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Chris Jericho Hits Obama Right in the Stomach

3/26/2009 1:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pap: "You're a wrestler ... so, do you think you have better abs than Barack Obama?"
Chris Jericho: "As of right now I have better abs ... but pretty soon he's gonna take 65% of my abs away from me and give 'em to somebody else."

Chris Jericho: Click to watch

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Yeah Yeah    

muddy creek are you smoking crack?

2007 days ago



Please...it is obvious that Obama is not living up to his expectations and billing as some all-knowing, brilliant uniter. He is an intelligent, charismatic person to be sure, but this does not make a President that represents all of the people (He only got 52% of the vote...geez). It isn't a stretch to imagine him being as ineffective than any of the others that have held the office for the last fifty years, and the policies and rhetoric he and his minions are rolling out are no different than the rants of the sixties. The problem that most of you haters have is a lack of understanding as to how the world works and why you have the opportunities you do. It is because people are able to take risk in this country and be rewarded for doing so. Do you honestly think that in the world that some propose you will be better off than in any other Socialist/Communist testing lab? If the idiots running some of these brokerage houses weren't willing to roll the dice, most of these foreclosures would not have happened, because the people wouldn't have qualified!

It is telling that the nonsense spewed by many here lacks any basis other than jealous emotion...no doubt by those who somehow think that they should have everything for nothing (another F in Econ. for you by the way...). Do you really think you should have to ask for tax breaks if you already pay most of them?...what idiots. And you think that the "rich" are self-absorbed?


2007 days ago


Hello did anyone of you bother to check this dude is Canadian? Prolly not, and he has a right to his own opinion. It's going to take YEARS to get out of what we are in now. It doens't hurt the rich to get taxed more. Let's see Madonna, Cher, Beyonce, Halle, Brad, George and Angelina trying to feed a family of 4 on 50 bucks a weeks and still get bills paid. Go cry elsewhere

2007 days ago

Frank Olivo    

65. This blog just goes to show you how ignorant people can be..

Posted at 2:45PM on Mar 26th 2009 by a real humanitarian

I am not sure how to read this, but I'll take it that you are putting yourself above others. So, Mother Theresa, what percentage of your time and money DO you give to improve the world around you? I do about 10%...I believe Obama's last reported tax info had him at 1%....yup...1%. Why donate your own, if you can use OPM, see I am from Philly, where all the politicians use that motto...oh, until PA State Rep Vince Fumo (D) just got NAILED for using OPM.

2007 days ago


Obama is freakin' toast!!! This guy is as stupid as you get. He can't do anything without reading it off a teleprompter. Oh wait, he's upgraded now to a huge flat screen plasma!! LOL!!!! He will go down as the stupidest, worst President of all time. Hell, he's already got a leg in and he's only 2 months in!! I can't wait for all the dumbasses that were conned into voting for this thug to realize they're not going to see a penny of the money he's stealing from private individuals and small businesses, and I hope they realize the reason they're still getting welfare instead of a pay check is because their "brotha' has destroyed all the businesses that would have hired them. Stupid fools. You get what you deserve!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

2007 days ago


Shut up all you rich F@%*s! IF you make more than $250K a year you should pay more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally some equallity is put back into america by a man who makes more and is willing to give more.

2007 days ago

Not a liberal sissy    

Man you people are ignorant. To the moron who said that people who make more money shouldn't get tax breaks - you're right, but they shouldn't be taxed MORE either! You lowlife, hand-out taking, sheeple want people who work their asses off to be taxed more why? Because they worked hard to get where they are? IDIOTS!! Should they get a break? No. But tax them more just because they have worked to put themselves into a position where they are rewarded for their hard work? F*** NO! Now THAT is un-American. This is the land of - work hard and you will be rewarded. Obama's dumb ass is trying to turn it into you work hard and will pay for the LOSERS who don't work at all!!

And to the shmuck that said bashing the president was un-American then went on to bash Bush - Are you saying that you never said one of those many negative words about Bush when he was president? Doubt it. Hypocritical, don't you think? Loser.

2007 days ago

Frank Olivo    

So, is it the afternoon drunk "Awesome Dude" or you are stoned on weed...about 10 people commented on Jerricho being Canadian. What does "Prolly" mean..is that a word on your planet? Yeah, it PROBABLY won't hurt the rich to tax them more, if by rich you mean corporations, than all they will do is move their business over seas or pass the cost onto us, the consumers.

What you PROBABLY don't understand is that the USA has one of highest if not THE highest corporate tax rates in the world. So, go ahead, increase corporate taxes...it is not like we have been losing jobs over seas or anything.

ON personal income tax, you'll pay about 39%. Of course if you are like Ted Kennedy and the rest of his family and like placed peeps...you PROBABLY pay little or no tax on your foundation/trust fund/bath tub gin money!

2007 days ago


if he's referring to taxes and the super wealthy paying more of them....


he obviously has NO CLUE how the average REAL HARDWORKING AMERICAN lives

why should people who make more money than anyone get TAX BREAKS???


Posted at 12:22PM on Mar 26th 2009 by get a working class job then, moron

Another fine example of the typical Obama supporter. Clueless, envious and hateful.

2007 days ago


Why should I work hard to get ahead when the gov't is just going to swoop down and steal it away to give to those who can't be bothered? I'm not sweatin' my balls off to pay for your stupidity.

2007 days ago


OMG that's hilarious! And accurate.

2007 days ago


You deserve to be kicked in the teeth if you're ignorant enough to think you're getting a "tax break" if you're in this made up "95 precentile" of the country. How the hell do you fools think he's going to pay for his 3.6 trillion dollar proposal? How do you think he's going to pay for his soon to be nationalized healthcare? How do you think he's going to pay for his idiotic "green jobs?" Stop getting your info from MTV and Bill Maher and act like a responsible adult and do your own research and find out for yourself how you've been taken as a fool by this Marxist idiot. What dumbasses.

2007 days ago


This is gonna piss off the crybaby entitlement crowd. They don't like it when the worker bees question authority. You're supposed to shut up and work so they can take all your money and buy some more rock.

2007 days ago


All this talk about paying taxes. It never surprises me how stupid Obama voters actually are. If they were the least bit informed they'd never in a million years vote for the blank slate of a stiff that Obama is. Do you inbreds realize that nearly 10 or so people that Obama has selected for his cabinet didn't even pay their taxes? Do you realize the "GENIUS" he nominated, and is our, Treasury Security didn't pay his taxes and said it was because he didn't understand the f'n tax forms!?!?!?!! You socalists are literally dumb as a rock. Must be difficult as hell going through life being that stupid and clueless.

2007 days ago


"or y'all are racist"

Oh yeah whip out that "racist" card.That never gets tired.

If you don't agree with socialism you must be "racist."

Fecking idiots.

2007 days ago
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