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O.C. 'Real Housewife'

Gets Real Threats

3/30/2009 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0330_vicki_gunvalsoon_ex-1Cops say someone hates one of the "Real Housewives of Orange County" so much, they've actually made threats on her life. 

The Orange County Sheriff's Department is investigating two death threats received by Vicki Gunvalson. We're told sheriffs believe the two threats came from "a fanatical female fan who takes the show way too seriously."

According to Sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino, Vicki received one of the threats through a phone call -- and the other through an email sent to another cast member from the show, Jeana Keough. The email told Keough not to worry about Gunvalson because she "would take care of Vicki for her."

An investigation is currently underway.


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Enough Already!    

20. I copied and paste what TMZ wrote ...I wanted to make a point!
the correct spelling is Received

Posted at 4:14PM on Mar 30th 2009 by Cindy

1999 days ago


Vicki was really bad this season. I dont think she should go though. For some reason she was very insecure and it made her cruel. I say give her another chance since she is part of the original girls that made the show a success.

HOWEVER, I cant believe they brought Tamara back from her first season just last year. She is absolutely boring, her kids and husband are boring, and now she is a complete pyscho. What woman tries to get another woman drunk like that and thinks it's funny? Does she know she could've been held for manslaughter if Gretchen had drowned in her vomit from her pushing alcohol to her to get G "naked drunk"?? What mature person does this to another person??? BRAVO WAKE UP!!!
And Tamara knowing her punk ass loser son was preying on Gretchen all night waiting for his moment to get her alone and RAPE her? He damn near got it done. No one wants that mean, psychopath wacko Tamara back for another season!!

1999 days ago



1999 days ago


cindy,may the good lord bless u!!!lol dis is funny....

1999 days ago


An answer to "me" - I know exactly what everyone is talking about, that is why I confused myself by defending Cindy, because I am "JOAN THE GREAT OF MESSAGE BOARDS". I seriously can't help myself, I enjoy how perfect I think I am, in my own little bubble;) Toodles nimrod's!

1999 days ago


hahhaha.Receiveddddddddddddddddddddddddddd the power of TMZ....

1999 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Well Vickie is a real bitch...and certainly isn't much to look at (her attempts are obvious and completely futile), lol, and has a wannabe hooker for a BF (Tamra)...lmao...but I wouldn't go as far as to say death threats are necessary. I mean c'mon, she's only one dumbass broad out of a thousand in the OC.

1999 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Someone is trying to put a hit on "The Chipmunk?"

She needs to take those nuts outta her mouth before she talks more crap about others!

1999 days ago


hi "joan Short" who only speaks when they are right but doesn't always type when they are right. TMZ typed underway and you tried to correct them by typing under way. Guess what?

When “underway” is used elsewhere as an adjective or adverb, by far the most common spelling is as a single word, as in “our plans are underway”.

Ohhh burnnn!
ahaha......... get ova it already......wittle miss perfect

1999 days ago


Vicky probably set this whole thing up herself to get publicity. WoooooHoooooooo

1999 days ago


All these women think it's so cute to be rude all in the name of honesty. DIVAS w/o consequences.

1999 days ago


15. # 7 Sue Cannot not can not Bimbo

Posted at 3:59PM on Mar 30th 2009 by db123

67. ...Yet, while you people are going OFF about received, there in the last paragraph is a horrid mistake that TMZ makes CONSTANTLY. Check your AP Stylebook, TMZ. UNDER WAY IS TWO WORDS, NIMRODS.

Posted at 8:11PM on Mar 30th 2009 by Joan Short

Actually, both of you are wrong. Cannot, while most often spelled together, can also be spelled as two words. And Underway, according to is correct, meaning the same as under way. So before you are so quick to call names and point fingers, please check up on what you think is correct.

1999 days ago


Vicki is a jealous crazy bit*h! Her own children are afraid of her! She's way too out of control - Control Freak! I can see how someone who is mentally ill takes her too seriously! Because after all that is said and done Vicky is a heartless shrue! She wants everyone to love her, but that doesn't mean she has to give her love out! Her husband wouldn't even hug her on one show! Huh! He probably should have a mistress if he doesn't already!
Vicky get a facelift. Then maybe Don will hug you and have s ex with you!

1999 days ago


This is for Cindy- Yes they do have spell checked! Apparently you don't!! The correct way to spell it is RECEIVED!

1999 days ago


Guess who Isabella is? I find it curious that there are two posts in succession, that are positive. And why would someone be so defensive about someone that they claim they don't even know???

That's right....V, herself

1999 days ago
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