knight. They claimed Detail owed Suge money, and then proceeded to collect on the debt.

Walker says Detail was asleep in one of the bedrooms. The men entered the bedroom but did not get Detail out of bed. Instead, they stole $170,000 worth of jewelry from his room.

Walker adds they demanded a key to the safe and said they would kill all four people in the house if they didn't get it. The robbers didn't get the key -- instead, they took the 130 pound safe.

Walker says they also took stereo equipment and a key to a Mercedes. He claims the total heist was more than $200,000. A police source tells us it's more like $300,000.

Walker says the feud ignited in Arizona during NBA All-Star weekend when Suge got his face smashed in by two men who worked for Akon. Walker says that incident was over the same alleged debt that triggered this morning's home invasion.

Walker says the robbers put a gun to his head and forced him to the ground but he and the others were just scratched up. Walker's brother and a sound engineer were also in the house.

Crime scene: Click to watchAkon


No Avatar


Lets see how many go to jail. OJ went basically for the same reason, But I guess since Obama is Prez now "They Can Do Whatever They Want"......

2003 days ago


HA HA gee JOEY, did you use all two of your brain cells to make such a stupid comment. Your mother truly should have swallowed like your sister, u total loser!

2003 days ago


Drugs drugs drugs(organized crime)

2003 days ago


that's about as dismal as it gets. what is it about a culture that puts thugs on the marquis? they should go to some other site far away very soon. oh how we wish.

2003 days ago

Very Interesting    

Wow... really surprising! A bunch of thugs stealing from each other. Just glad they did it to their own kind this time!!!

2003 days ago

girl girl    

This Suge guy needs to be taken out of circulation! Jail is loooooong overdue for this guy!

2003 days ago

artie help    

suge has always been a great person. I was with him on a plane he was great. Bought earphones for everyone for the in flight movie.

2003 days ago


Organized mean like the italian mafia or the drug cartels of mexico and columbia...oh wait that not the "thugs" you were referring to was it??? Every race and ethnicity was delinquents just with "you people" would realize that!!

2003 days ago


Suge has lost so much street cred after falling on his face twice....I guess this is a way of trying to assert some force again. I don't think Suge is gonna do too well this time around. These guys won't keep quiet, so I imagine Suge will have a cell waiting for him.

2003 days ago


Why do you allow posters to advertise on your site? I hope you are collecting some proceeds from it but real posters find it very annoying.

On this subject, a lot of these comments are racist and uncalled for. I have to ask though, how have they managed to dodge RICO indictments for their behavior? Why not put the two in a boxing ring and have the proceeds go to charity?

2003 days ago

just saying    

What's the know wild animals cannot be tamed!! lol

2003 days ago


they should have a mutual genocide. one could be Rwanda and the other Sudan.

2003 days ago


I invite everyone to celebrate Arbor Day early this year in the name of Suge and his Army of Terrorist. We are so worried about the Mexican Drug Lords terror but are overlooking our own homegrown problems. Corporate America needs to refuse to support the majority and refuse to stock, promote or sale any items attached to him or any companies he has relationships.

2003 days ago


Street cred??? Who gives a crap!! A thug is a thug, put them away. These are not people kids should be looking up to. Money had become the new "God" until now, we see where that street thinking lead our country. Time to get back to basics like raising decent human beings to further our race on this planet.

2003 days ago


slavery was bad for the slaves and their descendents, but look what it did to this country. UK, France and Germany are all voluntarily taking cancer into their own societies. dontcha ever wonder why Sweden and Norway are so peaceful and copacetic?

2003 days ago
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