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Jon & Kate Just Ate ... Together

3/25/2009 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nothing says "My husband ain't divorcin' me" like a dinner for two at Mr. Chow -- so amid rumors of a possible split, the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" couple had a very public date night last night in Beverly Hills.

Jon & Kate: Click to watch
When asked about their relationship, Kate Gosselin told our camera "We're good."


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amanda please    

I think its funny the people on here that say 'Get a life TMZ, leave them alone...' cause YOU ARE ON HERE READING THIS STUFF!! haha, you know we all love this gossip stuff, if we didn't there would be no TMZ, so ROCK ON TMZ! you know I love ya!

1895 days ago


John and Kate, I think they are both in open relationship, why neither seemed bothered the other is openly in another relationship, but they get paid for their show, and kate plus biggie and 8/ and john banging school teacher plus 8, won't get them those big paychecks, so they act like nothing is wrong, Im sure John has a job , but without those reality show checks coming in, they would be cashing big welfare checks, so let em be, and let em get paid, those 2 are adorable.

1894 days ago


wow, child support is going to be pricey..

1893 days ago

andrea cole    

are some of you people complete idiots out there?? Everyone should just leave poor Jon and Kate alone? Are you kidding me?? they let the cameras into their lives! they live off the TLC show! they get everything handed to them on a silver platter because of their 8 kids! they are in the public eye for one reason and one reason only....themselves. that's right, if you put yourself in the public eye on television you are going to get scrutinized over by everyone. You are going to get mean things written about you when you seem to be exploiting your children. Does the auto worker in michigan who lost his job, is getting his house foreclosed on, and has 2 or 3 kids get free vacations, free hair transplants, free music equipment for his kids, a free tummy tuck for his wife?? and then pretend that it's all so hard??? Hell No! he takes his licks and keeps on going and puts his nose to the grindstone and doesn't whine to anyone that taking care of everything is too hard!! Really, we should give them a break? They have a right to privacy?? yes they do, but not if their on television that is the nature of the beast. If i got all the free stuff they got I certainly wouldn't have anything to complain about...they make me sick.!!! Next time you see that auto worker from michigan, tell him Jon and Kate have 8 kids and it's so hard for them!!! Then take your ass to the hospital when you wake up from punched on your ass by him!!!

1889 days ago

andrea cole    

let's not forget the fact that Jon and Kate had the wonderful medicaid program pay for their children's birth's because Jon was unemployed at the time!!!!!!! And Kate said she felt they were owed that because of modern medicine promoting fertility!!! are you f-ing kidding me! The state should've paid for their 8 kids births because they voluntarily went through fertility treatments! the audacity and sense of being owed something is incredible!!!! you go through fertility treatment on your own doing but you are owed state assistance to pay for your 8 kids births, come on if anyone says that kind of thinking is normal I will tell you, you are not mentally stable or fit to be a part of reality of society!!! the cribs they had, donated!!! They had cribs donated by her dad's church also, but they didn't all match so they were deemed unfit to be put into her house!! That women is as bad as Octomom and Jon is as bad too because he put up with her and didn't put her in her place yet!! No one with 8 kids is owed anything!!!!!why? because guess what...YOU HAD THE KIDS AND NO ONE FORCED YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1889 days ago



1946 days ago


I wonder if he'll get his balls back as part of the divorce settlement and....first?

1946 days ago


good or not they split and the show is over!

1946 days ago

Michael Madsen    


1946 days ago


Didn't they already say they're having a 'rough spot'? It's hard enough to get enough time with your spouse with 2 kids, I couldn't imagine 8! Being married and having young children is tough for anyone. Being in the public eye makes it harder. I totally understand. I wish the best for Jon and Kate, and think people should stay out of their marrige. I know they're in the spotlight, but leave em alone!

1946 days ago


her hair couldn't look worse. her stylist/colorist should be drawn and quartered.

1946 days ago


Yet she still has time to look b*tchy. I would relish in divorcing her, as based on what I have seen of her, she is the control freak in the marriage. She needs to get over herself, and be little more concerned with others.

1946 days ago


LOVE THEM... but it seems strange to see them doing the Hollywood thing.

1946 days ago


No, not buying it. He may look like he has the patience for the disrespect she dishes out daily, but you can tell the last straw is coming eventually she is going to be complaining about him to her therapist instead of to his face.

1946 days ago


Either way, a pet peeve of mine is that chicks ridiculous hairstyle! I mean, with all the money they must be making from that show.. PLEASE get a new hair style Kate!

1946 days ago
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